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Cyberpunk 2077 Belly of The Beast Walkthrough

How to Unlock Belly Of The Beast:

This quest is automatically unlocked after completing Forward to Death.

Belly of The Beast Walkthrough


  • Talk to Panam.
  • Exit the Basilisk.
  • Join Mitch and Saul.
  • Talk to the Aldecaldos.
  • Climb onto the SERC.
  • Start the SERC.
  • Talk to Saul and Panam.
  • Get inside the Arasaka building.
  • Look around for a maintenance shaft.
  • Neutralize the guards to access the terminal.
  • Wait for the Aldecaldos to regroup.
  • Talk to Saul.
  • Reach the security room.
  • Slot the shard into the terminal.
  • Wait for Alt.
  • Talk to the Aldecaldos.
  • Leave the manufacturing level.
  • Reach the netrunner’s nest.
  • Reach Mikoshi.
  • Defeat Adam Smasher.
  • (Optional) Decide Adam Smasher’s fate.
  • Get to the Mikoshi Access Point.


Infiltrate Arasaka Building

  • Right after the battle at the construction site, you’ll automatically shift to this job right after entering the site’s tunnel. Talk to Panam while you’re in the panzer to start. Next, exit the Basilisk and join Mitch and Saul. Approach the marked objective to find them both waiting for you and Panam by the stairs.
  • Your next objective is to head to the control room with Panam to start drilling your way into Arasaka building. Shortly after, head outside and speak to Saul again. After the conversation, you’ll now start to infiltrate Arasaka building.
  • Once you reach the seismic dampers, your goal is to climb up the ladder that’s on the far left. You’ll then notice a group of drones patrolling the area. You can sneak past them or take them all out, the choice is yours to make.
  • When you reach the ladder, climb up, and work your way through the shaft along with Saul and Panam to reach the control room.
  • There are two enemies here that are talking to each other. You can use the crate and wait for them to finish talking. Once the other one moves, take him out while Saul gets the other. Now access the terminal after taking care of the two guards and wait for the Aldecaldos to regroup – talk to Saul to obtain the next objective.
  • After talking to Saul, your objective is to reach the security room, and there are a few ways to get there. It can be accessed either via a grate in the far corner of the upper floor, or a door on the lower floor.
  • If your character meets the required Body attribute, you can force-open the gate in the control room. This will save you time since it’s a shortcut leading to the security room. Just take out the single enemy and also a strong netrunner.
  • Alternatively, you can go down the stairs on the right of the control room and make your way to the lower floor. This area is guarded by a couple of enemies. Luckily, there are a lot of objects that you can use to hide.
  • When you reach the security room, approach the terminal, place the shard in, and rendezvous with Saula and Mitch while you wait for Alt. Once everything is set, leave the area and proceed to the netrunner’s nest to reach Mikoshi.
  • Upon reaching Mikoshi, make further preparations if needed since you will now have to fight against Adam Smasher when you open the shutter. Saul gets killed here but Panam will help you to fight against Adam.
  • The only thing standing between V and the Mikoshi is Adam, so simply defeat him so you can reach the objective. Take note that after defeating the boss, you have the optional objective of leaving him or finishing him off.
  • After dealing with the defeated Adam, pick up Saul’s gun, talk to Panam, and head to the access point of Mikoshi to complete this job. While you are in cyberspace, you’ll now have to decide V’s fate.
  • Depending on your choice inside Mikoshie, you can either obtain the next epilogue job which is New Dawn Fades or All Along the Watchtower. To learn more, please check the Endings page.

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