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Clash Artifacts of Chaos: Combat Guide

Clash: Artifacts of Chaos – Guide to Combat.

Clash Artifacts of Chaos: Combat Guide


At the start of the game you can choose a stance from a selection of three. You’ll get opportunities to learn other stances by travelling. Each stance represents a playstyle: Slash deals area attacks, Boxing is well rounded, Spear offers a longer reach, Mammoth is slow and powerful, Lightning chains quick attacks…

Beginner's Guide to Clash
Clash Artifacts of Chaos: Combat Guide

Additional stances and special attacks can be unlocked at totems. Totems will have you duel against a powerful enemy, which is why it’s a good idea to build up your attack bar before interacting with a totem.
Stances and special attacks can be equipped at campsite dummies and totems.

First person

The attack bar, or rage meter in other games, is located in the bottom left corner of the screen. It’s filled by simply hitting enemies. When the bar is full you can enter the first person mode against a single target. The other enemies will move back and let you have a nice duel. If you manage to keep punching the enemy without taking any hits, you’ll autiomatically execute a finisher move: a spectacular and high-damage attack.

Beginner's Guide to Clash


Pressing the parry button (see the control schemes available in the options) just before an enemy attack would hit you will stop it and build up your attack bar. In first person, a successfully parry followed immediately by an attack will execute a counter-punch. Projectiles can be parried and even launched back: keep the Parry button pressed to have more time to aim.
Warning: enemies can also parry your attacks! They will learn your patterns and parry your attacks if you repeat them too often.

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Dodge and directional attacks

Pressing the dodge button will make you move back quickly. Pressing the dodge button plus a direction will make you move quickly in the chosen direction.
Launching a basic attack right after a dodge will trigger a directional attack. There’s a wide array of directional attacks, defined by your current combat stance and your dodge direction.

Target lock

There seems to be an automatic soft lock system which helps the player targetting the current enemy. A hard lock is also available with a long press of the right joystick.

Attack cancelling

Like 2D versus fighting games, you can cancel an attack into another by launching the second attack as soon as the first attack has hit the enemy. When mastered, this mechanic allows to hit more often and to be more reactive to the opponent’s moves.

Stamina guard

Beginner's Guide to Clash

The stamina gauge is located in the upper left corner of the screen. Stamina is spent by launching attacks and replenishes with time. As long as you have some stamina left, you benefit from a 50% damage resistance and a partial knockback resistance. When your stamina runs out, be careful: you’ll take full damage and knockback if you’re hit.

Your maximum amount of stamina is tied to your Constitution attribute. Level up this attribute to increase it!

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There’s a quick-turn 180 degrees shortcut: tap Back+Jump to quickly face the opposite direction (mentioned by Andres Bordeu).

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