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Cuphead Achievement Guide

A guide on how to challenge the devil and hit the jackpot! How to get all achievements in Cuphead. Also you can check: Cuphead The Delicious Last Course DLC Achievement Guide.

Story/Unmissable Achievements

Taking Names – Defeat a boss
You’ll get this one right after defeating your first boss on any difficulty.

A Walk in the Park – Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle I
Defeat all bosses in world 1 on any difficulty. Required to access to Inkwell Isle II.

A Day at the Fair – Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle II
Defeat all bosses in world 2 on any difficulty. Required to access to Inkwell Isle III.

A Trip Downtown – Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle III
Defeat all bosses in world 3 on any difficulty. Unlike the previous worlds, you only need to beat a couple specific bosses to open the way to the casino.

Casino Night – Complete the Casino
Beat King Dice boss in Inkwell Hell. This will give you access to the final boss.

Souls Saved – Complete the game on Normal
You’ll get this after defeating the final boss.

Collector/Missable Achievements

Parry Persistance – Complete 20 parries
Just parry a total of 20 times. You will get this naturally by playing the game.

Parry Performance – Complete 100 parries
Just parry a total of 100 times. You will get this naturally by playing the game.

Magician Lord – Obtain all Super Arts
Super Arts are obtained by beating the mausoleum levels. There are 3 in total (one in each part of Inkwell Isle) and they require you to use parry on ghosts to kill them before they reach the urn. They are honestly very easy and you should get all 3 with no issues.

Coffers Full – Get every coin in all of the levels
You need to collect every single coin in all the platforming levels in the game. There are 6 platforming levels in total and each one contains 5 coins. Coins are mostly easy to see and reach, but if you’re having a hard time finding them I recommend you to watch some guides on Youtube. This achievement is required to get the Butter-and-Egg Man achievement.

Butter-and-Egg Man – Buy everything in Porkrind’s Shop
To get this achievement you need to gather all the coins in all platforming levels as well as all coins hidden on the world map (which will net you Coffers Full and High Roller achievements respectively). This will give you all the coins you need to buy all the weapons and charms in the shop.

Ceramic Strike – Defeat a boss with an Extra Special move
Can be done both in simple and regular mode. EX moves are the special moves that use one card. To unlock this achievement, the very last hit to touch the boss and score a KO must be an EX move – if you shoot any bullet after it it will invalidate the achievement. This can be a little tricky as there’s no way to tell how much health the boss has left. My advice is to get to the last phase of the boss with as much meter as possible but not full meter because it would trigger the Super Art; you can spam EX moves before reaching 5 cards to avoid this. Once you get there, shoot at the boss to weaken him as much as you can, then unleash 4 consecutive EX moves to kill him.

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Believe it or not, the final boss is probably the easiest way to get this, because his final form is very short and weak. Another easy way is doing this before finishing any Mausoleum so you won’t have to care about unleashing a Super Art by accident.

Porcelain Power – Defeat a boss with a Super Art
Can be done both in simple and regular mode. Once you get the Super Art from Mausoleum I or III (the 2nd one doesn’t count because it does no damage), go into any boss fight, reach the final form with 5 cards, weaken them as much as possible and then unleash the Super Art to finish them.

Sheriff – Obtain an A- Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle I
You need to get at least an A- Rank on all bosses in the 1st world. You need to play the boss at least in regular difficulty and have an almost perfect score on the boss; you are allowed to make 2 “mistakes” in total, which means finishing with 1/3 HP, finishing with 2/3 HP and 2/3 parries, etc. In my experience the time is the value that counts the least, as you can get still an A grade with a bad time by getting 100% on everything else.

Bonus: Once you obtain 15 or more A grades in boss OR run & gun levels, go talk to the fork with the monocle in world 3. This will unlock a new two-stripe (Technicolor) filter in your visual settings you can play your game on.

Boss – Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle II
You need to get at least an A- Rank on all bosses in the 2nd world. See Sheriff for more details.

Mayor – Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Isle III
You need to get at least an A- Rank on all bosses in the 3rd world. See Sheriff for more details.

King – Obtain an A-Rank or higher on all bosses in Inkwell Hell
You need to get at least an A- Rank on the two bosses of the final world, i.e. King Dice and the Devil. See Sheriff for more details.

Beat The Devil At His Own Game – Complete the game on Expert
Expert difficulty unlocks once you beat the game once. It will make all projectiles in boss battles faster and give 25-50% more health to bosses. You have to beat every single boss once again in Expert mode including King Dice and the Devil to get this achievement. Order and rank don’t matter. The bosses that you’ve already beaten in Expert mode will have a golden cup on the flag in the world map and a star on your own checklist.

