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Crystal Project Class Master Locations

This is a list of all the class master locations, please let me know if anything is unclear or incorrect. Thank you to all of the people who let me know the locations of these before I could find them ๐Ÿ˜€

Many of these are a lot easier if you have more mounts than I mention, but I am trying to say how to get to each master at the earliest possible time in the game, so I’ll be prefacing each class by which (if any) mount is required, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the mount will be mentioned during my steps to get to the master, but it is needed to get to the location (Such as with Assassin when you need the Ibek to get to the upper section of Shoudu).

While it is possible to sequence break the mounts to get the Salmon early, I am assuming that you get them in the order:
Quintar > Ibek > Owl > Salmon
So if I say something requires the Owl, I am assuming you already have the Ibek and the Quintar

Obviously this has very minor spoilers, but why would you have clicked this if you didn’t want the spoilers?


No mount required: Above Capital Blacksmith in Capital Sequoia

(Can be accessed by jumping on the poles in the area to the left with the training dummies, then walking across a beam to get to the other side of the stairs)


No mount required: Above the Red Door Inn in Capital Sequoia
(Can be accessed by jumping on the poles in the area to the left with the training dummies)


No mount required: Above Weary Warrior’s lodge in Capital Sequoia
(You can get up there by jumping on the boxes to the right of the building)


No mount required: Above the Armor “4” All shop in Capital Sequoia

(You can get there without a mount if you go via the Gaea shrine in the North West of the Capital. Teleport to the shrine (You can buy the stones to do so inside the shrine building) and jump to the west wall and walk south along it until it splits off to the right, and then jump down onto the right side of the building with the blue roof shown in the image.)Class Master Locations


No mount required: Above the ‘Weapons ‘R’ Us” store in Capital Sequoia

(This can be accessed by exiting the sewers through a room with a wizard called Marlin and then climbing up some boxes to get to the roof)
(Alternatively, if you have access to a quintar, follow the instructions for the Cleric above, but jump across the gap before you drop off the wall)


Ibek required: Above the left part of the duck building in Capital Sequoia

(Immediately to the right of the room with the Wizard master, you need an Ibek to jump in the windows at the front)


Ibek required: West Delende on the cliffs above Gran’s basement

(While you can get here without any mounts, you need the Ibek to get to the top of the tower)

(See map below for route to take up the cliffs, please excuse the poor arrow work :P)
(Also excuse me not having the map for the overpass areas yet)Class Master Locations-1


Ibek required: At the top of a mountain in Seaside Cliffs, south of the Capital. Approach from the North West

(Use the Ibek to jump on the lights inside to get on top)
Class Master Locations-2

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No mount required: At the top of Yamagawa M.A., jump back down the hole where you first unlocked the class.


Quintar pass required: On the cliffs South of the Rolling Quintar Fields.

You can get here as soon as you unlock the Quintar Pass by following the normal path up to the entrance of the Quintar Sanctum, but then heading East and jumping across a gap. Then keep going East and jump across a few trees to get on the cliff behind the Quintar Enthusiast’s house. Then jump up the blocks on the right and start heading South a little while hugging the cliff until you get onto the darker coloured stone.

You can now walk all of the way around the cliff to the West staying on the lowest level of the darker stone (dropping down when a new lower level of dark stone appears) until you get to the Aegis tower.

Inside the tower you’ll have to climb the stairs on the right and jump across to the left side (this took me a few tries to land), then dismount and jump up the rest of the way on foot.

(Obviously this is all a lot easier if you have more mounts, but it is technically possible before you even unlock the permanent Quintar)


Quintar required: In the overpass area to the North West of the Rolling Quintar Fields. Head to the spot where you drop down into the Quintar Sanctum, then jump up the cliff to the West as shown here:
Class Master Locations-3
Then walk all the way around the cliff to the West until you reach the castle walls, and by dismounting your Quintar you can jump up onto the wall, then back to the right to get higher up on the cliffs:Class Master Locations-4
You can then follow the cliff to the East, dismounting a few times to jump up ledges, until you can see the tower to your South East, at which point you can jump across with your Quintar.
Class Master Locations-5
(You need to have have actually unlocked the permanent Quintar to do all of this obviously, as you won’t be able to get the rented one back after jumping up the cliffs on foot)


Owl required: East of castle ramparts. Easiest way to get there is to owl off the south-eastern corner of the ramparts going straight East. You will find a building within a few seconds, you need to enter the chimney to find the master.

(You can also go on a very long trek South from the Eastern edge of the snowy area if you want to get there very slightly earlier in the game, but you still need the Owl to get to the chimney, so it is just much easier to go in via the castle ramparts which you can easily get onto from the West)


Owl required: Jump off the North end of the shrine where you get the owl and go North by North East, he’s in the middle of the spikes.

(See image for rough direction I flew, you don’t need to be super accurate as you have a lot of height to waste, but if you fly above the edge of the spiky area you’ll find it very easily)
Class Master Locations-6
(Land in the bottom of the building and use the Ibek to jump up to the top)


Owl required: Okimoto N.S. mountain, use the Owl to glide directly West from the top roof above the Ninja crystal, then use the Ibek to jump up the cliffs to the tower.

When inside the tower you have to jump up a series of invisible blocks to reach the top. Just keep moving in a clockwise direction, walking into the wall and then jumping, you won’t gain height on every jump, but you will eventually get to the top without ever falling.

