Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – Crash Bandicoot 2 Achievements Guide

Crash Bandicoot 2 Achievements Guide

C2 | A Road Less Traveled

Discover a “?” Bonus Path

Like this one:
Stand on it and you will get Bonus level

C2 | Island Hopping

Discover the Secret Exit in Bear Down
At the end go back and jump on the platforms that stands on water till the end

Watch the video if you need help:

C2 | Boom Shakalaka!

Defeat 5 enemies with Coco’s Double Leg Drop

Select Coco and (space + right click mouse) on the enemies
You need to kill 5 enemies with that Coco’s Double Leg Drop

C2 | Cheated Death (For the Time Being)

In Diggin` It when there is 2 roads pick the road with skull platform

C2 | A Diamond in the Rough

Discover a Gem Path after earning a Color Gem
After you got Color Gem, enter a level where the color gem needed to get to secret road

Watch this video if you need help:

C2 | 99 Percent Perspiration

Earn 99 Lives

C2 | Buzz Off!

Die from bee

C2 | A Helping Paw

Don’t feel guilty about jumping on him.
In the Warp Room get to the second floor where the Polar Bear is sitting, jump on him until you get the achievement and extra lifes

C2 | Jumping the Jetboard

There is a secret platform in Air Crash that teleports you to secret area, get there by jumping the boxes to the platform and you will get the achievement

C2 | No Bear Left Behind

In Un-Bearable there is a secret exit at the end
Do a slide jump to reach other side

Watch the video of the secret:

C2 | Hang In There, Maybe!

In Hangin’ Out there is a secret exit behind the checkpoint

Watch the video of the secret:

C2 | Cortex N. Furiated

Complete level without picking up crystal 3 times
Create new game, go to first level, quit the level, and again to do 3 times

Watch the video if you need help:

C2 | Crash Cubed

In Bear Down fall to water without polar bear

Watch the video if you need help:

C2 | Flora Flop

In Diggin`It there is a secret teleport on that platform where the flower is
(space + right mouse click) on him

Color Gems

How to get Golden Gem From Plant Food

You need to complete level in time, the time in the right bottom corner, when you reach the second checkpoint in Plant Food level

How to get Red Gem in Snow Go

After you got the achievement C2 | Jumping the Jetboard, you unlocked the Snow Go level in warp room, there is the Red Gem

Complete this level:

How to get Blue Gem in Turtle Woods

You need to complete Turtle Woods without collecting any of boxes

How to get Purple Gem in Bee-Having

There is a secret with nitros where it teleports you to the Purple Gem

How to get Green Gem in The Eel Deal

There is a wall that not real, where are the room with nitros, and there is a Green Gem


To collect Gems, collect all boxes in level

C2 | One Man’s Trash

Earn 21 Gems

C2 | Laser Powered Vengeance

Earn 42 Gems


To get Relic, complete any level on a time

C2 | Kick the Tires!

Earn 5 Relics

C2 | Light the Fires!

Earn 10 Relics (gold or better)

C2 | Wumpa-Burner Engaged!

Earn 27 Relics (gold or better)

All Bosses

To get the achievements, just complete the game

C2 | Professor Pulverized

Defeat Ripper Roo

C2 | Komodo No Mo

Defeat the Komodo Brothers

C2 | Tiny Tricked

Defeat Tiny Tiger

C2 | Mech Wrecked

Defeat N. Gin

C2 | Cortex N. Adequate

Defeat N. Cortex

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