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Control A Good Defense Walkthrough

Control A Good Defense Walkthrough

In the description of the storyline quest Directorial Override, we have indicated which note should be picked up to activate this task. Return to the NSC Power Plant and go to the right. Not far from the door that leads to energy converters, you’ll find the door that you need – Central Maintenance. Go through this door and examine two restrooms on the left side to find two containers. Go to the hall of the maintenance center and grab a note. Move through the door on the right and descend the stairs through the checkpoint. The road forward leads you to Black Rock Processing. You should go to the left to get into a room with a container and a document.

Return to the maintenance center and note that the passage to Field Training is blocked. The other road leads to the elevator. To get through the red opening, destroy 3 separate red outgrowths in the hall. In the office on the left side, you’ll find a document. Go forward and push the red button to start the test.

You’ll have to go through an obstacle course. To open the doors, you’ll have to either destroy the targets with a red light or install orange cubes into the hole. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to complete this challenge during your first attempt. However, you’ll be able to study the course. When you do everything in time, you’ll get into the room with an object of power – a home safe. Use telekinesis to throw any object into a cluster. After this, interact with the safe.

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The training will begin. You may use the Shield. To activate it, press Q. Pass the segment, hiding under the shield from golden enemies. Note that they can destroy your shield, so you have to pause from time to time, hiding behind the columns on the location. Get to the safe to complete the quest. In addition to a new supernatural skill, you’ll get 4 ability points.

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