Constructor Plus Achievement Guide

Constructor Plus Achievement Guide

Constructor Plus is the definitive building simulation for the modern day tycoon. Build your dream town full of crackpot undesirables, businesses, and quirky tenants whilst fending off your rivals in the eagerly awaited sequel to Constructor HD. With almost 3 times more content, building just got bigger!

Constructor Plus Achievement Guide

Achievements can be achieved in Quick Game (Play Game), Mission, Classic and Designer.

The screenshot I have taken are in American text, so anyone who have set there text in English may find certain words not appear where it should be.

Achievements progress can be easily track on the main menu labelled Achievements.

The achievements will pop up in two ways: the normal steam achievement at the lower right corner, and the in-game one (player’s color varies) shown below.

Once acquired you will never see this again in the same match.

Tenants Achievements

Solve your 20th tenant complaint and be rewarded
– Your very likely first achievement.. First make sure your complaints is set to default or all in Options than Gameplay.

Beware that all type tenant will say there complaints in a different way and not all of them are very straight forward.

The guide below have a majority but not all of the complaint.

Guide here.

Solve 20 complaints in a game and you get NO MORE COMPLAINING.

20 or more simultaneously complaining tenant
– There are many ways to get 20+ tenant complaints at once I will show you two ways. Make sure complaint is set to default or all in Options than Gameplay.

Method 1 : Late game, install 20 of your properties with Dog Kennel than built the fence with Country Hedgerow.

Method 2 : Early game, built 20 level 1 properties with no yard (zero space for 3×3 items) than set all of them to breed tenant/workers.

Create your 10th Gangster favour
– You must have one or more level 3 tenant and set it to make Gangster Bribe 10 times. You don’t need to built Mob HQ to get the achievement.

Install a top of the range computer in 20 properties
– You will need a Gadget Factory producing 20 Home Computer and ship it in 20 other house.

Evicting your 5th tenant in one game
– This can be done at mid to late game where you already build up your empire.

You need to select a property press the eviction icon to kick a tenant however this will vary as the tenant will either leave quietly, smash the place and leave, or squat.

They must either leave quietly or smash the place and leave to take effect. Having a Super-Tenant Major always make them leave quietly. Do this 5 times.

Have a single tenant produce 9 children
– This is easily done with a level 1 house with Slobs as tenant.

Fully upgraded Bedroom and Kitchen, 2 trees on their property, an upgraded fence (Privet Hedge). Make sure they are breeding Worker or Tenant. For extra precautions fully upgraded Lounge and Bathroom. Finally you have to wait till they breed their 9th child.

Have 5 estates with 3 or more tenants with positive moods on each estate
– This is easily done late game. You will need 3 houses or more of any level multiplied by 5 other estates. There happiness/stress level need to be +30% each (Green).

For more info on Happiness the guide below adequately cover it:

Tenant Happiness

Produce your 4th Super-Tenant in a game
– You must produce 4 Super-Tenant of the same type in one game.

To create Super-Tenant:

Super-Tenant TypeRequired TenantsWhat do they do?
Financial Advisor3 NerdsCity Hall loan interest rates are exponentially 20% lower per Financial Advisor
Neighbourhood Watch3 MajorsPrevent squatting from enemy Hippy and eviction, also prevent tenant from smashing a room from eviction
Accountant4 YuppiesRefund between 40% to 50% of your tax
GP4 ProfessorsSlow rivals Hospital healing rate
Magistrate5 BrokersIncrease jail time against enemy Undesirable by 1000 days, not stackable
Insurance Agent5 SloanesRefund by 8% from explosion damaging a property/factory/undesirable building/utility building, not stackable

Yards and Work Achievements

Upgrade all rooms in 20 properties
– This will be very expensive but it can be a cake walk late game or on Designer mode.

It can be done on any level properties however the higher the level of the properties is the higher the cost of upgrading is. There are 4 types of rooms : Bedroom, Bathroom, Lounge, and Kitchen. All 4 room must be upgraded 3 times each with 20 other properties.

Build 10 estates of at least 3 buildings with 100% land usage
– Not exactly the same as the previous Constructor game but… 3 building of any type in each of the 10 estates with 100% land usage it going to be cost full and good planning.

