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City Game Studio – Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

1. Mitigate Team Level (Design, Developement, Polish)

2. Do not buy early others company, you can stole them worker, the goal is to stole the worker with the maximum potential (The max stars he can have, not what he do have at the time you’re watching it.)

3. Only 1 worker is required to cross-platform game, so a good idea is to have 1 up to 15 additionnal studio with only one worker in to Cross-platform at maximum and earn the best money.

4. The % efficiency from items are stackable. For a studio designed for a “Big” Games (10Desk) i put 15 desk and the entire room is stacked up with print & coffee machine wich able me to reach 400-600% efficiency.

5. Always perform Post-Mortem task, it is with that task you will be able to see what score is required in each part of a game type.

6. Check your game history Often, a big game score will attract more people if you do a sequel some years after, with a bigger studio or a bigger engine.

7. In Normal ++ if you know the RPG spec, do not release RPG over RPG over RPG, people will get bored and even with perfect stat the game won’t be good.

8. The Upcost of Online Server is very High, be carrefull if you are planning to do it.

9. When you purchase a company, you purchase All the fan, All the Worker, All the building (You can sell them for between 20Million to 250 Million)

10. Always go bigger team than required for a team. Ex : Big Game require 10 worker, i use 15, AAA require 25, i use up to 60, etc etc.

11. When discovering a game with Post-Mortem Task, use the Indie game team, its faster, and remember, indie can be done alone, so if you follow my advice and have 5+ cross-platform solo studio, you can do 6 Indie Game in one time, wich mean you will discover 100% of the score required for that game type.

12. Use and Abuse Marketing only if your game is above 75. This will make you rich in no times.

Written by Bruce Banner

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