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Corpse Party 2021: All Name Tag Locations

A guide to finding all the name tags scattered across the chapters in order to get the related achievements.

All Name Tag Locations

Throughout the five main chapters of Corpse Party there are collectables to be found in each chapter. In total there is 84 name tags of the deceased to uncover in Heavenly Host. This can seem a little daunting for some but rest assured that this little guide can help you find all those name tags and add to your achievement list. I’ll be going through chapter by chapter with as little spoilers as possible on where to find each and every name tag in an easy order, so you don’t have to worry about running back and forth so much.

Since I didn’t take the screenshots I needed for every name tag location I have made note of location names which can be viewed on this map for a visual aid if it’s needed.

All Name Tag Locations

Chapter 1

All Name Tag Locations
Corpse Party 2021: All Name Tag Locations

Chapter 1 contains six collectable name tags and can be found during natural progression for the chapter.

Name Tag #1: Yoshiyuki Shinohara
The first name tag can be found in classroom 2-A while playing as Naomi and Seiko. After the cutscene simply examine the bones and you’ll be able to collect the name tag.

Name Tag #2: Yuzuha Mikami
Once you go to the first floor you’ll be able to find a skeleton on the ground with a note in the hallway. The note contains some additional lore relating to the Seisei Academy for Girls students that have become victims in Heavenly Host.

Name Tag #3: Koito Fujiwara
Moving through the first floor hallway will eventually bring you to a T-junction. Going to the left will lead to another corpse and another note. This note tells about who the victim before you and their friends met their ends.

Name Tag #4: Asuka Kato
From what I understand, this corpse appears after you explore through the first floor beforehand. Going to the third floor before the first floor seems to stop it from spawning. The corpse itself can be found in classroom 5-A with yet another note.

Name Tag #5: Sasha Shinonome
Like the previous victim, this corpse won’t spawn if you explore the third floor before the first (it’s possible you may have to read the notes by each body). This one can be found near the third floor stairwell, the same floor as the toilets.

Name Tag #6: Shin Aichi
The last name tag of chapter 1 can be found in classroom 3-A (the room you can unlock after picking up the key in the stairwell by classroom 1-A). After reading the newspaper and letting the events play out, you’ll be able to examine the skeleton and collect the name tag.

Chapter 2

All Name Tag Locations

Like chapter 1, chapter 2 also has six name tags to collect. All of them are found while playing as Yoshiki and Ayumi.

Name Tag #1: Kai Shimada
Name Tag #2: Tomohiro Ohkawa
Name Tag #3: Masato Fu kuroi
Name Tag #4: Hikari Kirigami

All four of the first name tags can be obtained in the same place as the bodies are all placed together in the middle of a hallway, they’re hard to miss.

Name Tag #5: Emi Kudou
Going along the hallway and going left will bring you to the entrance to classroom 4-A, which will be open. You’ll find the fifth corpse of the chapter in front of that classroom, along with the first victim memoir.

Name Tag #6: Ryosuke Katayama
The last name tag of the chapter can be found after playing through the chapter as normal and once you reach the third floor bathrooms, you’ll find the last corpse tucked away into the corner.

Chapter 3

All Name Tag Locations

Chapter 3 has a total of sixteen name tags throughout and it’s recommended to make a temp save during this chapter’s run as one of the name tags can be blocked off during a certain bad ending’s route.

While playing as Satoshi and Yuka you’ll be able to find just over half of the name tags.

Name Tag #1: Takayuki Motomura
Name Tag #2: Hiroko Motomura

When starting you should head to classroom 2-A to find the first two corpses inside. Examining the first corpse once will trigger a dialogue so you’ll have to examine the corpse for a second time to collect the name tag. The second corpse can be found beside a note not far from the first body.

Name Tag #3: Mitsuhara Ohtaki
Leaving through the top door in classroom 2-A will lead you to the first of the victim memoirs in this chapter. You’ll have to read the memoir in order to collect the third name tag.

Name Tag #4: Mao Kashiwatani
After acquiring the loose board to use to get to the first floor, you’ll find your next corpse there, along with a note.