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Put On a Show – Get an S-Rank
S grades can only be obtained while playing on Expert difficulty. You’ll get it for completing the boss in under 2 minutes, with full health, with all required parries and while using at least 6 bars of super meter.

The easiest boss to get this achievement is The Root Pack in Inkwell Isle I which is one of the first ones you get access to. Just go back to it and do your best to beat it. The fight can be made easier by using the Smoke Bomb (invincible dash) charm and faster with Super Art I.

Note: it looks like you can get S rank even without finishing the boss within 2 minutes if you get max score on everything else. As with the A- rank achievement, the time doesn’t matter much.

Perfect Run – Complete a level without getting hit
You have to complete any level (boss or platforming) on full health without ever getting hit once. The easiest one is once again The Root Pack, as the patterns are easy to learn and there’s not much on the screen to worry about.

Bouncing Ball – Parry five times before hitting the ground
This can be done very easily in the platforming level Funfair Fever on Inkwell Isle II. Just keep parrying on one of the floating pink balloons.

Secret Achievements

Selling Out

Give in to the Devil
When you enter the final boss stage, the Devil will ask you to give him his soul contracts and join his team. If you answer ‘Yes’, the game will finish with a “bad ending” and you will get this achievement. After reloading the save file you’ll be back in Inkwell Hell with the same completion % as before, meaning that this does not count as finishing the game.

Swing You Sinner

Defeat the Devil
If you answer ‘No’ to the Devil asking you for his contracts you will enter the final boss fight. Beat him and you will get this achievement as well as Souls Saved.

Cutting Corners

Find a shortcut

You need to find any of the secret shortcuts in the world map. You can find one at the very beginning of the game by going up-right from Forest Follies platforming level and following the coast line up under the trees; you’ll eventually get to the other side and immediately unlock this achievement.

Where to find it
After you have completed the tutorial, you will venture out into the world! To get this achivement, simply cross the bridge where the Apple Man is sitting (he gives you free coins btw) and head north. Head to the right of the trees that move (a boss fight) and you will notice a small land made bridge. This is not actually the edge of the map! If you proceed under the bridge and around to the right, you will appear on the other side! At this time the achivement should appear, and you have the added benefit of accessing more of the map even if you haven’t unlocked the official route there yet! I hope this helps, if it does please rate it up so more people can see and benefit from it’s secret!

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Screenshots for Reference

Image 1: Cuphead at the start of the new world! You can see him just past the bridge heading in the direction you need to go.

Image 2: The start of the secret passage.

Image 3: Welcome to the other side Cuphead! Now go explore some new areas early!

High Roller

Get every coin in the game
There’s a total of 10 secret coins hidden on the world map.
Finding all these coins is required in order to get Butter-and-Egg Man achievement.

You can read this guide to find where they are all located.

Bravo Zulu P-26

Defeat a boss using only the mini-plane bullets
You need to defeat one of the flying levels by hitting the boss only with the bullets in mini-plane form, which is activated by holding dash and will make the plane smaller and faster while having a shorter range on your bullets. You can shoot regular bullets as long as they don’t hit anything (thanks to catloaf).

The easiest and fastest way to achieve this is against one of the mini-bosses in the King Dice level. They only have one form and very easy attack patterns, so you should be able to get it without much difficulty. (Thanks to boy for confirming this)

Rolling Sixes

Defeat King Dice without taking a hit
King Dice is the only boss you’ll fight in Inkwell Hell before meeting with the final boss. Unlike the previous bosses, this is more a collection of relatively easy mini bosses that you have to fight while playing a sort of board game with King Dice.

After the latest patch, it is now possible to get this achievement if you beat King Dice himself while still having at least 3 HP left. This means you can pick up health along the way to make the task easier.


Complete all levels without killing an enemy
You need to complete all platforming (run & gun) levels without killing any enemy with damaging abilities. You are still allowed to shoot at them as long as you don’t die. Killing an enemy with a regular parry won’t invalidate the challenge either. Finishing a stage this way will grant you a P rating which is the highest one you can get for run & gun levels. This guide can help you get this achievement.

Bonus: once you completed all six stages on pacifist mode don’t forget to go see the turtle on the docks in world 3. Talking to him you will unlock new two filters for your game: a black & white filter for visuals and a vintage filter for audio that will make your game sound like it was played through an old radio or gramophone.

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