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CMS21 Real Engine Names

This guide explains all made-up engines in the game. Each engine is in fact based on a real-life engine. I have done extensive research to figure them out. I have renamed them in my mod Real Engines And Parts (EN). I hope you will learn something from this guide.

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CMS21 Real Engine Names

Below is a list of all made-up engines in the game, the names I’ve given them in my mod and explanations for the names.

I3 Engines

  • I3 DOHC – I3 1.0L DOHC DI Fox // Ford Fox engine
  • I3 DOHC Turbocharged – I3 1.0L DOHC DI Fox EcoBoost // that’s how Ford calls their turbo engines

I4 Engines

  • I4 DOHC BFM – I4 2.0L DOHC TFSI Turbo // Audi TFSI engine
  • I4 DOHC 4×4 – I4 2.0L DOHC TFSI Turbo AWD // I prefer AWD for cars and 4×4 for trucks with transfer cases
  • I4 DOHC TAE – I4 1.6L DOHC 4A-GE // Toyota AE86’s legendary 1.6 4A-GE found in the Takumi (Toyota Sprinter AE86)
  • I4 DOHC AQC – I4 1.8L DOHC GDI // Mitsubishi Sirius GDI engine, not sure of the exact model, decided on 1.8L based on the engine performance
  • I4 DOHC Turbocharged – I4 1.8L DOHC GDI Turbo // it’s the same as AQC just turbo
  • I4 SOHC ABT – I4 1.8L SOHC FWD // I could not in fact find the real-life equivalent of this engine, assigned it 1.8L displacement based on its performance; I suspect it is a VW/Audi motor like the others but could not find it
  • I4 SOHC BMJ – I4 1.8L SOHC RWD
  • I4 SOHC 4×4 – I4 1.8L SOHC AWD
  • I4 SOHC Diesel – I4 1.9L SOHC TDI TurboDiesel // VW TDI engine; sadly in the game it only comes in RWD in the Valsen / Volvo; so you can’t make a proper Golf TDI

I5 Engines

  • I5 DOHC ADI – I5 2.2L DOHC 20V AAN Turbo // Audi AAN 2.2L; engine NOT used in any car but available in the editor, RWD only
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I6 Engines

  • I6 OHV – I6 OHV 300 // this is a Ford 300 Inline-6 engine (that’s it’s name)
  • I6 DOHC – I6 2.0L DOHC 3M // this is the engine of the GT20 (Toyota 2000GT)
  • I6 DOHC BU2 – I6 3.0L DOHC 2JZ-GE // if you don’t know what 2JZ is drop everything you’re doing and go read about it
  • I6 DOHC BU2 Turbo – I6 3.0L DOHC 2JZ-GTE Twin-Turbo
  • I6 DOHC FMW – I6 2.5L DOHC BMW M50B25 // pretty self-explanatory

V6 Engines

  • V6 DOHC AKY – V6 3.0L DOHC ASN // Audi ASN 3.0L V6 engine; engine NOT used in any car, BUT it has an AWD transmission and can be used in the editor (notice a pattern? a lot of these engines are Audi)
  • V6 DOHC AKZ – V6 3.0 DOHC L7X // this is a Renault V6 engine, from the Clio V6 (Elenti Callope), mid-mounted RWD
  • V6 DOHC CHG – V6 3.0 DOHC L7X RWD // same but front-engine/RWD
  • V6 DOHC NSN – V6 3.5L DOHC VQ35DE // the engine of the Nissan 350Z (Ribbsan Z530); while in the game it is in fact a VQ37 engine, this one goes in the 350Z and has VQ35 power rating, so I named it accordingly.