Name Tag #5: Megumi Sugii
Making your way to the east side of the second floor, you’ll find the stairway that head up to the bathrooms and there will be a corpse half way up the stairs.

Name Tag #6: Mika Naruse
After some progression you’ll be able to access the second wing of Heavenly Host. Once you head down the newly appeared hallway, you’ll find a corpse near the right near the door that you can examine.

Name Tag #7: Kaori Kimura
Upon entering the second wing, you can start by heading to the left to the west side of the building then go to the stairwell. At the very bottom of the stairs you will find a body along with the forth page of the victim’s memoirs if you’ve been reading them.

Name Tag #8: Ryoko Fujiwara
In the same stairway of the previous body, you’ll find a skeleton if you climb the whole stairway.

Name Tag #9: Nao Takahashi
If you’ve been heading in a straight path along the hallway (after leaving the west stairwell), you’ll eventually find the east stairwell and another body.

–This marks the end of your chapter 3 name tag hunting with Satoshi for now, so now it’s Kizami’s turn.–

Name Tag #10: Akihiko Kagurazaka
Once you switch over to playing as Kizami you’ll need to make your way back over to the first wing/main building of Heavenly Host then go north from where the ghost boy was before. You’ll be able to move the cabinet out of the way now. Once moved, head forwards a little bit and you’ll find the next corpse. The low visibility can make this one a little tricky to spot.

Name Tag #11: Yuuki Tsuruta
Name Tag #12: Hatto Sudo

The next two bodies are just a bit away from the previous one and are both found pretty much next to each other.

Name Tag #13: Emi Urabe
Head right from the previously mentioned corpses to find another one in the hallway.

Name Tag #14: Kanau Sachimura
If you head in the opposite direction (so all the way left) from the corpse you just found, you’ll find an inaccessible body as there’s a gap in the floor. To collect this name tag you’ll have to head back over to the cabinet in the second wing entrance to collect a loose board. Then you can use this board to cover the gap and get to the body.

Name Tag #15: Mitsuki Yamamoto
Return to the second wing once again then go to the left stairwell to reach to second floor. You’ll come across a corpse of someone that has just met their end. You’ll have to examine her a few times before you get the name tag.

Name Tag #16: Kain Hagiwara
The last name tag can only be collected when you switch back over to Satoshi at the end of the chapter in the staff lounge. Take note that if you have been reading the victim memoirs, the final page will block off your way to the corpse in this room. I would advise for you to make a temp save before reading the forth memoir so you’ll be able to get the last name tag of chapter 3.

Chapter 4

All Name Tag Locations

Chapter 4 has sixteen name tags, just like chapter 3 and yet again you’ll be collecting these ones while switching to different characters (this chapter has much more of these than the last but I’ll make note of which characters can find what tags).

Name Tag #1: Yuuya Kumada
You’ll start off the chapter playing as Satoshi and with him you can find the first name tag of the chapter. It will be after some story progression when you’ll find this one. Upon reaching the east stairway, you’ll find a skeleton and your first name tag.

Name Tag #2: Kotowe Kuroyama
Name Tag #3: Mari Rokuhara

After triggering a cutscene where Satoshi examines where the second wing would be, you’ll briefly be switched to Kizami. Once entering the bathroom, examine the second and forth stalls to get the next two name tags (you’re more than welcome to check the rest of the stalls just in case).

Name Tag #4: Seiko Tanaka
Once leaving the bathroom as Kizami, you’ll be thrown over to Ayumi and take control of her for the next part. When you reenter the main building, you’ll immediately find the next corpse.

Name Tag #5: Yuma Misaki
Name Tag #6: Tomoe Mizuki

Next, head up the north hall to find a corpse and a note. Examine both to get a pair of name tags.

Name Tag #7: Yohsuke Maebana
Just before entering the west side stairway, you’ll come across another body directly opposite to the stairway.

Name Tag #8: Hotaru Kanzaki
Name Tag #9: Nayuki Minatogawa

After meeting back up with Yoshiki as Ayumi, control will switch over to him, and you should head to classroom 1-A to find the next pair of corpses in the small backroom (the place where the crank switch is).

