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Curse of the Dead Gods Boss Guide: how to beat all bosses

Curse of the Dead Gods Boss Guide

List of all boss in Curse of the Dead Gods.

Jaguar Temple Bosses

Kiliz’Puzah, the Blood Hunter

He does only two things – Summon a Jaguar periodically, or throw a spear at you, the spear can either be one, or he throws two in succession. The spears can be parried if you don’t feel like dodging. His summoning circle inflicts damage and corruption so stay away from it when he summons.

The way to deal with him is quite simple, when you enter the room, he already has one Jaguar present and summons another one, stand in front of the summoning circle to bait the first Jaguar to leap at you, then when the second spawns you can take them both out with melee hits. First get rid of the jaguars, then proceed to hit the boss, its a simple loop. You can get two combo strings on the boss after dodging his thrown spears, after which he summons another jaguar, rinse and repeat.

’Chi’Kin & Tchi’U, the Cursed Twins

’Chi’Kin & Tchi’U, the Cursed Twins

First phase, the fire one, only has two attacks. She spawns orbs which you can destroy, and her 1-2 whip attack which detonates said orbs. This phase always starts with the spawning of the orbs, therefore you can take couple a free hits on her. Once she loses about 25 % she switches with her twin, initiating the second phase.

Second phase changes the arena from light to dark, so if you have any darkness damage buffs, here is where they come in handy. He also only has two attacks, one is 1,2,3–4 combo, which has a slight delay before the last hit, which also tracks you, and a charging slash which he mostly only does after he teleports to the middle of the arena. After he loses about 25 % they switch again.

When you run in you can take a couple free hits on the fire twin, then lure her where there are no orbs and dodge her hits, afterwards hit her again, until she switches with her dark twin. Try to keep him close so he initiates his 1,2,3–4 combo, dodge through him after the third hit after a short delay and hit him back, they´ll proceed to switch again, and thats basically it.

Dark Avatar of the Jaguar

Dark Avatar of the Jaguar

Has some huge health pool and hits hard. Has more attacks than previous bosses as well as changing arena. The arena is 16 tiles 4×4 squares. It will periodically switch from non-burning, to having a burning outer layer, or the burning middle 4 squares. If the boss steps into the fire he gets enhanced, his attacks deal more damage, inflict burning, and his detonation has larger radius.

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His attacks are:

  • A huge sweep in front.
  • 1-2 sweep in front and the second hit tracks you
  • A leap from middle to long distance, slamming the ground at your position.
  • Detonating himself and setting himself on fire in the process, or extinguishing with larger radius.
  • Spawning five fireballs moving forward in a cone – You can’t dodge through them without dark swiftness.
  • When at or below 50 % – moving 1-2-3 sweep charge.

Try to make him stay away from the fire as he gets more dangerous after he is set aflame, but other than that stay close to him, dodge his sweeps and hit him back, thats basically all there is to it. The biggest danger is being stuck on the middle four squares when he blaze detonates.

Serpent Catacombs Bosses

Xucat’, The Witch

Xucat’, The Witch

When hit she drops corruption skulls which detonate when you get near them, but are destroyable by attacks. She can cast a volley of corrupted skulls in five or six different patterns, similiar to bullet hell games. She also tends to summon five skulls in a circle around you from time to time. She can teleport to the middle and either shoot a barrage of skulls or spawn the skulls in a circular area around you.

Pretty simple fight, when you finish your combo on her just get some distance so you can properly dodge the incoming barrage of skulls and pay heed where you step because of the skulls laying around. Repeat ad nauseam.

Also not sure if intended but sacrificial sword does not crit on her, possibly considering the skulls on the ground enemies.

Ratyapu, The Abomination

Ratyapu, The Abomination

All Abomination attacks inflict poison on hit.

His attacks are:

  • A 1-2 front sweep where the second hit is slightly delayed.
  • A projectile throw in a straight line much like Blood Hunter.
  • Forward hitting puncture hit with medium range.
  • A spinning combo
  • Every 25 % of health he loses he enrages for about five seconds gaining increased movement and attack speed.

Tactic is similiar to third boss from the Jaguar temple, stick close and dodge his sweeps and punish them. When he starts to enrage gain some distance to get some breathing space, dodge his double sweep and keep hitting back. The sole thing to be wary off is his spinning combo. Keep repeating till he drops.

