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Crusader Kings III Lingua Franca Achievement Guide

Things to know before and while going for the Lingua Franca Achievement.

Crusader Kings III Lingua Franca Achievement

Getting started – Game Rules

You want the following rules:

Lingua Franca for dummies

The important change being the extreme realm stability.
As long as you don’t stray from Orthodoxy, you shouldn’t have to fight factions ever.
Real blessing.

No AI divergent cultures makes it easier too.

Getting started – Character selection

This guide is setting you up on the road to world domination.

Thus you begin with the obvious choice:

Lingua Franca for dummies

Unless something changed by the time you read this, creating your own Ruler does NOT allow you to be eligible to the LF achievement.

I strongly encourage you to check whether you’re eligible or not right at the beginning, if you do try.

First steps – Culture reform

The first thing to aim for is the By The Sword tradition:

Lingua Franca for dummies

You need to be able to wage multiple Kingdom Holy Wars in a lifetime

Reform the Greek culture you start with ASAP, and add it

You actually need 4000 Prestige for that, on the condition that enough Zealous Greek Rulers exist, starting from Count. You can easily arrange that with a few Duchy Holy Wars while giving away titles.

Lingua Franca for dummies

By the time I got the achievement, the culture looked like that :

Lingua Franca for dummies

It’s all about personal preferences though.

First steps – Mend the Great Schism

The second thing to keep in sight at the start of the game is the mending:

Lingua Franca for dummies

Once you’ve successfully mended the Great Schism, you’ll be able to wage Holy Wars against other Christian rulers.

First steps – Restoring the Roman Empire

Finally, you must restore the glory of the Roman Empire!

Lingua Franca for dummies

Possibly you should do that after acquiring a few Empire titles, so you can get the benefits of De Jure-ing those.

World conquest

After accomplishing these goals, it’s all about waging Holy Wars without angering your vassals too much.

You don’t actually need to fully paint the map; more and more courts will start adopting your court language once the AI starts realising that the huge court grandeur bonus is actually profitable to them.

This was my map the moment I got the achievement:

Lingua Franca for dummies

Lingua Franca for dummies

The Iberian rulers actually refused to change theirs even after everyone else did; they had to be destroyed last. Disabling the Iberian struggle might help with that, idk.

Things to keep in mind

  • Get notified when Pilgrimages and Hunts are available, keep them on cooldown
  • The only real limit to world conquest is the Offensive Opinion of your vassals, keep an eye on it, and try to keep your war shorts / do breaks
  • Conquer other Orthodox rulers using claimants, everyone else with Holy Wars
  • Keep upgrading your buildings and Men-at-Arms
  • Set all your Court Amenities on level 5 ASAP
  • After conquering Kingdoms, micromanage the land distribution, create titles for Prestige
  • When you start hitting the Vassal Limit and giving away Kingdom titles, make sure to convert the Capital culture to Greek, and keep an eye on the ruler and the heir’s cultures. When they stray, offer guardianship to the heir and change his culture
  • Hoard every Empire titles and keep as many Kingdoms ones as you can
  • Casus Belli cost reductions are must-have, the Martial one – Bellum Justum – first of all
  • The Quarrelsome tradition is imo the second most important one to unlock

Good luck, don’t give up on it!

Written by Grawne

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