Name Tag #10: Hidemasa Kojima
Name Tag #11: Satoshi Matsubara

When regaining control on Satoshi, you should start making your way towards classroom 4-A. Once you reach a T-junction, take a left to find a body and note. Examine them both for their name tags.

Name Tag #12: Takuya Arai
After some story progression, you’ll take control of Yoshiki again and gain access to the pool area. In the locker room, go to where the spirit walked to then examine the cubbyhole (it will be the second one from the door you entered from and should be facing the fallen over unit) to find a name tag.

Name Tag #13: Mitsuki Kamijou
Name Tag #14: Kanzuki Saito
Name Tag #15: Hirune Tanaka
Name Tag #16: Tsukasa Tsuruta

After safely draining the pool, the last four bodies can be found. Two are at the lower half of the pool and the other two are at the upper half of the pool.

Chapter 5 (part 1)

All Name Tag Locations

Finally we reach chapter 5 and in terms of name tag collecting, this one is massive with 40 tags to find. I’ll spilt this down into two major parts so it’s easier to understand. For the first part I’ll be going over all the name tags to be found in the main building and second wing so this will cover #1 to #21.

Name Tag #1: Eriya Seto
During the start of the chapter when you are playing as Yuka, you can find the first name tag after climbing the up the second wing stairs. You’ll be able to find this body in the stairwell landing.

Name Tag #2: Ayana Misono
Name Tag #3: Toshimi Shinomiya

Find the hallway with the green slime tiles and head to the end to find two corpses. Keep in mind that if you miss these name tags, you won’t be able to collect them later when you return to the second wing.

Name Tag #4: Kokuhaku Akaboji
Continue down the hall from the slime then examine the art bust to find the name tag.

Name Tag #5: Rio Kazane
Go past the art bust and head to the stairwell. You’re going to want to go to the very bottom of the stairs to find a skeleton at the dead end.

Name Tag #6: Kaya Kizaki
Enter the east hallway then head into the music room to find a body at the right wall, near the bottom corner.

Name Tag #7: Sunoko Tamura
Name Tag #8: Hideki Tachibana
Name Tag #9: Mai Kumasaki

Once leaving the music room and heading up, you’ll immediately find three corpses all together.

Name Tag #10: Mio Kanaki
Move to the end of the hallway to find a corpse sat in a chair. Be careful not to get cornered here as it is dead end.

Name Tag #11: Kagemi Yano
After your close encounter with Kizami, you’ll once again be playing as Ayumi. Be sure to choose to head back to Heavenly Host, otherwise you’ll be locked into a bad ending. Anyway, this corpse can be found near the stairs upon exiting classroom 1-A.

Name Tag #12: Shiho Hasegawa
After heading down the stairs and going through some progression, you’ll basically be brought right in front of the next corpse.

Name Tag #13: Kyosuke Himonya
Head back down towards the main entrance way to find the next skeleton.

Name Tag #14: Kensuke Kurosaki
When playing as Yuka you are unable to collect this name tag but once you reach the point of being back playing as Satoshi again you’ll be able to collect it while exploring the second wing, just examine the corpse and you’ll get the name tag.

Name Tag #15: Yuuki Nishimiya
Return to the main building then move along the hallway to come across a corpse.

Name Tag #16: Tohko Kirisaki
Heading upstairs to the second floor east hallway will have you come across another body. You’d need to pass by this one to pull a lever so you can’t miss it.

Name Tag #17: Yuuya Kizami
Once you switch back to Ayumi and gain access to the science lab, you’ll be able to find Kizami’s name tag right beside the door.

Name Tag #18: Kazunari Takayanagi
Once you enter the science lab you’ll come across a corpse in the lower half of the room sat between the tables.

Name Tag #19: Naho Saenoki
Found in the reference room but only after you’ve collected all the pages of Naho’s notebook.

Name Tag #20: Takuji Mizuno
After a bit of story progression you will head down the hall towards the incinerator. Heading down the stairs from the science lab, you will come across a corpse.

