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Curse of the Dead Gods Jaguar Temple Bosses

Kiliz’Puzah, the Blood Hunter

He does only two things – Summon a Jaguar periodically, or throw a spear at you, the spear can either be one, or he throws two in succession. The spears can be parried if you don’t feel like dodging. His summoning circle inflicts damage and corruption so stay away from it when he summons.

The way to deal with him is quite simple, when you enter the room, he already has one Jaguar present and summons another one, stand in front of the summoning circle to bait the first Jaguar to leap at you, then when the second spawns you can take them both out with melee hits. First get rid of the jaguars, then proceed to hit the boss, its a simple loop. You can get two combo strings on the boss after dodging his thrown spears, after which he summons another jaguar, rinse and repeat.

’Chi’Kin & Tchi’U, the Cursed Twins

’Chi’Kin & Tchi’U, the Cursed Twins

First phase, the fire one, only has two attacks. She spawns orbs which you can destroy, and her 1-2 whip attack which detonates said orbs. This phase always starts with the spawning of the orbs, therefore you can take couple a free hits on her. Once she loses about 25 % she switches with her twin, initiating the second phase.

Second phase changes the arena from light to dark, so if you have any darkness damage buffs, here is where they come in handy. He also only has two attacks, one is 1,2,3–4 combo, which has a slight delay before the last hit, which also tracks you, and a charging slash which he mostly only does after he teleports to the middle of the arena. After he loses about 25 % they switch again.

When you run in you can take a couple free hits on the fire twin, then lure her where there are no orbs and dodge her hits, afterwards hit her again, until she switches with her dark twin. Try to keep him close so he initiates his 1,2,3–4 combo, dodge through him after the third hit after a short delay and hit him back, they´ll proceed to switch again, and thats basically it.

Dark Avatar of the Jaguar

Dark Avatar of the Jaguar

Has some huge health pool and hits hard. Has more attacks than previous bosses as well as changing arena. The arena is 16 tiles 4×4 squares. It will periodically switch from non-burning, to having a burning outer layer, or the burning middle 4 squares. If the boss steps into the fire he gets enhanced, his attacks deal more damage, inflict burning, and his detonation has larger radius.

His attacks are:

  • A huge sweep in front.
  • 1-2 sweep in front and the second hit tracks you
  • A leap from middle to long distance, slamming the ground at your position.
  • Detonating himself and setting himself on fire in the process, or extinguishing with larger radius.
  • Spawning five fireballs moving forward in a cone – You can’t dodge through them without dark swiftness.
  • When at or below 50 % – moving 1-2-3 sweep charge.

Try to make him stay away from the fire as he gets more dangerous after he is set aflame, but other than that stay close to him, dodge his sweeps and hit him back, thats basically all there is to it. The biggest danger is being stuck on the middle four squares when he blaze detonates.

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