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Craftopia Unlocking Ages that are not unlockable with gameplay

Craftopia Unlocking Ages – How to get the Brigandine Valley’s Key to Evolution and other age keys for evolution.

Craftopia Unlocking Ages

Note for the reader

This is a work around to get access to tech we already had before the seamless update, which is, right now INACCESSIBLE by any other means. This may change in the near future as they start to develop the game and soon these means will not be necessary. Always remember this is technically CHEATING. If you can get it from playing the game, I recommend doing so, however, as the time of writing, This item cannot be accessed through gameplay. Rather than sitting around, locked out of content, use this to get through.

Getting the mods

The first thing you need to do is go on the steam workshop and get these 3 mods:

Get them here

they will allow you to type into game chat (Accessed by default key of ENTER) and through this chat execute commands to find the ID of the item and to give that item to you.

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Unlocking Ages that are not unlockable with gameplay

Check if mods are installed (optional)

after subscribing to the above mods you can check if they are installed by going to the main menu and clicking ModHub

It should look like this:

Unlocking Ages that are not unlockable with gameplay

NOTE: even though there is a warning that the mod list has changed and you need to restart, if this was the first time you are looking at this menu, you do NOT need to restart, so click Confirm and go back to the main menu. Clicking “Go Back” closes the game

this step can be completely skipped because the mods are applied and enabled when you subscribe to them on Workshop

So now load your world in either singleplayer or multiplayer (you will have to be host in order to do the commands *NOTE* I did not check if it works in multiplayer, proceed at your own risk)

Finding the item

In this example, we will be finding the Brigandine Valley’s Key to Evolution. If you are only doing this key, then you can skip this part (The item ID is 6695). Enter your world and type “.find [name]” where name would be “Brigandine Valley’s Key to Evolution”. You can do this with any item you know the name of, so age 7 is open to you as well.

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Spawning the item

After you have the item ID, type “@item [Item ID]” which in this case is 6695 and it will give the item to you if you correctly typed the item ID. Please note that ChatItem, one of the mods you installed can spawn many items and enchantments on said items. this process is described in the description of ChatItem on steam workshop

Unlocking Ages that are not unlockable with gameplay

The chat should print out a confirm with the item name as confirmation. Have fun with the future tech! along with any other unlocks you get through this method.

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