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College Kings Keep all HOCO options open

This guide focuses on the path MC could follow to be able to ask any of the available girls for homecoming. Any of the 8 options bar Aubrey and Autumn will accept if you will follow these actions. Tested multiple times. This walkthrough is for both Wolves and Apes pledges.

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Keep all HOCO options open

This guide purely focuses on how MC keeps all his options open for the homecoming party in the same run. Autumn and Aubrey can be asked but won’t accept, there is no way to convince them.
The other 6 girls should accept when following this guide step by step. This is just 1 way to achieve it, so feel free to follow a different path. Beware however that certain actions might lock out one or more girls. I added a walkthrough for both Apes and Wolves. The actions however are similar until MC has to make a decision which frat he wants to pledge to (on day 9).

A few important tips:

  • Don’t take actions that might upset a girl
  • Do not enter in a relationship with Lauren when you first get the opportunity, postpone this until the last meeting before HOCO
  • Avoid having sex with Emily as this would lead to Emily posting a picture of her and MC on Kiwii and some girls believing MC and Emily are again in a relationship. Penelope and Lauren will be upset.
  • Rack up bro points as much as you can, keep the BF (boyfriend) and TM (troublemaker) points in balance so your KCT is either loyal or popular as those are the ones that matter at a few moments in the game. However I don’t know if you will need the confident status in later chapters to get with later potential girlfriends or fwb’s. I haven’t encountered any problems however with getting in bed with for example Nora and Lindsey in act 3 just by supporting them at every opportunity that was given.

Reminder of how KCT is defined

Bro points lowest = confident
BF points lowest = popular
TM points lowest = loyal

Since the game currently does not keep track of the amount of each points in the KCT categories you score, I’ll add them at the start of each new day. There are mods that can do this but might not always be up to date. Also the path builder can be a help when you decide to get notifications for KCT points but this means you still have to keep track of them manually. I have also seen that the notifications do not always get displayed or sometimes stop working when scrolling back and forth.

Tested this with a modded version, the steam version with path builder and the steam version without path builder and this all resulted in the same outcome. I don’t have the Patreon version so I can’t guarantee it will work for that too but I assume it will.

Day 1

Bro: 1
BF: 2
TM: 1
KCT = confident

* Reply to Emily message: Yeah I’ll see you there

* Julia asking if MC is planning to join a frat: Could be fun (TM)

* Meeting Autumn: Inquire

* Elijah fixing Ms Rose’s laptop: Stay quiet

* Lauren says fighting is stupid: Disagree (TM)

* Lauren says Autumn talking about political stuff can be annoying: Don’t defend Autumn

* Lauren says I bet you find Autumn cute: You’re cuter

* Reply to Julia’s message: Thanks Julia (Bro)

* Free roam starts

* Riley asks what you think of Ms Rose: She’s Hot (Bro)

* Elijah talks about the Frogs fraternity: That’s cool (BF)

* Go right

* Listen to chat between Chris and Nora

* Nora after asking her where the dorms are: Leave

* Click first door on the left to peek on Aubrey having sex with Adam

* End free roam by clicking first door on the right and meeting MC’s roommate Imre

* Imre after comparing Apes and Wolves: The Wolves sound sick (Bro)

* Inviting Lauren for dorm party, when she accepts: Cool

* Lauren decides to drink instead of making out with MC: You’re missing out

* Riley dares MC to take his shirt of: Drink instead

* MC dares Riley back, Riley thinks it’s unfair as she is not wearing a bra: Do it, or drink (Bro)

* Imre says at night can’t wait to bang Riley: They’re both hot (Bro)

* Dream about Riley: Keep dreaming -> sex scene

Day 2

Bro: 6
BF: 3
TM: 3
KCT = popular

* After econ class Lauren complaing about her roommate: Bad roommates suck (Bro)

* Lauren talking about boyfriends she had: Yet you’re here with me

* Telling Lauren a secret: I’ve broken into an Ikea

* When Lauren says she never had sex: You’re not ugly (Bro)

* Moment to kiss: Kiss her -> Lauren allows it

* Reply to Ryan’s message -> going to Apes Rush party

* Enter house after a short chat with Ryan MC is in the hallway

* Talk to Josh and Aubrey

* Aubrey telling she is VP of the Chicks: Flirt

* Aubrey says she likes to warm up new batch of fighters: Say you’re not a fighter

* Go right to enter a room with pool table

* Talk to Mason and Jeremy about fighting Cameron: Yeah he better watch out (Bro) (TM)