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Ibek required: Northwest from Poseidon Shrine, follow the cliffs to the west then use the Ibek to jump along the trail of bouncy mushrooms until you reach the top of the mountain.


Ibek required: On the Sara Sara beach West of the Poko Poko desert. I will preface this by saying that it is much easier to get if you have the Owl to fly over the mountain from the desert or the Salmon to just swim around the sea, but it is possible with just the Ibek and Quintar.

Start from the Sara Sara Bazaar and head West along a series of jumps in the cliffs. Then go a little West then as far North as you can on the beach. You should come to a chest against the cliff, with a couple of rocks you can jump up on the left using the Ibek.
Class Master Locations-7
From here head North until you come to a pool of water that is just slightly too wide to jump across. Use the Ibek to jump up on the cliff on the left, then jump onto the tree and across to the cliff on the right.

Now, in the area with the bushes, you can jump up a couple of cliffs at the West side and continue to head North.

There is now another pool of water in your way. Go to the South East of the Eastern tree, and hop up on the cliffs, then use the Ibek to jump onto the tree. You can then use the Quintar to complete a series a jumps across the next tree, then onto the stone on the left, then across 2 more stone outcroppings to the North.

Now you can just walk North along the beach until you find the tower.

Inside you’ll have to do a couple of jumps with the Ibek to get to the top. First start at one of the corners on the right side and jump up to the block sticking out of the central column. Then jump to a hidden block on the back of the column, then position yourself as far to the top left of this block as you can and do a fully charged jump up to the top left corner. (This jump took me a few tries, just stick at it and you’ll get there.)
Class Master Locations-8
Now just walk left and you’re on top of the tower.

For anyone who actually bothered to do this before getting the Owl or Salmon, well done ๐Ÿ˜€


Ibek required: Above the Cleric Master (Above Armor “4” All”) in Capital Sequoia (Same place you got the class)

(Follow the guidelines for the Cleric Master, but jump in the chimney on the blue roof with your Ibek)


Ibek required: In the Northern most house on the East edge of Shoudu Province


Ibek required: (This one is a real pain, I really hate this place and whichever architect designed it)

From the Shoudu Market waypoint head West up the stairs and then head immediately South between the 2 buildings.
Class Master Locations-9
Walk across one of the 2 beams on the South side of this building and then head East through the room with the crates. Walk across another beam to the East into a room with 2 blue flowers.

Class Master Locations-10Class Master Locations-11Class Master Locations-12
Jump out of one of the windows from this room, and then jump South to the 2 block wide platform. Now go West into another window to a room with a bed. Head West out of this room, then go North at the orange flower.

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Class Master Locations-13Class Master Locations-14
When you get under the roof go east into a room with a bed and a chest, then head North and the Assassin master is in a room on your right.
Class Master Locations-15


Ibek required: West of the Beaurior Volcano, where you came out of the Beaurior Rock dungeon and then got the Valkyrie crystal.

From the Beaurior Volcano Peak waypoint head North West over the mountain and the tower is about 10 seconds away.

When inside the tower you need to use the Ibek to jump up through the holes in the ceiling a few times to reach the top. First jump through the only hole you see, then the bottom right one, then the bottom left. Finally walk up to go up some stairs to the roof.

(Lining up the jumps was a little annoying for me, I found I would reliably get through if I set myself up so I could just see the top of my head through the hole like shown below, although I don’t know if different classes look different enough to make that not work)Class Master Locations-16


Owl required: In Tall Tall Heights, start at the Triton Shrine.

Glide West to the lodge with the armour upgrader in and use the Ibek to climb the tree to get on the roof. Glide North to the ledge above you. Now follow this ledge East until you find the 2nd tree on the same level as you. Use this tree to get up to the next level.

Head East from here and glide to the next ledge (if you miss the ledge, there are some trees you can use to hop back up to it). From here head North until you find another tree and use it to climb up again.

Now go back South and wrap around the mountain to the West, once again gliding across a gap. Climb one final tree on the West side of the mountain and you’re at the tower.

Jump up the lights in the tower to reach the Summoner master.


Owl required: From the crystal where you unlocked the Beastmaster class, fly to the West with the Owl and you will easily find the tower for this master.


Owl required: West from the Europa Shrine

Jump up to the cliff from the shrine using the little tree branch
Class Master Locations-17
And then use that same tree branch to jump up to the little island of rock

Class Master Locations-18
From here you can glide West and climb up the cliff, then continue West and climb up to the grassy section.

From here just continue West-South West along the grass and you’ll come to the tower.

Inside the tower you just need to jump up a couple of rings and you’ll reach the top.


Owl required: In the Chalice of Tar area.

From the Chalice of Tar waypoint use your Owl to fly across the cliffs heading East until you see 2 spikes above you. Then climb up to the West and head into the cave above you. When you get to the intersection take the South West passage.

When you get outside, continue using your Owl to climb along the cliffs until you reach another cave. Head into the cave and when you reach the tar glide North West to the single block with the orange flower on. From here head South West and exit the cave again. (if you glide North a few jumps from the orange flower you can find a chest with a key item in)

Outside the cave jump onto the single block on the left, then glide West to another cave with a sign outside. The master Mimic is inside this cave.

Written by LumberJak

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