The image down below is a perfect example of a 3 building covering 100% land usage in one estate.

Do this 10 times in a similar fashion and you get NEW TOWN SYMMETRY.

Upgrade all Resources in one game
– Get all 4 Factory Yard upgraded in other word built your way up to level 3 tenant with 3 type 3 properties built.

The upgrade cost : Lumber Yard $5000, Cement Yard $7500, Brick Yard $10 000, Steel Yard $15 000.

Upgrade at least 3 of each resource in one game
– Similar to Heavy Industry but built 3 times of each yard and upgraded them all. It going to cost you 225 000$ without counting the estates.

Fully stock your gadget factory
– You must have 105 item of any kind in the Gadget Factory. It is possible to increase the maximum stock by adding a shed (+3 unit per shed).

Build 100 level 5 properties
– This can be done in multiple game.

Building level 5 property is resource intensive : they can go as low as $20 000, take about 6 resources each, and with 1 workteam can take a month to finish it. Built 100 time and you get TRUMPED.

Cause infestation of 3 properties on Upper Colon estate
– This achievement can be done on Greenfield, Small Town, Riverside, and Brightmeadow map in which it has an estate called Upper Colon.

The easiest method to get INFESTED COLON is by building 3 of your lowest possible property and let it rot with no tenant nor any bathroom upgrade.

Maximise the efficiency of 5 workteams
– You will need 5 Foremen along with 25 Workers. Each Foreman must be group up with 5 workers and they must be at 100% Building Eff. which can be seen in the screenshot below.

To gain 100% Building Eff. make them build any building repeatedly. Do that to all of these workteams and you get HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Rivals and Undesirables Achievements
In this section you will need at least one opponent to achieved most of these achievements.

Capture 3 rival properties
– Simple but not easy, you need to take over 3 of your rival properties of any type.

To do that you need at least 1 Foreman (more is better) to capture one but beware once attempting to capture, the enemies Workers will respond and attack him.

To counter Worker attack are:

  • Eliminate the enemy Workers with Workers (by the numbers and using HQ to slowly heal them)
  • Neutralize with the Hippy (require Commune) with ghettoblaster (second option from the left).
  • Make several attempt on various rival’s properties to draw them to one corner to the other.
  • Eliminate with Gangster (very expensive).
  • Psycho are great at attacking strong walls and do massive damage against Workers.

Cause 3 foremen to retire . . . permanently
– Basically you need to kill 3 rival Foremen twice since each of them has 2 life (a 2 with a heart symbol).

Personally I sent about 10 Workers to wack them. You can use Gangster but it will cost you $10 000 to built a Mob HQ, have a level 3 tenant producing Gangster Bribe, and your Gangster will start with the lowest weapon… a knife.

Have a worker knock out 10 enemy workers without dying
– Not easy to do that as you have no means to know which Worker got a kill count. To kill an enemy Worker choose a Worker you want to get the kill count and to make things a little easier bind him with a group key (ctrl+F1).

From there use a Murder of Workers to attack an enemy Worker, the goal is not to kill the enemy Worker but to weaken to half of his red health bar. To know how much health the enemy Worker have is shown on the top right screen during your assault, the second health bar.

Once enough weaken, sent your Worker you favored to finish him. Repeat this 10 times and you will get BUILT LIKE A THUG achievement.

Have your guard dogs protect a property for the 20th time in a game
– You will need a Gadget Factory to access Dog Kennel. It will cost $1000 and need a spacing of 3×3.

Deploy at any building you own and wait till an enemy Undesirable or a Foreman enter the yard. Unfortunately this is random and it must be done 20 time in a single game.

Start 3 undesirable house parties simultaneously
– Three Tenement Block are required to be built along with three enemies properties.

Choose the second option to the left and aim at an opponent property. Do that 3 time at the same time.

Picket 3 rival resources simultaneously
– You will need 3 Commune built, 3 enemy resource (Lumber Yard, Cement Yard, Brick Yard, and/or Steel Yard) and cannot be done on a property.

Select your Commune, choose the first option on the left and aim at an enemy resource. Do this with other Hippies without any of them been caught by the Policeman.

