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Code Vein How to Beat Argent Wolf Berserker

Code Vein features many interesting and unique bosses, all of which must be beaten in order to progress the story. All of these are lost, powerful but malicious, and feature a set of moves that are unique to them. With large health bars, memorable designs, and even fascinating lore surrounding them, these bosses are one of the many highlights of Code Vein.

Bosses in Code Vein do not respawn after being beaten, however, you are likely to encounter them again when exploring dungeons, so be prepared for the possibility of facing them again and again.

How to Beat Argent Wolf Berserker

  • Location: N/A

A large, ivory-like creature resembling a werewolf. This creature will be found on its knees, clutching its weapon by its side, waiting for someone to challenge it. Its imposing size will most likely intimidate you. This boss is not optional.

You can get a couple of swings in before he gets up if you’re quick enough that is. His large size means he’s not as agile, but do not let that get to your head as it only takes one hit to bring your health down.

He will begin by attempting to stomp you with his large weapon. He may follow up with a 2 hit combo, two quick swings from left to right; dodge out of the way, towards him.

Although you can easily get behind him, the large creature can quickly turn around and swing at you, something not very easily evaded.

It will gather energy and disperse it at random intervals of the fight, this is the perfect time to hit it as much as possible.

In phase 2, he becomes more aggressive, he will continue to attack you with the 2-hit combo but the combos will become more frequent, sometimes with only a second long disparity between them.

Block and dodge as much as possible and wait for him to halt his assault before attacking. It’s advised to have as many healing items as possible. Use projectile attacks when he leaps attack for a bit of extra damage.

It’s a battle of attrition but one that eventually yields results. You receive the Obliterator Axe after defeating the Argent Wolf Berserker in Code Vein.

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