* Go down to leave room, go left again to enter a room where MC finds Ryan

* When entering this room Lauren sends a message if they can talk tomorrow: Yeah sure (BF)

* End the free roam by clicking on Chloe and Tom

* Ryan suggesting MC to talk to Chloe: You’re right I’ll talk to her (Bro)

* After making Tom leave talking to Chloe: Make fun of him (Bro)

* Chloe telling a story about a guy stealing her underwear: Empathize (BF)

Day 3

Bro: 11
BF: 5
TM: 4
KCT = loyal

* After finding out you got knocked out by Grayson Imre suggests to learn fighting: Hmm…maybe (Bro) (TM)

* Reply to Ryan’s message asking if MC is OK: I’m fine (Bro)

* Reply to Ryan’s message about Grayson being overprotective of Chloe: Whatever (Bro)

* Reply to Lauren’s message meeting her: Yeah, SV cafe in 20 mins (BF)

* Tom provoking MC: Keep walking

* Tom provoking MC again: Walk way

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* Lauren wondering about what happened yesterday: Let’s forget about it (Bro)

* Reply to Josh’s message complaining Aubrey wanted MC’s number: Sorry, man. She doesn’t know what she’s missing (Bro)

* Talking to Emily and Nora

* After Nora leaves, Emily asking to hang out: Okay, I guess (BF)

* Emily asking if MC’s girlfriend knows about him hanging out with his ex: Yeah of course (joke) (TM)

* Talking about Emily looking like a hamster when wisdom teeth were pulled: It was so funny (Bro)

* Benjamin asking if he could hit on Emily: Sure, knock yourself out (Bro)

* Talking to Emily in waiting room: Tell Emily about Benjamin (TM) (BF)

* Reply to Aubrey’s message about Grayson and hanging out tomorrow: Wait they’re not dating (Bro) (BF)

* Meeting Penelope

* Reply to Aubrey’s message asking if MC is nearby: Yeah, I’m just on my way, I’ll be right there (BF)

* Costume shopping with Aubrey

* Try Viking outfit
Peek (TM)
Stop peeking
Aubrey asks what MC thinks of her outfit: It’s definitely something (Bro)

* Try knight outfit
Peek (TM)
Stop peeking
Her outfit is: certainly practical (Bro)

* Try cow-boy outfit
Peek (TM)
Stop peeking
When Aubrey does not want to come out: Oh come on (TM)
-> KCT should be popular by now, Aubrey comes out and shows the revealing outfit

* Buy the knight outfit -> will trigger a cute scene with Penelope in history class later

* Imre talking about peeking on the volleyball girls: You’re crazy (Bro)

* Imre asking if Penelope is hot: Hell yeah (Bro)

* When breaking into the gym with Chloe wondering what she has in mind: Don’t question it (BF)

* Volleyball game with Chloe: Let her win (BF)

Day 4

Bro: 23
BF: 12
TM: 11
KCT = loyal

* When at the gym with Imre asking MC to show what he knows about fighting: Show off (Bro)

* Noticing Evelyn training: Approach her (Bro)

* When Evelyn asks to be convinced to go on a date with MC: Be smart -> she will give MC her number

* Training with Imre -> MC will learn the body hook

* Message from Aubrey, MC accepts the invitation to go to her place

* At Aubrey’s asking you for a truth or dare: Dare (Bro) (TM)

* When Aubrey pulled down MC’s pants: Kiss her -> Sex scene

* Lauren waiting at MC’s door asking to do psychology tests: I’d love to (BF)

* Julia calling: Answer (BF)

* Julia asking to go shopping the next day: Shopping sounds great (BF)

* Riley and Ryan inviting MC for pic nic

* Ryan talking about staring at hot babes: Agree with Ryan (Bro)

* When Ryan says Chloe is a ♥♥♥♥♥: Walk away (Bro)

* Riley asking how MC feels about Chloe: She’s into me (TM)

* When Riley praises MC: Kiss her (TM)

* Visiting Imre at hospital, when he talks about Adam beating him up: Let’s ♥♥♥♥ him up (Bro) (TM)

* When having a chat with Riley about MC’s fight with Ryan: Take responsibility (Bro) (BF)

* When Riley says she is going back to her dorm: Ask her to sleep here

Day 5

Bro: 30
BF: 16
TM: 15
KCT = loyal

* Julia picking up MC noticing his black eye asking what happened: It was an accident (TM)

* Julia asking if there is a girl MC likes in particular: just pick your favorite

* After shopping with Julia, MC noticing a volleyball: Buy it

* Message Chloe to meet her at 11 pm

* Meeting Autumn at the library (BF)

* Autumn inviting MC to come see her at the dog shelter when he has time

* Noticing Ryan in the hallway: Talk to him (Bro)

* In the SV cafe finding Penelope, she asks how MC knew she was in there: Magic powers (Bro)

* When MC teases Penelope suggesting she is watching perhaps porn, Penelope denies: You should try it (Bro)

* When Penelope says she has to leave: You wanna go bowling?

