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Cinderella Phenomenon: Walkthrough for All Endings & Achievements

This guide will help you unlock all the achievements. This game has a feature called Right Choice Indicator. There is an achievement for reaching a good ending without using it, so go to Settings and turn it off before starting.

Rod’s Route

When you have to select your pair, go for Rod (bottom one).

Answer him.
Go outside.
Why do you want me out of the palace?
Stay silent.
Give her the correct answers.
I am fine.
Stay with him.
You are not doing a very good job.
Compliment him.
Tell him.
I am sure that I am a better dancer than you.
Do not tell him.
Explain the situation.
Tell him off for his behavior.
Plead with him.
Warn Emelaigne.

Confront him.
You don’t have to apologize.
How was the wedding?

Achievement: Merman’s Voice

Achievement: Guided by Intuition

Avoid the question.
Stay with Emelaigne.
Why do you not want to break your curse?
Tell him off.
Point out her mistakes.
I am not.
Talk to him.
What do you mean by that?
Thank him.
Do not tell him.
I’m not here to judge you.
Tell him.
Dismiss the gossip.
Say nothing.
Get angry at him.
Warn Rod.
He is a friend.
Ask him.
I apologize as well.
Are you all right?

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Achievement: Merman’s Remains

Karma’s Route

When you have to select your pair, go for Karma (top one).

It’s terrible.
Stand up for Rumpel.
Remain inside.
I can see why you wouldn’t tell her.
The fancy cupcake with the lizard.
Tease Karma.
Fight back.
The lips.
Try to convince them.
Step away from him.
You have to tell Jurien.
Bite his hand.
Scold him.
Let’s run the errands first.
I came to speak with you.
Turn and point your sword at him.
I want a hug.
Thank you.
I want to talk to you.
I promise.
I could never be afraid of you.

Achievement: Rose in Full Bloom

It’s not that terrible.
Slap Rumpel.
Go outside.
Just say something to her.
The cupcake with the pearls.
Attempt to leave with Karma.
Wait for an opening.
The cheeks/eyes.
Try to fight them.
Don’t move.
…It’s nothing.
Topple him.
Comfort him.
Let’s look for Karma’s gift first.
I came to give you something.
Put your hand over his.
I want you to smile.
I am sorry.
I want to keep practicing.
I cannot promise that.
Why would I be afraid of you?

Achievement: Rose of Thorns

Achievement: Light and Darkness (You’ll get it as soon as you start the next route.)

Rumpel’s Route

When you have to select your pair, go for Rumpel (second from below).

Turn and walk away.
Slap him.
Don’t accept the gift.
Attempt to flirt.
Apologize to Annice.
Tell him off.
Stop walking.
Go to Rumpel’s room.
Defend Rumpel.
I’m still his partner.
Remain silent.
Look away.
Thank you.
Leave the room.
“I love you.”
I want to help.
The neck?
Scream for help.
It is nice to meet you.

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Achievement: Spool of Gold

Walk toward him.
Pull my hand away.
Accept the gift.
Do not flirt.
Remain silent.
Ask him if he meant it.
Keep walking.
Go back to my room.
Watch from afar.

Interrupt the conversation.
Talk to him.
Lean against him.
Look at him.

Stay in the room.
“You love me?”
Is there anything I can do to help?
The abdomen?
Go quietly.
I am indeed the crown princess.

Achievement: Spool of Needles

Fritz’ Route

When you have to select your pair, go for Fritz (second from above).

Spare them.
Press the issue.
She is…
Keep walking.
Stay still.
Tell him.
Stand your ground.
Doubt him.
Say nothing.
Help them.
Doubt him.
Mother is dead.
Press him.
How do I break his curse?
Why did you come for me?
Stand your ground.
It was my fault.
Help them.
Throne Room.

Achievement: Red Hood

Punish them.
Change the topic.
I am too old for dolls.
Move back.
Do not say anything.
Back away.
Believe him.
Defend Fritz.
Let him.
Tell me what I must do.
Leave it.
Remove his curse.
Stay silent.
You are not supposed to be here.
Reason with her.

Follow Waltz.
Dining Hall.

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Achievement: Black Lupin

Waltz’ Route

When you have to select your pair, go for Waltz (middle one).

Remove his hand.
I am fine.
Behind the wooden crates.
Play along.
You shouldn’t have come here.
Stay with him.
Use Parfait’s Potion.
Say something.
I knew you’d come back.

I will need your help.
A shield.
Say something.
I would not leave you all behind.
I know.
Run to Waltz.

Achievement: Evening Star

Achievement: Happily Ever After

Leave him alone.
I am not okay.
Do not check.
Behind the tree/fountain.
There is no time to explain.
Tell her the truth.
We have to go back now.
Hold back the tears.
Reveal myself.
Listen to him.
Ask Waltz to use his magic.
Stay silent.
What took you so long?
What are you talking about?
I will have to rely on all of you.
A deflector.
Remain silent.
I understand.
This burden is mine to carry./…

Achievement: Stolen Dawn

Achievement: Never Ever After (If it doesn’t unlock, reach Waltz’ good ending again and you should get it.)

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