Constructor How to Make Money

You can’t rise to the top without taking a few others down. If that means engaging in a workplace accidents, dodgy deals, and a shifty trick or two then so be it! You’re going to need every trick in the book if you want to go from small-time slumlord to property tycoon!

Constructor How to Make Money

There are 5 ways to make money: Rent, Captured Property, Built and Sell Property, White Marks, and Pawn Shop.

And 2 ways to loan money: City Hall and Mob HQ.


The most basic way of making money.

Not the fastest way of gaining money early game but overtime it will be worth it. Increasing the tenant happiness is important as you can increase the rent rate but figuring out what make a tenant happy is not obvious at first as it varies each type of tenant.

The screenshot below shows what make them happy (green) and what make them unhappy (-red). To view it hover over the tenant picture.

YardSize of the property’s yard, the bigger the yard the better, item place on the yard can boost or decrease the yard value
EuphoriaA tenant moving in for the first time (gradually reach to 0)
RoomsUpgrading all the room the better, leaving a room under construction give -20
GadgetsHome Computer, Double Glazing, Storm Shutter, Burglar Alarm, Rat Trap and Home Repair Kit increase happiness
FenceVaried by tenant type, it may increase or decrease the fence value
DamageMaintain by a Repairman or a Home Repair Kit to reduce the never ending household deterioration
NeighboursAn empty house (no tenant) decrease happiness, a tenant below their level give -5 per level per tenant, a tenant equal or higher than them give 0, -100 (level 1 and 2 tenant) or -200 (level 3 and higher) for 1 or more Garden Gnome in an estate
Rentincrease in rent give -25 per 5%, decrease in rent give 25 per -5%
UndesirablesUnsolve tenant complaint reduce happiness. Environmental Effectiveness gives 1 per 1% from Park, Statue of Liberty, and Washington Monument
HistoricalExplosion cause by demolition/destruction from a building
SensitivityUnknown but very likely the rate of complaint

Needless to say giving your tenant all the gadgets and maximize the room make them happy. The table down below are the variation of each tenant best possible happiness.

TenantBasic FenceBest Fence for Dog KennelBest Fence for Tenant HappinessMust Have Yard ItemOptional Yard ItemNormal Rent Rate
The SlobsPrivet Hedge (40)Immovable Monolith (50)Immovable Monolith (50)2 Evergreen (100)1 Dog Kennel (50), 1 to 3 Garden Gnome (225), 1 Small Shed (30)$168 to $288
The GreasersPrivet Hedge (30)Immovable Monolith or Aquarium (50)Immovable Monolith or Aquarium (50)2 Evergreen (100)1 Dog Kennel (30), 1 Garden Gnome (225), 1 Garden Furniture (15), 1 Greenhouse (10), 1 Rose Arbour (10), 1 Wishing Well (10)$225 to $385
The PunksSlatted Wooden Fence (25)Immovable Monolith (60)Immovable Monolith (60)None1 Dog Kennel (40), 1 Garden Gnome (225), Small Shed (40)$235 to $442
The StudentsPrivet Hedge (60)Privet Hedge (60)Privet Hedge (60)2 Evergreen (120)1 Decidious (20), 1 Dog Kennel (-40), 1 Garden Pond (40), 1 Garden Furniture (20), 1 Garden Gnome (225), 1 Greenhouse (60), 1 Rose Arbour (10),1 Wishing Well (20)$316 to $594
The NerdsWhite Picket Fence (60)NoneWhite Picket Fence (60)[1 Rose Arbour (40), 1 Wishing Well (40), 1 Garden Pond (-20) = Financial Advisor only]1 Decidious or Evergreen (100), 1 Dog Kennel (-40), 1 Garden Furniture (40), 1 Greenhouse(20)$345 to $457
The MajorsPrivet Hedge (40)Combat Razor (50)Combat Razor (50)1 or 2 Decidious (100)1 Dog Kennel (-20), 1 Garden Furniture (20), 1 Rose Arbour (20), 1 Small Shed (40), 1 Wishing Well (20)$496 to $657
The YuppiesArched Wall (40)Immovable Monolith or Aquarium (75)Immovable Monolith or Aquarium (75)2 Evergreen (100), 2 of the 3 following : 1 Rose Arbour (10), 1 Garden Pond (20), 1 Garden Furniture (65)1 Dog Kennel (-40), 1 Greenhouse(20), 1 Wishing Well (20)$405 to $627
The ProfessorsPrivet Hedge (20)Immovable Monolith (75)Immovable Monolith (75)2 Evergreen (100), 1 Small Shed (60)1 Dog Kennel (-40), 1 Garden Furniture (20), 1 Garden Pond (20), 1 Rose Arbour (10), 1 Wishing Well (20)$580 to $896
The BrokersPrivet Hedge (20)Brick Hedge or Aquarium (50)Iron Railings (60)2 Evergreen (100)1 Dog Kennel (-40), 1 Garden Pond (20), 1 Rose Arbour (40), 1 Garden Furniture (30), 1 Wishing Well (20)$675 to $1056
The SloanesArched Wall (40)Aquarium (50)Iron Railings or Aquarium (50)2 Evergreen (100), 2 of the 3 following : Rose Arbour (0), 1 Garden Pond (40), Garden Furniture (30) {1 Dog Kennel (-40) = Only Insurance Agent}1 Dog Kennel (-40), 1 Greenhouse(20), 1 Wishing Well (20)$967 to $1513