Destroy 5 Undesirable Buildings in a game
– This require Gangsters to directly attack an Undesirable building.

Destroying any of these building : Commune, Pawn Shop, Mr. Fixit, Tenement Block, Biker Bar, Haunted House or Arcade. Each building you have destroyed will count as one. Do this 5 time in a single game.

Build 2 prisons and fill them with inmates
– This one is more or less hard to get. It is best you do it on designer mode or finishing the quick mission number 09 “Policing the People” (don’t forget to built 2 Prisons).

Here are steps :

Stage 1. Get your basic up : level 2 tenant producing Police Bribe, Police Station built, 2 Prisons built (need 5 Police Bribe).

Stage 2. Enemy Undesirable building built : you need a minimum of 12 rival Undesirable building built (the more the easier), Haunted House is not one of them due that Ghost cannot be arrested.

Stage 3. Capture Enemy Undesirable : sent out as many Policemen at every estates as possible, maxing there efficiency, and capture 12 of Undesirable enemies.

Optional. Have a Magistrate : built 5 level 5 properties and house them with Brokers to get a Magistrate in which the sentencing is increase by 1000 days.

Get 20 police officers patrolling
– You will need 20 estates with at least a building (enemy building do count), a level 2 tenant producing Police Bribe, and a Police Station. Rival Policeman patrolling an estate can prevent you from patrolling with your own Policeman.

To deploy a Policeman, select the Police Station, on the right with the map select an estate than press “S”. Do this 20 times and you get MAXIMUM SECURITY.

Produce 10 Gangsters in one game
– You will need 10 Gangsters into play.

Build a Mob HQ (first one is free), breed 54 Workers send them at your HQ, and convert them into Gangsters.

Produce 5 fully weaponized Gangsters in one game
– You will need a Mob HQ built, between 0 to 80 Mob Bribe from your level 3 tenant, and of course $125 000 or more.

Killing enemies Dogs do not use Mob Bribe but it do count as a kill.

There are two method to help your Gangster to get to the final weapon : Killing enemies or stealing weapons.

Stealing weapons require : Pawn Shop, rival Mob HQ , and any difficulty but not Original. Use your Thief to steal from your rival Mob HQ to upgrade by one weapon. The upgrade will be given to the weakest Gangster and it can get as far as the minigun upgrade leaving you to kill 5 more enemies to unlock the final weapon, the laser gun.


One Gangster must kill 16 enemy from the opposing construction team. You can use multiple Gangster to weaken your victim however your Gangster will lose health from fighting even when he does not take any damage. Healing your Gangster from the HQ will take way to long, a Hospital is advisable.

Once a Gangster killed his 16th enemy you can buy him the final weapon which it cost $25 000. Do this for 5 Gangsters to unlock PACKING HEAT.

What counts as a kill are : Worker, Foreman, Repairman, Tenant, Delivery, Gangster, Policeman, Hippy, Thief, Thug, Fixit, Psycho, Clown, Dog.

What does not count as a kill : City Hall (grey) Worker and Foreman, Zombie, Cockroach.

Special Built and Money Achievements

Earn 100,000 in rent during a calendar year
– This will require several tenants with rent. Can easily be done in late game with 3 or 4 Sloanes at max rent.

You will require to make $8350 a month to achieve HIGH ROLLER for 12 consecutive month.

Pay $50,000 in Tax Bills
– This will take several tax payments till you payed $50 000 in grand total. Tax come every 5 years.

Build your 4th commission in a game
– Built your way up to level 5 tenants. Select a level 5 tenant property and start house plans. Once the commission is ready, built it than wait till the next house plans is ready. Step and repeat till the 4th commission.

Build a commission on the original hardcore difficulty
– You must set the difficulty to “Original!!!” during map customization. It can only be available in Classic or Designer mode.

Once in game, built your way up to level 5 tenants. Select a level 5 tenant property and start house plans, built it and get TOUGH ENOUGH ?.

Missions Achievements

In this section are mission related achievement. Unfortunately this does not have a full walkthrough.

