Civilization VI Gathering Storm Eurekas and Inspirations Chart

Civilization VI Gathering Storm: Eurekas and Inspirations Chart

Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history’s greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time.

Gathering Storm Eurekas and Inspirations Chart

A table with all the Eurekas and Inspirations in Gathering Storm to help you know what to complete.

Civilization VI Gathering Storm


Found a city on the Coast.Improve 2 sea resources.Build a Classical era or later wonder.Build 2 Harbors.Build 3 Workshops.Build an Industrial era or later wonder.Build 3 Biplanes.Build 2 Broadcast Centers.
Find a natural wonder.Make a Trade Route.Kill a unit with a Spearman.Build a Lumber Mill.Have The Enlightenment civic.Own 3 Musketman.Build 2 Oil Power Plants.Kill a Fighter.
Farm a resource.Build a Pasture.Build 3 Mines.Have the Guilds civic.Have 2 Forts in your territory. Both constructed by a Military Engineer.Build a Coal Mine and an Ironclad.Have 3 Armies or Armadas.Own 3 Tanks.
Meet another civilization.Build an Iron Mine.Own 3 Archers.Build an Armory.Kill a unit with a Knight.Build 2 Coal Power Plants.Build an Oil Well.Have the Globalization civic.
Kill a unit with a slinger.Own 2 Galleys.Earn a Great Scientist.Build 2 Universities.Build 2 Shipyards.Own 3 Privateers.Adopt a government with 8 inherent policy slots.Build an Aluminum Mine.
Build a Quarry.Build 3 different specialty districts.Have the Feudalism civic.Kill a unit with a Musketman.Build 2 Neighborhoods.Build a National Park.Build 2 Aerodromes.
Kill 3 Barbarians.Build a Water Mill.Build an Aqueduct.Build a University adjacent to a Mountain.Build 2 BanksHave a level 2 Alliance.
Mine a resource.Build Ancient Walls.Adopt a government with 6 inherent policy slots.Own 2 Crossbowman.Build a Niter Mine.Extract an Artifact.
Own 2 Bombards.


Improve 3 tiles.Research the Construction technology.Kill a unit with a Quadrireme.Build 2 Caravels.Research the Astronomy technology.Have a Neighborhood district with Breathtaking Appeal.Have a Themed Building.Build 2  Solar Farms.
Discover a second continent.Meet 3 city-states.Build 6 Farms.Earn a Great Artist.Build 7 different specialty districts.Research Radio.Research the Nuclear Fission technology.Build 3 Airports.
Clear a Barbarian Outpost.Build a wonder.Grow a city to 10 population.Have an alliance with another civilization.Declare war using a casus belli.Have 3 Corps in your military.Build 4 Entertainment Complex districts.Research the Telecommunications technology.
Build any specialty district.Build an Encampment.Have 8 land combat units in your military.Have 6 cities following your Religion.Build an Art Museum.Build 3 Stock Exchanges.Build an Aerodrome or Airstrip on a foreign continent.Adopt a government with 9 inherent policy slots.
Grow your civilization to at least 6 population.Be the target of a Declaration of War.Maintain 4 Trade Routes.Earn a Great Merchant.Build an Archaeological Museum.Build a Research Lab.Build a Spaceport district.Build a Uranium Mine.
Found a pantheon.Build 2 Campus districts.Build 2 Markets.Earn 3 Great People.Grow a city to 15 population.Build 4 Sewers.Own a Rock Band.
Found a Religion.Build 2 Temples.Build 2 Field Cannons.Build 3 Military Academies.Research the Robotics technology.
Build 3 Factories.

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