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Crab Champions All Weapon Mods, Grenade Mods, and Perks

An in depth look at each mod and perks leveling and scaling while serving as a resource to see what each mod and perk can do BEFORE acquiring into your load-out.

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As you fight to secure the crown you’ll come across many different loot options and this guide is designed to help you navigate the games many mods and perks it has to offer. As of writing this and doing research there is currently 231 different loot choices that are up for grabs with this number set to increase as the game goes on. Learning what each perk’s capabilities and limitations are can be valuable assets to any Crab fighting out there.

All Weapon Mods, Grenade Mods, and Perks

Listed below is a URL link to a Google Sheet that has *All {In progress} the games loot listed and with further data collection will show how each perk scales in there own right.

Crab Champion’s Loot Encyclopedia [docs.google.com]

Preview of Google Sheet

[In Progress] All Weapon Mods, Grenade Mods, and Perks

Goal is to display Scaling Easily

[In Progress] All Weapon Mods, Grenade Mods, and Perks

Is it Linear?

With so many different perks and values attached to them sometimes their scaling gets a bit wild. Some things scale and level consistent such as “Gemstone” which will grant the player a 5% Damage increase after every island and will scale Linearly meaning for every level of Gemstone you have it will be an additional 5% damage.

Not everything is simple as Gemstones Leveling as some perks have diminishing returns for every new level you acquire. An example of this can be seen from the perk: “Sharpshooter.” Base Sharpshooter grants the player a +10% chance to land a critical hit from dealing weapon damage and then having level 6 sharpshooter grants the player a +47% chance. Unlike a perk that has linear scaling and keeps ramping up with every new level, Sharpshooter level’s start to diminish in how much the grant the player for every new level.

While having a diminishing return on your perks is less ideal than having pure linear scaling, it doesn’t make the perks with this type of scaling bad. Sharpshooter, despite having worst scaling, is still a heavy hitter perk as crits shine in late game with having 100% crit chance makes power creep your new best friend.

Still in Progress

Collecting data is a huge task for one person along with it being time consuming so sorry if not everything is instantly available. I plan to continously update the Encyclopedia and hopefully its a useful resource to other. Feel free to offer tips and improvements I can make.

Written by DVR

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