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CS2 CFG Settings Guide | Counter-Strike 2 CFG Configuration

CS2 CFG Settings Guide | Counter-Strike 2 CFG Configuration

CFG Configuration Guide for Counter-Strike 2.


All texts that are like this “?” it’s because I don’t know the command currently.If you know and want to help the guide better, leave a comment saying the command.


CS2 - Guide to all settings for your CFG
Main Menu Background Sceneryui_mainmenu_bkgnd_movie_47C62B23 “de_inferno”
Color Moder_fullscreen_gamma “2.2”
Aspect Ratiocs2_video.txt (setting.aspectratiomode “1”)
Resolutioncs2_video.txt (setting.defaultres “1920” and setting.defaultresheight “1080”)
Display Modecs2_video.txt (setting.fullscreen “1”, setting.coop_fullscreen “0” setting.nowindowborder “0” and setting.fullscreen_min_on_focus_loss “1”)
Refresh Ratecs2_video.txt (setting.refreshrate_numerator “60” and setting.refreshrate_denominator “1”)
Laptop Power Savings?

(Advanced Video)

CS2 - Guide to all settings for your CFG
Boost Player Contrastr_player_visibility_mode “1”
Wait for Vertical Synccs2_video.txt (setting.mat_vsync “0”)
Current Video Values Preset?
Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Modecs2_video.txt (setting.msaa_samples “8”)
Global Shadow Qualitycs2_video.txt (setting.csm_max_num_cascades_override “3”, setting.csm_viewmodel_shadows “1”, setting.lb_csm_override_staticgeo_cascades_value “2”, setting.lb_sun_csm_size_cull_threshold_texels “10”, setting.lb_shadow_texture_width_override “4096”, setting.lb_shadow_texture_height_override “6144”, setting.lb_csm_cascade_size_override “2048”, setting.lb_barnlight_shadowmap_scale “1”, setting.r_particle_cables_cast_shadows “1” and setting.lb_enable_shadow_casting “1”)
Model / Texture Detailcs2_video.txt (setting.r_csgo_lowend_objects “1”, setting.r_character_decal_resolution “1024”, setting.r_texture_stream_max_resolution “8192” and setting.r_csgo_mboit_force_mixed_resolution “0”)
Shader Detailcs2_video.txt (setting.shaderquality “1”)
Texture Filtering Modecs2_video.txt (setting.r_texturefilteringquality “5”)
Particle Detailcs2_video.txt (setting.r_particle_shadows “1”, setting.cl_particle_fallback_base “0”, setting.cl_particle_fallback_multiplier “0.2” and setting.r_particle_max_detail_level “3”)
Ambient Occlusioncs2_video.txt (setting.r_aoproxy_enable “1” and setting.r_ssao “1”)
High Dynamic Rangecs2_video.txt (setting.sc_hdr_enabled_override “-1”)
FidelityFX Super Resolutioncs2_video.txt (setting.r_csgo_fsr_upsample “0” and setting.mat_viewportscale “1”)
NVIDIA Reflex Low Latencycs2_video.txt (setting.r_low_latency “2”)
Magnification Mode?

(HUD Edge Positions)

CS2 - Guide to all settings for your CFG
Horizontal Adjustmentsafezonex “1”
Vertical Adjustmentsafezoney “1”


CS2 - Guide to all settings for your CFG(Audio)

Master Volumevolume “1”
Audio Devicesound_device_override “device code”
Enable Voicevoice_modenable “true”
VOIP Volumevoice_scale “1”
Streamlined Push To Talk?
Player Audio When Game In Backgroundsnd_mute_losefocus “true”


Main Menu Volumesnd_menumusic_volume “1”
Round Start Volumesnd_roundstart_volume “1”
Round Action Volumesnd_roundaction_volume “1”
Round End Volumesnd_roundend_volume “1”
MVP Volumesnd_mvp_volume “1”
Bomb/Hostage Volumesnd_mapobjective_volume “1”
Ten Second Warning Volumesnd_tensecondwarning_volume “1”
Death Camera Volumesnd_deathcamera_volume “1”
Mute MVP Music when players on both teams are alivesnd_mute_mvp_music_live_players “true”


CS2 - Guide to all settings for your CFG(Game)

Max Acceptable Matchmaking Pingmm_dedicated_search_maxping “150”
Max Acceptable Game Traffic Bandwidthrate “786432”
Community Notification Locationui_steam_overlay_notification_position “topright”
Community Notification Horizontal Offsetui_steam_overlay_notification_position_horz “0”
Community Notification Vertical Offsetui_steam_overlay_notification_position_vert “0”
Enable Developer Console (~)con_enable “true”
Install Counter-Strike Workshop Toolsinstall_dlc_workshoptools_cvar “1”


HUD Scalehud_scaling “0.85”
HUD Colorcl_hud_color “0”


