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CS:GO – How to change background in Panorama UI?

This guide explains how to change background in new Panorama UI.


  • This guide will work on all Panorama UI version.
  • For this you will need VLC media player.

Creating Background for PANORAMA UI

1. Select any video file you want as a background.

2. Now go to the VLC media player.

3. Click on the Media tab on top-left corner and select Convert / Save.

4. Now, click on the Add tab and select the video file you want as the background after that hit Convert / Save button in the bottom.

5. Now, the new window will pop-up. Just go to Profile section and click on the Setting icon.

6. You can see there are four sections Encapsulation, Video codec, Audio codec and Subtitles.

  • Go to Encapsulation tab and select webm
  • Go to Audio codec and untick the Audio box
  • Now click Save.

7. Select the destination where you want to save your file and hit Start.

8. After finithing this your .webm video file will be ready in destination folder.

Setting up the Background

1. First of all you have to go to steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\panorama\videos .

2. Here you will find three videos nuke.webm, nuke540p.webm, nuke720p.webm .

3. Now we have to replace this three videos with the video we have created in previous step.(before replacing take backup of your video files)

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4. Create three copies of the background video we have created and name them nuke.webm, nuke540p.webm, nuke720p.webm respectively and replace the video files in steam folder with this.

Launch CS:GO

Now lauch your cs:go and you will find that the previous nuke background got replaced by new one.

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