Accomplish your 5th council mission
– This can only be done on : Classic (not war mode); Designer (not war mode); Quick Mission 42, 44, 45, 46 and 47.

This achievement is buggy as it took me 7 council missions. Either some the council missions are not registering or registering as the same despite the mission is different.

Doing the same council missions do not add to count. Example : kill cockroach at X estate, kill cockroach at Y estate.

Council Missions start appearing at your 4th year in office and more than half of them require enemy constructor team.

MissionHow do deal with itHow to trigger it
Cockroach InfestationUpgrade all properties Bathroom to class 2 at [insert estate name], and kill many cockroachLeaving your properties Bathroom to standard or ripped
Zombie InfestationKill 10 Zombies at [insert estate name]Too many of your Tenants dies at a very short period
Land UsageUse your land over 90% (see your HQ)Every 4th year after tax payment and below 90% land usage
Overcrowded, built a ParkBuilt a new Park with 6 trees (trees and/or Deciduous) with a pond without any enemy building on the same estateAfter you built your Steel Yard
3 Level 4 Properties builtBuilt 3 [insert level 4 property name] with 2 trees and a greenhouseAfter building 3 different level 4 properties
3 Level 5 Properties builtIn an estate, you must have only 3 level 5 properties that cover the estate (see NEW TOWN SYMMETRY) each one max all rooms, 1 garden furniture and 1 arborAfter building 3 different level 5 properties
Commune builtUpgrade all properties Bathroom to class 2 at [insert estate name]After building a Commune with properties Bathroom at standard or ripped
Enemy Police StationDestroy Police Station at [insert estate name]3 enemy Policeman deployed + you or another enemy are using a lot of Undesirables
Remove Enemy TenantKill the tenant, destroy the property or capture the property at [insert estate name]Very common at the 4th year in office, must have an enemy property
Remove Enemy CommuneDestroy or capture the Commune at [insert estate name]The enemy Hippy had successfully commit 3 undesirable act (must survive)
Remove Enemy Commune ver. 2Destroy or capture the Commune3 Commune built from single a opposing construction team
Remove Enemy Pawn ShopDestroy or capture the Pawn Shop at [insert estate name]The enemy Thief had successfully commit 3 undesirable act (must survive)
Remove Enemy Pawn Shop ver. 2Destroy or capture the Pawn Shop3 Pawn Shop built from single a opposing construction team
Remove Enemy Tenement BlockDestroy or capture the Tenement Block at [insert estate name]The enemy Thugs had successfully commit 3 undesirable act (must survive)
Remove Enemy Tenement Block ver. 2Destroy or capture the Tenement Block3 Tenement Block built from single a opposing construction team
Remove Enemy Mr. FixitDestroy or capture the Mr. Fixit at [insert estate name]The enemy Mr. Fixit had successfully commit 3 undesirable act (must survive)
Remove Enemy Mr. Fixit ver. 2Destroy or capture the Mr. Fixit3 Mr. Fixit built from single a opposing construction team
Remove Enemy Biker BarDestroy or capture the Biker Bar at [insert estate name]The enemy Psycho had successfully commit 3 undesirable act (must survive)
Remove Enemy Biker Bar ver. 2Destroy or capture the Biker Bar3 Biker Bar built from single a opposing construction team
Remove Enemy ArcadeDestroy or capture the Arcade at [insert estate name]The enemy Killer Clown had successfully commit 3 undesirable act (must survive)
Remove Enemy Arcade ver. 2Destroy or capture the Arcade3 Arcade built from single a opposing construction team

Complete all the quick start games at normal difficulty or above
– From 00 to 41 Play Game missions on normal or hard must be finish. They are very time consuming.

Complete every quick start game and mission
– From 00 to 44 Play Game missions and the 15 missions in Mission must be finish.

That one is a little particular, specifically quick mission 42, 43 and 44. While hovering them, you will notice the color of the heart and the name of the map. I did mine with Red team but after finishing the 15 missions in Mission.

I am uncertain if the color matters but the achievement state “Complete every quick start game and mission” despite I never played mission 45, 46 and 47. I do know that all my mission I did has been branded “Mission Complete” and sometime it unbranded itself after completing it and quitting Constructor Plus.

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