Show Team Positions In HUDcl_teamid_overhead_mode “2”
Show Teammate Colors in Competitivecl_teammate_colors_show “1”
Show Teammate Colors on Team IDcl_teamid_overhead_colors_show “true”
Friends Lobby Default Permissionslobby_default_privacy_bits2 “0”
Looking to Play when CS:GO Startsui_setting_advertiseforhire_auto “0”


Player Pingscl_player_ping_mute “0”
Mute Enemy Teamcl_mute_enemy_team “0”
Mute All But Friendscl_mute_all_but_friends_and_party “0”
Allow Animated Avatarscl_allow_animated_avatars “false”
Hide Avatar Imagescl_hide_avatar_images “0”
Clean Player Namescl_sanitize_player_names “false”

(Spectator / Scoreboard)

Spectator/Map Vote Number Selection Methodspec_usenumberkeys_nobinds “1”
Scoreboard Mouse Enable / End of Match Scoreboard Togglecl_scoreboard_mouse_enable_binding “+attack2”
Survivors Always Oncl_scoreboard_survivors_always_on “false”
Smooth Spectator Cameracl_obs_interp_enable “true”
Smooth Spectator Camera Speedcl_obs_interp_pos_rate “0.27”
Automatic Killer Replayspec_replay_autostart “false”


Quick Graffiti (Apply With Key Release)cl_playerspray_auto_apply “false”
Delay Sniper Rifle Un-Scope after Shotcl_sniper_delay_unscope “false”
Auto Re-Zoom Sniper Rifle after Shotcl_sniper_auto_rezoom “true”
Detach Silencer on M4A1-S and USP-Scl_silencer_mode “0”
Viewmodel Positionviewmodel_presetpos “3”
Always Show Inventorycl_showloadout “true”
Open Buy Menu With Use Keycl_use_opens_buy_menu “false”
Buy Menu Number Keyscl_buywheel_nonumberpurchasing “true”
Buy Menu Donation Keycl_buywheel_donate_key “0”
Last Weapon on Radial Weapon Tapcl_quickinventory_lastinv “false”

(Radar / Tablet)

Radar Centers The Playercl_radar_always_centered “false”
Radar Is Rotatingcl_radar_rotate “true”
Radar Hud Sizecl_hud_radar_scale “1”
Radar Map Zoomcl_radar_scale “0.7”
Toggle Shape With Scoreboardcl_radar_square_with_scoreboard “true”


Crosshair Stylecl_crosshairstyle “2”
Friendly Fire Reticle Warningcl_crosshair_friendly_warning “1”
Follow Recoilcl_crosshair_recoil “false”
Center Dotcl_crosshairdot “false”
Lengthcl_crosshairsize “5”
Thicknesscl_crosshairthickness “1”
Gapcl_crosshairgap “1”
Outline (button)cl_crosshair_drawoutline “true”
Outlinecl_crosshair_outlinethickness “1”
Redcl_crosshaircolor_r “50”
Greencl_crosshaircolor_g “250”
Bluecl_crosshaircolor_b “50”
Alpha (button)cl_crosshairusealpha “true”
Alphacl_crosshairalpha “200”
Split Distance (Classic mode)cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitdist “7”
Inner Split Alpha (Classic mode)cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_innermod “1”
Outer Split Alpha (Classic mode)cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_outermod “0.5”
Split Size Ratio (Classic mode)cl_crosshair_dynamic_maxdist_splitratio “0.35”
T Stylecl_crosshair_t “false”
Deployed Weapon Gapcl_crosshairgap_useweaponvalue “false”
Show Players Crosshairscl_show_observer_crosshair “1”
Show my crosshair when spectating botscl_observed_bot_crosshair “0”

Keyboard / Mouse

CS2 - Guide to all settings for your CFG(Keyboard & Mouse Settings)

Reverse Mouse?
Duck Modeoption_duck_method “false”
Walk Modeoption_speed_method “false”
Zoom Button Holdcl_debounce_zoom “true”
Mouse Sensitivitysensitivity “2.5”
Zoom Sensitivity Multiplierzoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse “1”

(Movements Keys)

Toggle Inventory Displaybind “i” “show_loadout_toggle”
Move Forwardbind “w” “+forward”
Move Backwardbind “s” “+back”
Move Left (strafe)bind “a” “+left”
Move Right (strafe)bind “d” “+right”
Walkbind “shift” “+sprint”
Duckbind “ctrl” “+duck”
Jumpbind “space” “+jump”

(Weapon Key)