Name Tag #21: Makoto Nagareyama
When entering the L shaped hallway heading towards the incinerator, you will come across a corpse at the bend in the hall.

That concludes all of the name tags found in the main building and second wing.

Chapter 5 (part 2)

All Name Tag Locations

Part 2 of the chapter 5 name tag hunt will cover #22 to #40 and all of these can be found inside the bomb shelter.

Name Tag #22: Nana Ogasawara
Name Tag #23: Chihiya Yamase
Name Tag #24: Nari Amatoya

Upon entering the dissection room as Satoshi, you’ll be able to find three name tags within the room. The first can be found tucked in the bottom right corner. The next will be inside the lone bucket that’s close to the skeleton. Lastly, the third is located in the bucket in the top right corner.

Name Tag #25: Sayaka Ooue
Name Tag #26: Masayki Hayashi
Name Tag #27: Kaori Hasegawa
Name Tag #28: Ken Fujii
Name Tag #29: Kotomi Nashimoto
Name Tag #30: Hinata Ouin
Name Tag #31: Tsutaya Azuma
Name Tag #32: Marina Okada
Name Tag #33: Ryoto Kumakawa
Name Tag #34: Yuki Sakakibara
Name Tag #35: Izuru Ohkami

When you are playing as Ayumi again, you’ll be in the body disposal room, here you can pick up 11 name tags from all the bodies scattered across the floor. Don’t worry about the ones in the pool as those ones are inaccessible.

During the final escape sequence of the game the last few name tags become available to collect. These ones are easy to miss as this final section can be tense as it is on a timer. Since these are only collectable after the ritual, I would recommend making a temp save so you don’t have to worry so much about not getting all the name tags and escaping in one go.

Name Tag #36: Takuya Nishimura
Head to the bathrooms and examine the debris on the ground to find this name tag.

Name Tag #37: Yasuji Morita
Name Tag #38: Tomoyuki Hamada

Upon getting to the area with the pillars (where you had to follow the blue spirit to get the right path through), fall through the trap door and these two name tags will be in the corner and on the stairs.

Name Tag #39: Yasuhiko Nomura
This one can be tricky to get but essentially you have to solve the first blue spirit puzzle again (the one in-between the rows of heads and skulls), it will be on the left side table that you are safe to walk down.

Name Tag #40: Tohru Fujimoto
At the starting point of the first spirit puzzle, not far from the previous name tag, you will find this tag on the left side table.

And with that one collected, you should have all 84 name tags. Hope this guide helped out.

Unlock-able Achievements

If you were able to find every name tag you should have unlocked 15 achievements.

All Name Tag Locations

Byakudan Bookeeper
Found all name tags from Byakudan Senior High School.

All Name Tag Locations

Tendo Teller
Found all name tags from Tendo Senior High School.

All Name Tag Locations

Amazaki Antiquary
Found all name tags from Amazaki West Senior Private School.

All Name Tag Locations

Lexern Lovers
Found all name tags from Lexern Senior High School.

All Name Tag Locations

Aizome Authority
Found all name tags from Aizome Junior High School.

All Name Tag Locations

Musashigawa Magpie
Found all name tags from Musashigawa Girls’ Middle School.

All Name Tag Locations

Musashigawa Maven
Found all name tags from Musashigawa Girls’ High School.

All Name Tag Locations

Seisei Scholar
Found all name tags from Seisei Academy for Girls.

All Name Tag Locations

Misato Master
Found all name tags from Misato Municipal Brotherhood High.

All Name Tag Locations

Hakuro Hobbyist
Found all name tags from Hakuro #3 Junior High School.

All Name Tag Locations

St. Maryanne Monitor
Found all name tags from St. Maryanne University High School.

All Name Tag Locations

Paulownia Pundit
Found all name tags from Paulownia Academy High School.

All Name Tag Locations

Distant Futures Devotee
Found all name tags from Distant Futures Elementary School.

All Name Tag Locations

Shibagami Specialist
Found all name tags from Shibagami Private Senior High School.

All Name Tag Locations

Crimson Sign
Found all name tags from every school.

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