* When Penelope says she has much studying to do: Encourage her (BF)

* Reply to Josh’s message inviting MC to hang out at his place: Uhh, sure (Bro)

* At Josh’s place when Josh after getting you a beer notices MC took his place: It’s my spot now (TM)

* Amber asking MC if he will join a fraternity: I’ll join the Wolves (Bro)

* When Josh suggests playing a drinking game: I should stop here (BF)

* When Amber asks to stay a bit longer: Sorry, I really can’t

* Talking to Chloe, she is telling MC she didn’t do anything shady: I believe you (BF)

Day 6

Bro: 35
BF: 20
TM: 17
KCT = loyal

* Reply to Amber’s message wondering why MC didn’t come back to Josh’s place: Wow, you really missed me that much, huh? (Bro)

* Amber saying she just wanted to check if everything was ok: Haha, I’m fine

* Lauren message to do the tests now, MC will accept

* Struggle to take difficult decisions: Disagree (TM)

* Animal lover: Agree (BF) (Bro)

* Relationship person: Agree (BF)

* Lauren asks if MC knows about trolley problem: Yes

* Take the trolley problem test

* First problem kill 5 or 1 person: Pull lever (Bro)

* Lauren asking to do another one: Yeah, let’s do it

* Second problem kill human being or dog: Don’t pull lever (TM)

* Lauren asking to do the last one: Yeah, okay

* Third problem kill 5 people or Emily: Don’t pull lever (Bro)

* Lauren talking about weak spot she had to find in MC: That was too far (TM)

* Getting Imre back from hospital who wants to take revenge on Adam

* When standing at Adam’s door deciding to knock or not: Leave it (BF)

* When wondering what to do about the situation tell school or not: Keep it to yourself (Bro)

* Finding Imre and telling him where to find Adam, MC is sent to the park

* Wondering what to do Chloe sends a message to meet up: Meet Chloe (BF)

* Swimming in the pool with Chloe her phone rings: You should get that (Bro)

* When Chloe ends her call and gets back to you: Don’t ask (Bro)

* When saying goodbye and Chloe leaving: Follow her (TM)

* When MC sees Chloe is meeting up with Aubrey: Leave (Bro)

* Phone call to Imre he says he is ok

* Message from Amber asking if MC is alone and sending her picture in bra: Woah, what was that for? (Bro)

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* When Amber explains why: And you chose me huh? (Bro)

Day 7

Bro: 45
BF: 24
TM: 21
KCT = loyal

* After economy class Ryan taking MC to chat with Grayson

* Grayson says MC is like him: What do you want? (Bro)

* Hearing Miss Rose crying: Check it out (BF)

* Going for a run noticing Nora: Run after her

* Calling Evelyn she asks why she would go on a date with MC: It’ll be an adventure (Bro) -> no date with Evelyn

* Emily calling: Reject call (TM)

* Message from Aubrey asking to come over to her place: Yeah sure

* When Aubrey asks who MC has been seducing lately: A few different girls (Bro) (TM) -> sex scene

* When it is midnight time to make a decision: Meet Grayson (TM)

* When Grayson tells a Cinderella story: Question (TM)

* When Grayson asks if MC will join the Apes: I’m in (TM)

* Nightmare about masked man wanting to shoot Lauren and Riley: Save Riley (Bro)

Day 8

Bro: 49
BF: 25
TM: 26
KCT = popular

* With Imre training at gym -> learning the uppercut

* Replying to messages from Amber about fitness: Maybe we should do a home workout together sometime

* Messaging Penelope to go bowling in the afternoon

* Attending poetry slam with Riley

* First contestant Lisa: Praise her (BF)

* Second contestant Martin: Praise him (BF)

* Third contestant Samantha: Praise her (Bro) (TM)

* Riley dares you to go up the stage: Okay, I’ll do it (Bro)

* When on stage: Act out a lullaby (Bro)

