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Clash Artifacts of Chaos: Crafting, Brewing, Trading

Crafting, brewing, trading

When exploring the world in daytime, Pseudo and the Boy can find materials through several means: picking them up from the ground or from containers, fighting opponents for loot, and having the Boy scavenge narrow lairs.

Beginner's Guide to Clash
Beginner's Guide to Clash
Weapons and armors

Moozhaw, a travelling merchant, will trade weapons and armor pieces for the right components. He’ll have different items to trade depending on his location.

Weapons, either one-handed or two-handed, can be equipped and unequipped from the inventory. When equipped, they replace your standard unarmed attacks with wide swings offering better reach, damage and stun. Weapons have a limited durability and will eventually break down, so my advice is to save them for tougher fights.

Armor pieces on the other hand never break down. They grant some welcome passive stat bonuses such as +3 Constitution. There are three armor slots: torso, arms and legs.

Potion brewing

Organic ingredients such as honey, flowers, butterflies and frogs can be brewed into potions at your campsite cauldron.
Potions have two benefits: they restore some of your health and may grant a temporary boost to an attribute, depending on the ingredients used. Try to combine ingredients with the same icon to get the associated benefit.

Beginner's Guide to Clash

If your flask is empty and you visit a cauldron without brewing, your flask will be refilled with water, which will restore a small amount of health when consumed.

You can get a second and even a third flask to carry more potions. Beating the night boss in the town will grant you an item that Eo needs to craft a flask.

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