Captured Property

Moderately risky, high reward.

You need at least 1 Foreman (more is better) to capture an enemy property (house) but beware once attempting to capture, the enemy Worker will respond and attack him.

To counter Worker attack are :
1. Eliminate the enemy Workers with Workers (by the numbers and using HQ to slowly heal them).
2. Neutralize with the Hippy (require Commune) with ghettoblaster (second option from the left).
3. Make several attempt on various opponent properties to draw them to one corner to the other.
4. Eliminate with Gangster (too expensive).

Once captured you got 2 choice :

1. Selling it give you immediately money of the minimun built value of the property + $2000, very useful when expanding your territory.

2. Use it to generate rent, very risky as the captured property may not have the proper spacing to place items from the Gadget Factory. Also maintaining will become a challenge ; repairs, possible undesirable and factories on the same estate from the enemy.
The middle side is that this would force the rival to buy more estate as you have taken space on the rivals estate, you can slowly chock them to death if there is no more room to built for them.

Built and Sell Property

Easy, safe but very loud.

Method 1 : built the lowest possible property (house) and sell it. It will cost you money (for initial built), resource and man power but the return rate for selling it will give you approximately $2000.

Do not built it on your opponents territories as it double the cost and you would lose money in the process.

Do not built it on an estate where your tenant lives due to very loud explosion from demolition. This will cause the tenant to complaint and ask for a Storm Shutter in which it is expensive and has a limited durability.

Do not stretch the building as this does not provide any additional income from selling it.

Method 2 : built like you would normally would let a tenant rent/breed but withhold any heavy renovation. The goal is to let property age to increase the selling value. It is very time consuming but ideal when you want to free up an estate for a higher tier property.

White Marks

Safe but limited.

White Marks are earn by completing certain council mission and solving tenant complaints in which you have to spend more money and earning little amount of White Marks.

However White Marks does have the ability to “take in” Black Marks so if you really don’t pay much care to your tenants, that can be handy.

Every 100 White Marks can be converted to $10 000 from the HQ panel.

Pawn Shop

Moderately risky, random reward. (not available in Original!!! difficulty and singleplayer only)

Pawn Shop are available early game and cost $5000 to built it. Select the Pawn Shop choose the second option from the right and aim at the enemy HQ.

This is where it become risky, once the thief is out on the field any rival Policeman (if there is any) will stop him. You can choose the direction of your thief where he should go, he will go the most direct path possible if you have already aimed at your rival HQ, he is considered as an Undesirable (cannot use Subway Station).

If the thief reach at the enemy HQ there is 2 outcome : chase out by a dog or get s*** load of money. If is the latter he will directly return back to his Pawn Shop with the enemy Policeman as a risk factor.

The amount varied from $0 to $10 000 (depend on rivals number of properties). He will be available 100 days multiply by the number of heist done. Eventually he will be less effective to use overtime but this can overcome by demolishing the Pawn Shop and than rebuilding it. Doing so will reset the number of heist done.

Loanning from City Hall

Select the money at the top left screen, press “A” to gain $5000 per $50 a month paid to City Hall.

Bank Loan Max:

Difficulty (Easy) : $50,000
Difficulty (Medium) : $50,000
Difficulty (Difficult) : $40,000
Difficulty (Original) : $50,000

The dept can be paid at anytime.

Financial Advisor (3 Nerd) can increase (enemy has one) or decrease (you have one) by 20%. The more Financial Advisor you have the less interest rate you have to pay. If your enemies has more Financial Advisor than you have, you pay more.

Loanning from the Mob HQ

The worst come to worst, use this method of loanning last as the interest rate stack up exponentially.

You will need a Mob HQ built.

Mob Loan Max:

Difficulty (Easy) : $60,000
Difficulty (Medium) :$200,000
Difficulty (Difficult) :$200,000
Difficulty (Original) : $60,000

Your minimum loan is $20 000, the interest rate is 2% of the loan however every month that 2% will be stack up to your loan generating a new and increase interest rate.

You have 2 years to pay up all the loan.

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