* Bowling with Penelope

* After bringing Penelope home: Kiss her (BF)

* Wolves rush party free roam

* Outside talk to Josh and Kim

* When Josh offers you a shot: Take the shot (Bro)

* Go in and upstairs

* Click first door to talk to Chloe

* When Chloe is explaining why she is crying: Nora’s being stupid (Bro) (TM)

* Go to door all at the back and further through the window to find Nora sitting on the roof

* When Nora is complaining about Chloe: Don’t defend Chloe (Bro)

* Go back in to the room and leave it by going down

* Go to the door at the right to Chris’ office and explore the room: click trophies, certificate, picture left wall and books on the right

* MC wonders which girl he should ask over in this room

* Leave the room and go downstairs

* Go through the door to enter the living room

* Talk to Peter and Harry who will ask MC who is the hottest Kardashian: Kylie (Bro)

* Talk to Aubrey and Emily

* Emily telling how happy she felt when MC asked her to prom: It was nothing (Bro) (TM)

* Go through open door on the right to enter the kitchen

* Talk to Chris (and Marcus) who will explain about Wolves and its members

* Talk to Riley and Finn

* After a chat about the poetry slam: Ask Riley something (BF) -> MC promises to walk Riley home

* Go through door on the left and next through door in front

* In corridor go through right door to enter the gym

* Talk to Amber who says she wouldn’t mind seeing MC working out shirtless: You’re such a tease (Bro)

* Talk to Amber once more to invite her over at Chris’ office -> normally your KCT will be popular and she will accept

* Automatically MC and Amber end up in the office

* Chat with Amber, it will be interrupted by a phone call, Amber leaves to check on Kim who is not feeling well

* Leave office, go downstairs, take the path to the right to enter the kitchen

* In the kitchen click Chris and Marcus to end the free roam

* Chris takes MC to his trophy room talking about the previous Wolves winners

* When Chris says all these winners were once Wolves presidents: That’s really impressive (BF)

* After seeing Nora walking away after an argument with Chris, Riley comes to MC: Walk Riley home (Bro)

* When walking Riley home: Start flirting (Bro)

* When at Riley’s dorm she asks if MC wants to come in: Yeah, I’d like that (Bro)

* Riley clearly wants to get intimate with MC but does not want to take the risk waking up her roommate, she promises they will try again at another moment

Day 9

Bro: 61
BF: 30
TM: 29
KCT = loyal

* Message from Riley about Kiwii -> Kiwii app will be unlocked on phone

* Meeting Autum at the dog care

* When introducing the dog Oscar to MC asking if he is cute: Yeah, he really is

* When asking MC if there is anything he is fighting for: Not really (Bro)

* When Autumn talks about a protest about women’s rights: Can I join? (BF) -> She will be pleased and will invite you the next day to make signs

* Message from Lauren asking to go to the beach with her: Sounds good, when were you thinking?

* At the beach Lauren says she will pledge to the Deer

* When MC says he will join a frat Lauren gets worried about MC ending up in hospital: You’re cute (TM)

* Lauren is charmed (normally KCT is now loyal) so you get an extra option: Kiss her -> Lauren responds passionately

Note: Now Lauren will accept when asked for HOCO same for Riley, Penelope, Chloe and Emily. Only for Amber KCT popular is required.

* When MC gets back home he has to decide to which frat he wants to pledge

Note: opting for Apes is the easiest path to get and maintain the popular status

1) When pledging to the Apes (TM +3)

* Cameron will be appointed as MC’s coach, Cameron wants MC to do everything he says: Hold yourself back (Bro)

* When Grayson offers MC Samantha’s (Cameron’s younger sister) phone number: Take the slip (TM)

* Cameron giving MC a first video challenge call Chloe and announce he became an Ape: Call her (Bro) (GF)

2) When pledging to Wolves (Bro)

* First challenge ‘determination’, Marcus proposes a deal: Decline (Bro)

* Real determination challenge the cold bath, when Chloe calls: Get the call (BF) (TM)

* Honesty challenge, Chris asks MC a true/false question: True

* Honor challenge Nora asks MC a question if she should seduce her teacher to help her friend: Do it (Bro) (TM)-> KCT should become popular

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* When Nora tempts MC to kiss her: Pull away (Bro) -> MC passes the test and ends up second

Day 10

When Ape (in training)

Bro: 64
BF: 32
TM: 34
KCT = popular

* Cameron approaches MC after history class in his Elvis suit: Just say hello (Bro)

