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Control Directorial Override Walkthrough

Directorial Override Walkthrough

From now on, you can acquire various abilities. To do this, interact with any control point. Pay attention to the scale below. By spending ability points, you’ll unlock additional slots for weapon modifications, heroine, a new form of the service weapon, and so on.

In the menu Astral Constructs, you can use the resources you collected to unlock a new form of the service weapon. Here, you’ll also find another section – Board Countermeasures. It contains a list of additional goals which, if completed, will provide you with various bonuses.

You can activate no more than 3 targets simultaneously. Enter the elevator in the Central Executive areaand select the service sector. Having descended, you’ll get a new task – find Ahti the Janitor. Go forward past the level 2 door until you face opponents. Kill them all – you’ll have to deal with two groups. After this, the control point will be active. Interact with it.

Go to the large workshop on the right side and eliminate all enemies. Go forward and get to the janitor’s utility room. Go past the shelves and find a door with the janitor’s poster. There’s a container on the left side. Enter the room and talk to Ahti – he will tell you what to do. You’ll also get the key card level 2.

Open the level 2 door and enter the corridor. Look behind the doors on the right to find a container and a short way back. Move further along the corridor and use the elevator to go down.

There’s a document on the desk in front. Go through the door and find yourself near the NSC Power Plant. Here, you’ll see a new group of FBC employees. Go past the girl in front and enter the room on the right to talk with Arish, the head of security. In the same room, you will find a container and a document. Leave the room and climb a little higher to capture a control point.

From there, go even higher up the stairs, to the center of the room, and see signs. Go to the right and descend near the next sign. Kill all enemies and follow through the door with a giant signboard NSC ENERGY CONVERTERS.

Kill all enemies, capture the control point, and then pay attention to the closed bars. On the right side of the bars, you’ll find a sparkling panel. You’ll also see an orange cube to the right from the panel. Use telekinesis to throw this cube into the panel to the right from the bars.

Go to energy converters. At the beginning of the hall, go up the stairs that are located on the left side and find a note. Having grabbed this note, you’ll activate the task A Good Defense. Move forward, killing enemies, and look into the shelter on the left to find a container. There’s a column in the center. You’ll also see sparkling panels at different levels. There are many orange cubes at this location. Use telekinesis to install such cubes into 3 panels at a different height. As a result, the energy converters will be restarted. You’ll have to kill an opponent along the way. Upstairs, you can hop over the fence to open a container.

Go through the NSC Control Room door. On the stand in front, you’ll find a document, while the door on the right is closed. Use the elevator and return to the first floor. Go up to the central part of the room and go to the right, to the next descent. You are interested in the NSC Coolant Pumps door. Go through it.

Before you do this, you’ll have to kill new enemies, which should be eliminated from a distance as they blow up once they get close to you. Go to the pumps through the door. On the right side, you’ll see a utility room with a container. Eliminate all enemies in the red room and clear the control point.

Tip. If you see enemies with a ‘’plus’’, Hiss Cluster, a dimensional orb is in the nearby – it automatically strengthens all Hisses, allowing them to regenerate health. The faster you destroy it, the better.

Go through the next door and go down the cave, killing enemies. In the big hall, you’ll find three coolant pumps. An orange cube should be installed into each of them. The first one is located at the entry, the second one is upstairs on the opposite side, while the third one is on the right edge of the hall. Kill all opponents, install cubes into the first two pumps and then try to install the third cube.

The panel is blocked by debris. Go into the opposite tunnel and see the blockage. Shoot the yellow outgrowths to eliminate it. In between shooting, hide behind any shelter to avoid the flow of poisonous liquid. Having moved the blockage for the first time, follow the tunnels to another place. You’ll have to find two more places with outgrowths and eliminate them.

After this, install the cube into the third panel and start the last pump. Kill ordinary opponents and pay attention to the appearance of a Hiss Agent. This enemy is using a powerful machine gun. Destroy his armor (the white scale) using telekinesis and then use the shotgun (Shatter). Hide behind a shelter when he shoots with his machine gun and attack when he is reloading his weapon. Do not forget that glowing cells that increase the supply of health points fall out every time you hit the target (not only after the kill).

Find a document on this floor and then go to the elevator and go upstairs. Go to the door that leads to energy converters and go to the elevator that is located on the right side from the door. Go to the second floor, to NSC Control Room. Kill enemies and clear the control point. After this, interact with the big panel to manually remove the insulation. Return to the Central Executive area (use fast travel) and talk to Emily Pope. The mission will be completed, and you’ll get 4 skill points.

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