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Curse of the Dead Gods Eagle Spire Bosses

K’ax taca, High Lord of the Storm

K'ax taca, High Lord of the Storm

The whole fight takes place in darkness so you can bring darkness damage relics for this fight.

His only attacks are:

Spawning a sphere at the beginning of every fight, and then periodically, there can be up to four moving spheres in the room, they move around randomly and inflict shock damage around themselves each five seconds or so.

He raises his hands and then proceeds to summon a beam of electro energy at you, lasting about four seconds, this should be dodged to the side at the very end before he summons it.

He moves his hands around and summons 3-5 electro rays that follow you at high speed, when he does this and you want to be safe make distance between him and yourself, then dodge through them and they will all slam into a wall behind you somewhere. They are also parriable if you wish to do so. The number of bolts that follow you is linked to his missing health, at the beginning its three, at last stages its up to five.

A pretty straightforward fight, dodge the shock beam, jump through the shock rays on the ground tracking you and keep hitting him. Pay attention to the spheres moving around the room. The boss sometimes goes intangible and moves into a different spot in the room so make sure to follow him closely each time. A side note, the moving spheres dont deal damage if you walk through them, only when they charge up and explode dealing damage periodically around themselves.

Malok pall, the Flesh Monstrosity

Also a darkness fight, and one of the easiest bosses or so I feel.

He only does the following:

  • If you stand near him or behind, he spins around and deals damage in aoe.
  • Again if you are too close he might charge forward through you dealing damage and stopping at the opposite side of the room.
  • He summons up to four fists from the ground below you in circles, you can walk away from most but some have to be dodged.
  • He summons a big blue circle underneath you and conjures two fists from sides in an attempt to hit you, again just dodge out of it.
  • He spawns two fists behind you and at the same time attempts to hit you from the front.
  • If you parry his teleported fists it doesnt apply weakness to him. Even when I parried the charge it didnt give him weakness, he might just be immune to it.

Again pretty straightforward, its just a slugfest. Keep close to him, keep hitting him, when he attacks or summons something, dodge and repeat. The only thing that is not really visible is his charge that just randomly comes out of nowhere but it does not deal that much damage so its cool.

Dark Avatar of the Eagle

Dark Avatar of the Eagle

He focuses on defense and countering your attacks most of the time, being rather agile and moving around in the somewhat dangerous arena when he spawns enough of his static spheres.

His attacks are:

  • A shield block in which he rapidly regenerates health, and when hit, stops and either circles around you and attempts a backstab, swirls his sword in a circular area or jumps backwards and sends a shockwave at you, which is parriable though.
  • When at mid range he lunges at you with a stab
  • A three hit combo, two sweeps and a third delayed stab forward.
  • Every 33 % +- he loses he spawns a moving electro sphere in the arena, which upon spawning, periodically and upon spawning of another sphere releases a shockwave that deals damage throughout the entire arena
  • He sometimes attempts to circle around you and stab you from behind
  • Standing near the spheres deals 30 +- damage roughly twice a second

When I beat him I was essentially doing the same thing as him, parry and riposte all the time. Keep him close, either dodge behind him when he does his combo, or parry it and keep hitting him. When he starts spawning the spheres you can try moving him in one of the corners as the spheres hardly move there but in the end they dont really do much damage if you dont stand in them. One thing to note is that I couldnt parry his second sweep in the three hit combo when I parried the first one, not sure if its me or there is some parry cooldown as the first two sweeps are rather quick and parrying the first does not interrupt his combo string so either dodge the first two sweeps and parry the third hit or be prepared to lose about 100 health by taking the second hit of the combo when parrying.

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