Dark Avatar of the Serpent

He possesses the following attacks:

  • A chomp with his snake hand followed by – if out of range a jumping attack to your position much like the Tomb Horrors, or when close a wide sweep with his snake hand.
  • A slam in front of him with his hammer hand.
  • A summoning circle dealing corruption damage and summoning three serpent cultists if none are present.
  • At 50 % health all the Serpent cultist that get summoned are Elite.
  • All his attacks damage his allies and if he kills them by chomping them with the snake hand he heals roughly 15 % of his max health.
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This is more a battle of attrition and patience than anything else as he can continously heal by killing the cultists, I’d advise killing two and leaving only one and making sure he never wobbles in front of the boss as to not get killed by him, aside from that focus on hitting the boss and dodge his attacks. If he summons three Elite Cultists on you just keep kiting them in the circular area and take a couple hits on him every now and then till he eventually dies.

Eagle Spire Bosses

K’ax taca, High Lord of the Storm

K'ax taca, High Lord of the Storm

The whole fight takes place in darkness so you can bring darkness damage relics for this fight.

His only attacks are:

Spawning a sphere at the beginning of every fight, and then periodically, there can be up to four moving spheres in the room, they move around randomly and inflict shock damage around themselves each five seconds or so.

He raises his hands and then proceeds to summon a beam of electro energy at you, lasting about four seconds, this should be dodged to the side at the very end before he summons it.

He moves his hands around and summons 3-5 electro rays that follow you at high speed, when he does this and you want to be safe make distance between him and yourself, then dodge through them and they will all slam into a wall behind you somewhere. They are also parriable if you wish to do so. The number of bolts that follow you is linked to his missing health, at the beginning its three, at last stages its up to five.

A pretty straightforward fight, dodge the shock beam, jump through the shock rays on the ground tracking you and keep hitting him. Pay attention to the spheres moving around the room. The boss sometimes goes intangible and moves into a different spot in the room so make sure to follow him closely each time. A side note, the moving spheres dont deal damage if you walk through them, only when they charge up and explode dealing damage periodically around themselves.

Malok pall, the Flesh Monstrosity

Also a darkness fight, and one of the easiest bosses or so I feel.

He only does the following:

  • If you stand near him or behind, he spins around and deals damage in aoe.
  • Again if you are too close he might charge forward through you dealing damage and stopping at the opposite side of the room.
  • He summons up to four fists from the ground below you in circles, you can walk away from most but some have to be dodged.
  • He summons a big blue circle underneath you and conjures two fists from sides in an attempt to hit you, again just dodge out of it.
  • He spawns two fists behind you and at the same time attempts to hit you from the front.
  • If you parry his teleported fists it doesnt apply weakness to him. Even when I parried the charge it didnt give him weakness, he might just be immune to it.
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Again pretty straightforward, its just a slugfest. Keep close to him, keep hitting him, when he attacks or summons something, dodge and repeat. The only thing that is not really visible is his charge that just randomly comes out of nowhere but it does not deal that much damage so its cool.

Dark Avatar of the Eagle

Dark Avatar of the Eagle

He focuses on defense and countering your attacks most of the time, being rather agile and moving around in the somewhat dangerous arena when he spawns enough of his static spheres.

His attacks are:

  • A shield block in which he rapidly regenerates health, and when hit, stops and either circles around you and attempts a backstab, swirls his sword in a circular area or jumps backwards and sends a shockwave at you, which is parriable though.
  • When at mid range he lunges at you with a stab
  • A three hit combo, two sweeps and a third delayed stab forward.
  • Every 33 % +- he loses he spawns a moving electro sphere in the arena, which upon spawning, periodically and upon spawning of another sphere releases a shockwave that deals damage throughout the entire arena
  • He sometimes attempts to circle around you and stab you from behind
  • Standing near the spheres deals 30 +- damage roughly twice a second

When I beat him I was essentially doing the same thing as him, parry and riposte all the time. Keep him close, either dodge behind him when he does his combo, or parry it and keep hitting him. When he starts spawning the spheres you can try moving him in one of the corners as the spheres hardly move there but in the end they dont really do much damage if you dont stand in them. One thing to note is that I couldnt parry his second sweep in the three hit combo when I parried the first one, not sure if its me or there is some parry cooldown as the first two sweeps are rather quick and parrying the first does not interrupt his combo string so either dodge the first two sweeps and parry the third hit or be prepared to lose about 100 health by taking the second hit of the combo when parrying.

Written by Ryuuzaki

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