Counter-Strike Global Offensive - How to Win in Danger Zone Game Mode

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to Win in Danger Zone Game Mode

How to Win in Danger Zone

How to find weapon

1.There are many ways to find weapon in map,there are different crates on map and each one has different type of weapon.

Melee is important weapon in this game and it can lead you to better crates for better weapons.

2. If you’re great at aiming you can take down drones on air to get other players weapon for free.

3. If you can’t find weapon you must search for money to buy weapon. I recommend to buy knife because you can unlock red cases to get heavy weapon.

How to survive

1. You should be stealth if you want to win.

2. Always hold left shift to move slow if you heard other’s footstep. it’s just like hunting someone

3. As soon as you get to less than 4 remaining you must not use drone. Why? There are CPU for your Tablet that can detect other drone’s location and if you order something they can easily track your location but if you think it’s necessary to order something then do it but remember after you received your order you must change your position as soon as possible

How can i change my character?

1.You can’t change your character, it’s just like other matches you get on random character from game.

What do i do if i have bad gun?

1. None of the weapons in game are bad, you must have good aim to beat your enemy with headshot.

Are there any hacker in this game mode?

Yes, there are many hackers in game but you won’t notice until they kill you and you watch their killcam.

Is C4 useful

1.C4 is useful in places which there are many enemies fighting with each other and you need to plant it near them to blow them up. You have 30% chance to kill them before they get away.

What do i do if i had less than 50 HP

1.Best thing to do is to play stealth until you get enough money to buy some meds.

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