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Crash Bandicoot 4 Time trials for the Purple Relics

Time trial tables for the Purple Relics in Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time.

Crash Bandicoot 4 Relic Times

Rude Awakening0:39.27
N. Sanity Peak0:31.52
A Real Grind0:44.61
Crash Compactor0:26.79
Hit the Road1:16.30
Truck Stopped1:09.20
Booty Calls0:47.84
Thar He Blows!0:24.06
Hook, Line, and Sinker1:06.38
Jetboard Jetty0:32.74
Give It a Spin1:00.22
Potion Commotion0:38.00
Draggin’ On1:37.38
Off Beat0:41.27
Home Cookin’1:45.26
Run It Bayou1:35.30
No Dillo Dallying1:17.11
Snow Way Out1:05.19
Ship Happens0:39.43
Stay Frosty0:41.40
Bears Repeating1:10.55
Building Bridges0:56.15
Blast to the Past0:43.95
Fossil Fueled0:52.90
Dino Dash1:12.38
Rock Blocked1:34.44
Out for Launch0:59.45
Shipping Error1:32:05
Stowing Away0:51.38
Crash Landed1:17.84
Food Run1:26.91
Rush Hour3:15.47
The Crate Escape1:29.19
Nitro Processing2:01.00
Toxic Tunnels1:47.31
Cortex Castle1:34.19
Seeing Double1:08.77
Time Trial Developer Times – Crash 4

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