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Code Vein How to Beat Successor of the Throat

Code Vein features many interesting and unique bosses, all of which must be beaten in order to progress the story. All of these are lost, powerful but malicious, and feature a set of moves that are unique to them. With large health bars, memorable designs, and even fascinating lore surrounding them, these bosses are one of the many highlights of Code Vein.

Bosses in Code Vein do not respawn after being beaten, however, you are likely to encounter them again when exploring dungeons, so be prepared for the possibility of facing them again and again.

How to Beat Successor of the Throat

Location: Crown of Sand.

  • A large and imposing maiden with an angelic voice. Do not be beguiled by any of this as underneath it lies a fierce warrior who must not be underestimated.
  • She manipulates sand and can conjure up something tangible with it, therefore there’s more to her than meets the eye. When near her she is likely to create giant limbs of sand and sweep them around in order to push you back.
  • When she begins to swing them, keep dodging towards her or dodge completely away from her. She may also slam her coarse limbs down onto the ground. If timed properly, you’ll be able to avoid taking a hit and punish her.
  • She’ll then plant her limbs into the ground, be wary as giants hands will erupt from beneath and do significant damage.
  • You need to time it properly to strafe or dodge out of the way just as they’re about to unearth. She may try to slap you away but keep a fair bit of distance and attack when she’s retracted the sand.
  • In phase 2, you will see energy emanating from her hands, this is the sign that she’s about to do a powerful attack that’ll cover a large area: she will call forth multiple sand storms for a few brief seconds.
  • Get as far away as possible and try to block rather than dodge when it appears. The sandstorms may sporadically return so be wary of that as well. She will cycle through her attacks, so go in for the kill whenever there’s an opening.
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