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Curse of the Dead Gods Serpent Catacombs Bosses

Xucat’, The Witch

Xucat’, The Witch

When hit she drops corruption skulls which detonate when you get near them, but are destroyable by attacks. She can cast a volley of corrupted skulls in five or six different patterns, similiar to bullet hell games. She also tends to summon five skulls in a circle around you from time to time. She can teleport to the middle and either shoot a barrage of skulls or spawn the skulls in a circular area around you.

Pretty simple fight, when you finish your combo on her just get some distance so you can properly dodge the incoming barrage of skulls and pay heed where you step because of the skulls laying around. Repeat ad nauseam.

Also not sure if intended but sacrificial sword does not crit on her, possibly considering the skulls on the ground enemies.

Ratyapu, The Abomination

Ratyapu, The Abomination

All Abomination attacks inflict poison on hit.

His attacks are:

  • A 1-2 front sweep where the second hit is slightly delayed.
  • A projectile throw in a straight line much like Blood Hunter.
  • Forward hitting puncture hit with medium range.
  • A spinning combo
  • Every 25 % of health he loses he enrages for about five seconds gaining increased movement and attack speed.

Tactic is similiar to third boss from the Jaguar temple, stick close and dodge his sweeps and punish them. When he starts to enrage gain some distance to get some breathing space, dodge his double sweep and keep hitting back. The sole thing to be wary off is his spinning combo. Keep repeating till he drops.

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Dark Avatar of the Serpent

He possesses the following attacks:

  • A chomp with his snake hand followed by – if out of range a jumping attack to your position much like the Tomb Horrors, or when close a wide sweep with his snake hand.
  • A slam in front of him with his hammer hand.
  • A summoning circle dealing corruption damage and summoning three serpent cultists if none are present.
  • At 50 % health all the Serpent cultist that get summoned are Elite.
  • All his attacks damage his allies and if he kills them by chomping them with the snake hand he heals roughly 15 % of his max health.

This is more a battle of attrition and patience than anything else as he can continously heal by killing the cultists, I’d advise killing two and leaving only one and making sure he never wobbles in front of the boss as to not get killed by him, aside from that focus on hitting the boss and dodge his attacks. If he summons three Elite Cultists on you just keep kiting them in the circular area and take a couple hits on him every now and then till he eventually dies.

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