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Crea Achievement Guide

A simple achievement guide for Crea.


  • Achievements count – 50
  • Achievements complexity – 5/10
  • Broked achievements – No
  • Time to 100% – 70-100 hours

The Journey Begins
Gain a level

Get second combat level.

Improve Your Core!
Use a remna core

You can find it underground. It gives 1 infusion point.

End Of A Journey
Defeat swarms of monsters and obtained combat level 50

Kill enough monsters and bosses. If monsters level is too low you wont get any exp for killing him. Horde realms have mobs with your level.

Weapon Master
A master in the art of war that has obtained Arms level 50

Killing monsters with swords, bows and spears, dealing damage with arm skills grant arm points.

A master of sylic arts that has obtained Syle talent level 50

Killing monsters with wands and using syle skills gives syle points.

Gather No Moss
A collector that never stops scavenging the world and has obtained Gather talent level 50

Gig anything to get Gather points. Better ores – more points. On high Gather levels digging dirt doesnt give any points.

Chaos Patterns
A wielder of chaos that can shape it to their will and has obtained Craft talent level 50

Crafting leaves from dirt and vine is optimal on low levels, then make ignots and etc.

Four Corners Of Crea
An adventurer that has obtained Explore talent level 50

Create new world, explore the whole surface and activate way crystals, repeat many times. Also you can use accessory which gives you 20% chance of getting Explore points when you do anything.

Power Overwhelming
Fully max out your character

Max levels (50 combat level) and use the maximum amount of remna cores to give you the max amount of infusion points and use them.

Perish With The Sword
Maxed out sword proficiency, prepared for the inevitable

One String
Maxed out bow proficiency, have great confidence

One’s Spear
Maxed out spear proficiency, launch attacks that can pierce through any defense

One’s Shield
Max out shield proficiency, defend against the greatest attacks

This 4 are related to arms tylent group of skills and can be achieved at 44 arms level (as far as i remember)

Maxed out wand proficiency, quick on the draw spell firing

Same for this one.

Sleeping With The Fishes
Die by drowning

Stay under water untill your death.

Falling With Style
Die by falling

Dig a hole, teleport home, jump into the hole.

High Dive
Prevent lethal fall damage by falling into water

Dig a hole with lake at bottom, jump into it.

Perfect Landing
Prevent lethal fall damage with a dodge roll

Dig a hole, jump into it, press S + A or D to perform a dodge roll

Valiant Effort
Die by a monster

Self explanatory. Almost everyone in this game wants to kill you.

Well Done!
Die by lava

Lava lakes begin to appear near bottom of map.

Mouth Foamer
Die from poison

Zabris has a poisonous attack.

Die from an explosion

Some monsters have exploding attack.

Tis A Flesh Wound
Die while trying to heal yourself

You will get it while trying “Clutch!” achievement.

Heal right before lethal damage is taken

Find an enemy with ranged attack, be on low hp, try to heal self when his projectile is close to you.

Bosses achievements

For this 4 achievements you need to kill them on Normal difficulty.

Breath Of Chaos Aer
Defeat Sano

To access his realm you need to find any 3 way crystalls and activate them.

Corrupted Dreams
Defeat Dormian

To access his realm you need to craft chaos bed, place it and use.

Tear Down This Wall
Defeat Gildor

To access his realm you need to craft Corsaltus Compass and use it.

A Cold Dish
Defeat Baritus

To access his realm you need to craft Dantrest Medallion and use it. Each part drops from first 3 bosses if you used Condensed Chaos in boss realm. (It makes boss harder)

Video guide how to beat this 4 bosses.


Barrier Smasher
Defeat Sano on Hardcore

Dream Eater
Defeat Dormian on Hardcore

Knocking At The Gate
Defeat Gildor on Hardcore

Defeat Baritus on Hardcore

Play with fixed levels, don’t visit high level zones and you will be ok with this ones.

Crafting achievements

Knowledge Is Power
Fully research a recipe

Research any recipe at Research Table

Know It All
Learned all recipes

Research all recipies (99 now) at Research Table

Blood, Sweat, and Tiers
Forge a powerful item through chaos crafting

Craft a weapon with 250 quality.

Dressed To Kill
Be fully equipped with max quality gear

Equip armor, mattock, quiver, grappler and weapon slots with max (250) quality.

No Longer Alone
Bring an NPC to life

Place a mannequin, use any NPC’s outfit on it.

Never Alone
Summon all NPCs

Summon all 7 NPCs. Their outfits can be researched at Research Table.

Get Over Here
Grab a monster with a grappler

Craft/find grappler and use it on monster.

Imbued Remnants
Imbue an item with remna

Defeat 1 boss to get remnas drop from mobs. Research and craft Imbue Station. Put an imbuable resource and any type of tier 1 remna, wait.

Become a true assassin

Craft assassin’s blade, then backstab low level monster.

Clear a Horde Realm

Each time you kill a spawner there is a chance of appearing portal to Horde Realm. Kill all spawners (2-4) there and defeat miniboss.

Vanquish a Paragon

Paragon miniboss can be found in one of random events on map.

Dungeon Delver
Complete a dungeon

Dungeon entrance can be found on surface or underground. Its red in most of cases.

Loot Hoarder
Have all bags full

Self explanatory. Easy at the start of game, when you have only 1 bag.

Lost In Translation
Translate a scroll

Find a recipy in chest underground, give it to NPC and translate.

Well Prepared
Have a crafting station with all the support items

Support items can be found in gold chests underground.

Ancestrial Protection
Fully grow an Auri tree

Auri seed can be found underground. It glows and spawned as block. Make shure it has enough space when you plant it. Otherwise, it wont grow fully.

Ancestor Defiler
Chop down an Auri tree

Chop down Auri tree after previous achievement to get 500 auri + 30 per each auri log from merchant.

Lore Hunter
Complete the Lore book

34 pages total:

1) 10 pages; (I dont remember this ones)
2) 3 pages; (You Are Home, from Merchant/Scavenger NPCs)
3) 9 pages; (From underground Bookcases)
4) 4 pages; (From each boss)
5) 8 pages. (From defeating some types of monsters)

Written by Easy Target

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