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Cultist Simulator Solving The Stag Door’s Riddle

A direct guide to the Stag Door riddles and its corresponding aspect solutions.


The Stag Door’s Riddle is the first real Mansus hurdle, and if you don’t want to spend multiple lives, game sessions, slaving to RNG and upgrading aspects just to see which one appeases The Head, Ghirbi, here’s the guide for you.

Each segment is named after the riddle you encounter, underneath which you’ll find the corresponding Aspect answer, as well as the lore answer. There doesn’t appear to be any riddles for Forge, Edge, Winter or Heart: if this changes, please let me know!

What may be lost?

Aspect: Moth 6, An Ecdysiast’s Parable
Answer: There are many answers to this question, as the shedders of skin know. Here is mine…

(Trivia, an ecdysiast is a striptease performer.)

Where is mercy found?

Aspect: Lantern 6, An Unmerciful Mantra
Answer: Only in Shadow.

What are the words that make sacrifice sweet?

Aspect: Grail 6, A Delightful Sacrament
Answer: Here are those words…

What must open, before this Way opens?

Aspect: Knock 6, A Consent of Wounds
Answer: I, myself, must be opened. Behold my blood which is shed.

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Where is the queen who was not born?

Aspect: Secret Histories 6, A Forgotten Chronicle
Answer: Her heart is buried in another History.

Once you have unlocked Way: The Stag Door, you don’t have to remember the Aspect you used to do so: the requirement switches to a regular Reason card. May your ascent to Glory be swift and filled with blinding pain!

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