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Code Vein Missing Friends Quest Guide

In Code Vein, both humans and revenants roam the world. Most of the NPCs in the game only appear in various locations whenever you’ve activated all the Mistles of a location and have completed its main quest or defeated the boss. Make it a habit that whenever you do complete a location to revisit that explored area for these quest givers to appear and to encounter someone new. It is also recommended that you try to complete all the locations before reaching the final location Gaol of the Stagnant Blood so that all the NPCs will appear in the various locations and it’ll be easier for you to find them whenever you take their requests.

Missing Friends Quest Guide

First Request: Missing Friends
Location: Parking Garage – Ruined City Center

To start this quest, complete the Ruined City Center and Howling Pit locations first then re-visit the Ruined City Center to find Daryl. Speak to Daryl who’s located at the top of the huge hole that leads down to the Howling Pit. He’ll mention that his friends are missing and that he’s having trouble finding them since there are enemies at the pit. He then asks for your help to find them and mentions that they are wearing Dog Tags. Simply head to the Howling Pit Entrance of the Howling Pit, you’ll find 1x Ash-covered Dog Tag at the ramp that leads down into the pits. Once you have the item, head back to Daryl and give him the dog tags – you’ll be rewarded with 1x Loss Shard (L).

Second Request: Missing Friends
Location: Howling Pit Entrance – Howling Pit

For the second request, you’ll find Daryl at the entrance of the Howling Pit, but you must complete the Ruined City Center and Howling Pit locations and his first request to find him here. Upon speaking to him, you’ll learn that he’s still looking for one of his friends and ask for your help to find them. Not far from where he is, simply head north and head up the first ramp that you’ll see. Just defeat the executioner and you’ll acquire 1x Dog Tag with Ring. Once you have the item, head back to Daryl and give him the dog tag – completing this request rewards you with 1x Loss Shard (L)

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