Usebind “e” “+use”
Firebind “mouse1” “+attack”
Secondary Firebind “mouse2” “+attack2”
Reloadbind “r” “+reload”
Radial Weapon Menubind “capslock” “+quickinv”
Select Previous Weaponbind “mwheelup” “invprev”
Select Next Weaponbind “mwheeldown” “invnext”
Last Weapon Usedbind “q” “lastinv”
Drop Weaponbind “g” “drop”
Inspect Weaponbind “f” “+lookatweapon”
Buy Menubind “b” “buymenu”
Autobuybind “f3” “autobuy”
Rebuybind “f4” “rebuy”
Primary Weaponbind “1” “slot1”
Secondary Weaponbind “2” “slot2”
Melee Weaponsbind “3” “slot3”
Cycle Grenadesbind “4” “slot4”
Explosives & Trapsbind “5” “slot5”
HE Grenadebind “6” “slot6”
Flashbangbind “7” “slot7”
Smoke Grenadebind “8” “slot8”
Decoy Grenadebind “9” “slot9”
Molotov Cocktailbind “0” “slot10”
Zeus x27bind “key” “slot11”
Healthshotbind “x” “slot12”
Utility Itemsbind “key” “slot13”
Graffiti Menubind “t” “+spray_menu”

(UI Keys)

Scoreboardbind “tab” “+showscores”
Show Team Equipmentbind “key” “+cl_show_team_equipment”
Call Votebind “-” “callvote”
Choose Teambind “m” “teammenu”
Toggle Consolebind “‘” “toggleconsole”

(Communication Options)

Player Pingbind “key” “player_ping”
Radio Messagebind “z” “radio”
Command Radio Messagebind “key” “radio1”
Standard Radio Messagebind “key” “radio2”
Report Radio Messagebind “key” “radio3”
Team Messagebind “u” “messagemode2”
Chat Messagebind “y” “messagemode”
Use Micbind “k” “+voicerecord”
Temporarily Disable Incoming Chatbind “key” “clutch_mode_toggle”

(Chat Wheel Keys)

Chat Wheel 1bind “key” “+radialradio”
Chat Wheel 2bind “c” “+radialradio2”
Chat Wheel 3bind “v” “+radialradio3”

(Chat wheel phrases)Chat Wheel 1

Chat Wheel 1 (1)cl_radial_radio_tab_0_text_1 “#Chatwheel_gogogo”
Chat Wheel 1 (2)cl_radial_radio_tab_0_text_2 “#Chatwheel_sticktogether”
Chat Wheel 1 (3)cl_radial_radio_tab_0_text_3 “#Chatwheel_requestweapon”
Chat Wheel 1 (4)cl_radial_radio_tab_0_text_4 “#Chatwheel_requestplan”
Chat Wheel 1 (5)cl_radial_radio_tab_0_text_5 “#Chatwheel_fallback”
Chat Wheel 1 (6)cl_radial_radio_tab_0_text_6 “#Chatwheel_requestecoround”
Chat Wheel 1 (7)cl_radial_radio_tab_0_text_7 “#Chatwheel_requestspend”
Chat Wheel 1 (8)cl_radial_radio_tab_0_text_8 “#Chatwheel_spreadout”

Chat Wheel 2

Chat Wheel 2 (1)cl_radial_radio_tab_1_text_1 “#Chatwheel_cheer”
Chat Wheel 2 (2)cl_radial_radio_tab_1_text_2 “#Chatwheel_negative”
Chat Wheel 2 (3)cl_radial_radio_tab_1_text_3 “#Chatwheel_bplan”
Chat Wheel 2 (4)cl_radial_radio_tab_1_text_4 “#Chatwheel_thanks”
Chat Wheel 2 (5)cl_radial_radio_tab_1_text_5 “#Chatwheel_sorry”
Chat Wheel 2 (6)cl_radial_radio_tab_1_text_6 “#Chatwheel_peptalk”
Chat Wheel 2 (7)cl_radial_radio_tab_1_text_7 “#Chatwheel_aplan”
Chat Wheel 2 (8)cl_radial_radio_tab_1_text_8 “#Chatwheel_affirmative”

Keyboard / Mouse Part 2

Chat Wheel 3

Chat Wheel 3 (1)cl_radial_radio_tab_2_text_1 “#Chatwheel_enemyspotted”
Chat Wheel 3 (2)cl_radial_radio_tab_2_text_2 “#Chatwheel_heardnoise”
Chat Wheel 3 (3)cl_radial_radio_tab_2_text_3 “#Chatwheel_multipleenemieshere”
Chat Wheel 3 (4)cl_radial_radio_tab_2_text_4 “#Chatwheel_droppedbomb”
Chat Wheel 3 (5)cl_radial_radio_tab_2_text_5 “#Chatwheel_needbackup”
Chat Wheel 3 (6)cl_radial_radio_tab_2_text_6 “#Chatwheel_youfixbomb”
Chat Wheel 3 (7)cl_radial_radio_tab_2_text_7 “#Chatwheel_sectorclear”
Chat Wheel 3 (8)cl_radial_radio_tab_2_text_8 “#Chatwheel_sniperspotted”
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