* Cameron’s next video challenge is to pull Mr Lee’s pants: Do it (TM)

* When Cameron is ready to film: Pull it (TM)

* Back in his dorm MC can decide on his HOCO girl

When Wolf

Bro: 66
BF: 32
TM: 32
KCT = popular

* After history class MC returns to his dorm and can decide on his HOCO girl

Asking for HOCO

The 8 possibilities will be

  • Aubrey: she will say she is feeling flattered but prefers the secrecy of their FWB relationship. She will be avalaible for quite a bit of sex scenes later on. In act 3 she even seems to be open for a more romantic relationship.
  • Autumn: she is clearly not into the HOCO thing and turns you down. Also in later parts interaction between MC and Autumn is very limited. It’s unclear if she ever becomes a romantic or sexual option for MC.
  • Amber: she will say she doesn’t do dances so taking her to HOCO is not a possibility. However if your KCT is popular (will be if you followed the guide lol) she will invite MC to come to her place. It will end up with a sex scene. The good thing about that is that you don’t need to worry any more about your KCT status any more to have sex with Amber at later opportunities. If you took someone else to HOCO and want to get a chance to have sex with Amber at a later point you will need to make sure your KCT will be popular until the night at Josh’s place after the drugs deal. Romancing her no I don’t think that will be on the cards in the near future if ever.
  • Emily: she will end up drunk and sick so you can’t take her home. However if you are understanding she will try to make it up with you by a visit to the arcade and at a later moment offering her body. However it seems a reuniting with Emily seems doomed to fail. So when leaving the party Riley will take MC to her home for some wild sex.
  • Penelope: MC will drop her of at her place and they kiss goodbye. There won’t change much in this relationship in later parts. There will be plenty of hugs and kisses between MC and Penelope but a real sex scene it remains to be seen if that will ever be possible. However it’s clear Penelope really sees MC as husband material. So after dropping of Penelope MC will end the night in Riley’s bed.
  • Chloe: taking Chloe home MC gets treated to a BJ but when he wants to return the favour they are interrupted by Lindsey whose mother died in an accident. Encounters with Chloe in later parts are fairly limited. If you want Chloe to be MC’s official girlfriend meeting up with her at the swimming pool and ending HOCO with her is a must. It also seems the only way to have sex with her at later opportunities (once in act 2 and twice in act 3 if you pick her as MC’s roommate at least).
  • Lauren: ending HOCO with her won’t lead to sex but lots of cuddling . It’s clear from the start that Lauren likes to take things slow and appreciates loyalty from her bf. In act 2 she opens a little giving MC a taste of her boobies. Stick by her and don’t take Aubrey’s invitation to have sex on the plane. In the Harry Potter I mean Hotter Parry contest she will totally fall for MC. This will lead to a romantic evening and steaming sex in Paris. Another bonus is that she is becoming more adventurous and is like the only one not taking ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ from Charli. With Lauren you can be sure you’ll have a loyal partner at your side even when MC eventually would decide to pledge for the Apes.
  • Riley: do I need to say again that ending HOCO with Riley will lead to sex even if you were that foolish to turn down her unfinished business invitation the previous night. Even though there are plenty of hints that Riley is open to more than just being a friend and FWB, there won’t be an option in later acts so far to officially date her. Riley is bound to become MC’s bestie. It’s obvious that her close friendship with Aubrey and later Amber is going to lead to act upon her lesbian and bisexual desires. For a threesome with a boy and girl, MC can be sure he will be the chosen one. MC is for Riley the only guy who she feels comfortable enough with to share her deepest secrets, desires and emotions. On top of that she is the most caring character in the game.


  • Despite having enough options MC can still decide to go alone to HOCO. Opting for this he can only end the night with either Riley or Chloe. Going alone however does kind of defeat the purpose of this guide.
  • Taking Lauren, Penelope or Emily to HOCO MC can still decide to go home with either Chloe or Riley. I’m not sure what kind of consequences this will have in MC’s relationship with the girl he took to HOCO as I haven’t tried. I would assume that Lauren definitely isn’t go the be pleased. Honestly you gotta be a jerk to do that to her.
  • Taking Chloe to HOCO MC can still go home with Riley and the other way around too. I’m pretty sure if MC would choose Riley over Chloe at the last moment he can forget about dating Chloe in the future.

So the only girl you actually have to make a choice to confirm being your HOCO partner is Amber. So when she is asks MC to spend the night at her place: Alright I’m in (TM).

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