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Core Keeper Biomes, Dungeons Map

Biomes and Dungeons Map.

Core Keeper Biomes, Dungeons Map

Biomes, Dungeons Map

Also you can find raw data in this google sheet

Raw Data

IDNameFull NameStartEndStart AngleEnd AngleAngle WidthAngle Witdh Per BiomeShader StartShader End
1SlimeThe Undergrounds-201400360360360-20140
2LarvaThe Clay Caves1504500175180180150470
3StoneThe Forgotten Ruins150450180355180180150470
5NatureAzeos’ Wilderness520Infinity0115120120500Infinity
6The Wallinterbiome4505200360360360470500
7SeaThe Sunken SeaTBDInfinity120235120120500Infinity

Ivy is located at twice the distance from the core to the beginning of the void between nature and the main island.

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