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Code Vein How to Beat Queen’s Knight

Code Vein features many interesting and unique bosses, all of which must be beaten in order to progress the story. All of these are lost, powerful but malicious, and feature a set of moves that are unique to them. With large health bars, memorable designs, and even fascinating lore surrounding them, these bosses are one of the many highlights of Code Vein.

Bosses in Code Vein do not respawn after being beaten, however, you are likely to encounter them again when exploring dungeons, so be prepared for the possibility of facing them again and again.

How to Beat Queen’s Knight

  • Location: Your Memory.

A formidable adversary, this poised Knight is clad in sable armor, with large spikes protruding from all over. He wields a mighty blade that looks as if it’s composed of charcoal and a shield that will ward off any attack.

With large wings on its back, he gives off the visage of a demon. His glowing red eyes is sure to strike fear into the hearts of all those that oppose him. This fight is not optional.

Depending on which of his sides you’re on, you will either have to deal with his sword or shield; it’s preferable to stay on the side of his sword as his shield attacks are difficult to dodge and deal a great bit of damage.

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It is also advised to have Shifting Hollow for this fight.

In phase 1, he will dash forward to close the gap between you and him; this can be easily dodged and you’re given a moment to attack as he recomposes himself. He may also try to dash forward and hit you with his shield, dodge to the side to avoid it.

While near his sword, he will do a 2-hit combo, slicing the air in quick succession; dodge to the left then to the right, attacking afterward.

He will eventually lunge forward and try to jab you with his sword – due to the reach, it’s advised not to roll back but to the sides.

Eventually, he will leap backward and do a horizontal slash which will send out shockwaves. Keep your distance when he does this as the attack won’t reach you; you can hurl projectiles in the meantime.

Once his health has been reduced considerably, he will go into phase 2: he will begin by leaping into the air and bringing his blade down on you.

Lock-on him and wait for the right time to dodge, attacking once you’ve evaded. He will not stop there, he has a triple leap attack, thrusting at you after every leap.

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Dodge each one and be mindful of the fact that once he’s done, he will go to the center and release pillars of light from the ground; dodge those as well.

If you’re far away from him, he will turn to a spinning attack to close the gap and do considerable damage; this is where Shifting Hollow comes into play.

Once his health is low enough, all of his attacks will become overcharged, making it all the more important for you to not get hit. Keep going until he falls. You just receive 32,900 Haze for defeating the Queen’s Knight.

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