Code Vein Side Quest Guide

Code Vein Richard Side Quest Guide

Each character will have a set of side quests that you are going to complete for them if you want 100% completion of Code Vein.

Richard Side Quest Guide

Request 1: Howling Pits – Halls of Deception

Come back to the Halls of Deception mission after defeating the boss and talk to Richard. He is going to tell you about his sleeping bag which is actually in the area. You are going to find it near the burn barrel. Give it to Richard to complete your quest.

Request 2: Ridge of Frozen Souls – Ridge of Frozen Souls Entrance

Take the path from the mistle as you see on the map. Go west and walk until you come around the vehicle and then drop down from platform to platform until you reach the bottom. look to your right and you will see Richard standing there. He is going to tell you about a monster. You will find him near Richard. Just go and defeat him then return back to Richard to complete the quest.

Request 3: Ruined City Underground – Natural Cavern Depths

Richard’s request is going to be the same again where he will ask you to defeat the monster. Go straight and you will find the monster. Defeat him and head back to Richard in order to complete the quest.

Request 4: Ruined City Underground – Natural Cavern Depths

For this request, you need to complete the Self- Important Revenant’s requests first. After that, you have to come to the same location as Request 3 to meet Richard and he is going to handover you the Depth map – Rocky Ruins.

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