V8 Engines – Modern

  • V8 SOHC FME – V8 4.6L SOHC 2V Modular // Ford Modular engine as found in the Crown Vic (Salem Overking), also Mustang GT (1996 -2010) and many other Fords
  • V8 DOHC AXK – V8 5.4L DOHC Modular // I was having a lot of trouble with this one but I have now concluded that this engine is based on the 5.4L Ford Modular DOHC engine series. N/A versions make close to its in-game 400hp power rating, and real life S/C versions in the Ford GT and Mustang GT500 make around 550hp which is close to its in-game S/C version (580hp). The supercharger model is that of the GT500 TVS supercharger. The parts for this engine are called just (V8) in the game, I’ve changed that to V8 DOHC M0D in my mod.
  • V8 DOHC 4×4 – V8 5.4L DOHC Triton // Ford’s truck line of Modular engines is called Triton, in the game the RWD and 4×4 models are identical, IRL the Modular and Triton engines are mostly identical except Triton’s are optimized for torque (truck use)
  • V8 DOHC Supercharged = V8 5.4L DOHC SVT Supercharged // SVT is Ford’s high-performance division
  • V8 DOHC AXK-TRS = V8 5.0L DOHC Koenig Twin-Turbo // since this goes in the Hammerdal Strale / Koenigsegg Agera, it must be Koenigsegg’s 5.0 twin-turbo engine. Interestingly enough the real engine is also based on the Ford Modular, so it actually fits pretty well
  • V8 DOHC AXK-TRS M = V8 5.0L DOHC Koenig Twin-Turbo M // mid-mounted version of the above, this is the actual version that’s in the car in the game; the above version is just available for modders
  • V8 DOHC AXK-SCRS M = V8 5.0L DOHC Koenig Supercharged M // this doesn’t exist IRL but in the game it’s the engine of the top model Hammerdal Strale / Koenigsegg Agera, so let’s imagine it’s a supercharged version of the Koenigsegg 5.0
  • V8 OHV CGM – V8 6.2L OHV LS3 // if you don’t know what LS3 is drop everything you’re doing and go read about it
  • V8 OHV CGM M1D – V8 6.2L OHV LS3 M // mid-mounted LS3
  • V8 OHV CGM-SC M1D – V8 6.2L OHV LS3 Supercharged // front-mounted LS3 supercharged
  • V8 OHV CGM-SC M1D – V8 6.2L OHV LS3 Supercharged M // mid-mounted LS3 supercharged
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V8 Engines – Vintage

For the older OHV engines I do not give litres because the displacement is in the name (in cubic inches). They are also a little harder to identify because unlike most newer engines, the game models aren’t 100% identical copies of their real life counterparts.

  • V8 OHV – V8 OHV 350 Small-Block // marked as “v8_zz” in the game files – there’s a Chevy ZZ series of crate engines. Also there’s a strong resemblance to a Chevy 350 small block crate engine.
  • V8 OHV SS – V8 OHV 409 Big-Block // marked “v8_409” in the game files. There’s a Chevy 409 Big Block engine.
  • V8 1carb OHV – V8 OHV 351W Single-Carb // I compared it to the Windsor in the Ford DLC in 2018 and it’s almost identical. So I’ve called it 351W.
  • V8 2carb OHV – V8 OHV 351W Dual-Carb
  • V8 2carb OHV Supercharged – V8 OHV 351W Dual-Carb Supercharged
  • V8 OHV 6P – V8 OHV 440 SixPack
  • V8 OHV MAG – V8 OHV 440 Magnum

// The game wiki states this is LT-1. While it does bear some resemblance (but so do basically all American OHV V8s), I have concluded that this engine is the Chrysler 440.
// – This engine has V8 OHV C block as base, which in the files is marked as “v8_hemi…”
// – the 6P model is marked as “v8_sixpack…” in the files. There was a 440 Sixpack engine. Also visually looks like it.
// – the MAG model is marked as “v8_magnum…” in the files. There was a 440 Magnum engine.
// – various visual similarities; biggest of all to me is the rocker arm assembly which is 100% copied from the 440 engine.
// – the funny thing here is that the LS3 uses OHV C pistons but there are lots of small discrepancies like this in the game.

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V10 Engines

  • V10 OHV MT8 – V10 5.2L OHV R8 // here we’re making an exception from real engine naming; this engine goes in the Audi R8 clone (Mayen T8), but is NOT the actual Audi V10. It has the Audi V10 performance numbers but mechanically (and visually) it’s a clone of the Dodge Viper V10 which is OHV, but also an 8L. So I’ve named this frankenstein accordingly – an OHV with the displacement of the real Audi engine.

V12 Engines

  • V12 DOHC MRN – V12 5.7L DOHC Lamborghini // this is the engine of the Lamborghini Diablo (the Bizzarinni), mid-mounted RWD
  • V12 DOHC MRC – V12 5.7L DOHC Lamborghini RWD // this is the same engine but with a front-mount / RWD setup, available in the editor
  • V12 DOHC ARZ – V12 4.7L DOHC Tipo F130B // this is supposed to be a Ferrari F50 (Cortona I think) engine, however its model is a clone of the Lamborghini V12 (talk about irony… the devs really could have put a little more effort here).


  • CHRG-e E1 – R240 // Renault ZOE’s electric motor
  • eDen-1H – EEM 305 // it’s a copy of the e-Golf motor, but the original designation for it is EEM 85 meaning 85KW, wheras the motor in the game is 305KW so I named it appropriately
  • Proton e-R – left as is, was unable to find the real life model


So I hope you learned something and if you’d like to see more information in this guide let me know.

Written by Fritz

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