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Code Vein How to Beat Attendant of the Relics

Code Vein features many interesting and unique bosses, all of which must be beaten in order to progress the story. All of these are lost, powerful but malicious, and feature a set of moves that are unique to them. With large health bars, memorable designs, and even fascinating lore surrounding them, these bosses are one of the many highlights of Code Vein.

Bosses in Code Vein do not respawn after being beaten, however, you are likely to encounter them again when exploring dungeons, so be prepared for the possibility of facing them again and again.

How to Beat Attendant of the Relics

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  • The old adage ‘never judge a book by its cover’ has never been apter than here. Although this boss looks like a young, petite woman, she is in fact something far greater and far deadlier.
  • What makes her such a dangerous foe is her agility and speed. She is able to dodge and roll out of the way of many attacks the same way you are. She’s capable of punishing you with quick, sweeping attacks and lunges.
  • She can perform combos with 2 or possibly 5 hits! Always be ready to move out of the way when it seems she’s about to do so.
  • Despite her agility, she does not have a great defense, meaning as long as you keep the assault going, she will sustain a great deal of damage and go down relatively quickly.
  • As long as you don’t get caught up in her pace, you will not have too much trouble with this fight. You receive the Eos Vestige Part-E for beating the Attendant of the Relics in Code Vein.

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