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Cossacks 3 – Colorful Nickname and Chat

The guide describes how to change color of your nickname and text in chat in MP shell.

Formatting chat message / room name

In order to achieve this, just add color (%color(RRGGBB)% where RRGGBB are Red, Green and Blue channel hex values – just google “hex color picker”) tag in front of the text you want to customize.

For example:

%color(FF0000)%this text will be red in the game.
%color(FF9900)%Orange-%color(FFFF00)yellow room.

Formatting nickname

This is a little tricker since the game does not allow (by default) longer than 16 characters nicknames. Moreover it does not allow to use % character.

In order to change nickname color you can either send a mail to GSC to change your nickname to contain color formatting (I guess they wont) or disable temporarily characters and length testing by the game.

Simple steps:

1- Open Cossacks 3/data/gui/menu.inc/eventmultiplayerlogin.inc

2- Remove (temporarily lines 360-365) or comment them out (note there are 2 identical places with such code – you can remove/comment out both)

  • = ; //if (StrLength(nick)<4) or (StrLength(nick)>16) then
  • = ; //gConnectState := gc_ConnectState_InvalidNickLength
  • = ; //else
  • = ; //if (not CheckValidCharsInStringByFilter(nick, gc_gui_charfilter_nick)) then // add restricted characters list here
  • = ; //gConnectState := gc_ConnectState_InvalidNickChar
  • = ; //else

3- (Re-)Start the Game

4- Open Multiplayer/Change profile

5- Enter your colored nickname, e.g. %color(FF0000)%Przemek_kondor

6- Click Apply

7- Close the game

8- Bring back the lines you’ve removed in step 2 (otherwise you won’t be able to play MP since the game is modded)

Changing font size

you can use %style(fontname)% same way as colors
the possible values for fontname are:
sans10, sans11, sans12, sans13 (14,15,16,17,18,19,21)
serif10, serif11 (14,15,16,17,18,19,21)

Written by Przemek_kondor

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