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CMS21 Access to 99 Barns

How to Access to 99 Barns in Car Mechanic Simulator 21. You want to visit the rare barns, but don’t have a treasure map for the barn? No problem, I’ll show you how to visit the barn as often as you want.

CMS21 Access to 99 Barns

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  • Open “File Explorer” from taskbar or “This PC” from desktop
  • Click on “View” in upper taskbar
  • Set a checkmark to “Hidden Items”

Make backup

  • Go to this folder:
"C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\LocalLow\Red Dot Games\Car Mechanic Simulator 2021\Save"
  • Note: Change to the name of your windows account to get to the destination!
  • Stop! Make a copy of your savegame (that file you see)!

Change file

  • Open the .cms21-file with Notepad:
    • if you use the first profile, open profile0
    • if you use the second profile, open profile1 (and so on)
  • Search for: BarnsAmount
  • Change the number behind that entry to 99 for example.
  • Save the textfile and now you have access to 99 barns in the game!
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CMS21 Access to 99 Barns

Update 2023

If you use an old savegame, this guide still works, have a look here, I tested it end of January 2023:

CMS21 Access to 99 Barns

BUT the game got many updates and now the new savegames cant be edited, cause file is encrypted. So you cant open and make the changes I told you anymore. Sorry.

Written by omegaman-x

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