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Cinderella Phenomenon: Rod Endings Guide

Rod’s Route

When you have to select your pair, go for Rod (bottom one).

Answer him.
Go outside.
Why do you want me out of the palace?
Stay silent.
Give her the correct answers.
I am fine.
Stay with him.
You are not doing a very good job.
Compliment him.
Tell him.
I am sure that I am a better dancer than you.
Do not tell him.
Explain the situation.
Tell him off for his behavior.
Plead with him.
Warn Emelaigne.

Confront him.
You don’t have to apologize.
How was the wedding?

Achievement: Merman’s Voice

Achievement: Guided by Intuition

Avoid the question.
Stay with Emelaigne.
Why do you not want to break your curse?
Tell him off.
Point out her mistakes.
I am not.
Talk to him.
What do you mean by that?
Thank him.
Do not tell him.
I’m not here to judge you.
Tell him.
Dismiss the gossip.
Say nothing.
Get angry at him.
Warn Rod.
He is a friend.
Ask him.
I apologize as well.
Are you all right?

Achievement: Merman’s Remains

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