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Cyberpunk 2077 Heroes Walkthrough

Heroes Walkthrough

How to unlock:

  • At the end of the Main Job, The Heist, make sure to ask Delamain to bring Jackie’s body to his family. You must also complete Playing for Time as well and wait for Mama Welles’ call.
  • If you chose to send Jackie’s body to Viktor’s clinic, then you won’t gain access to this job early on. You will need to wait for a message from Mama Welles before you head over to El Coyote Cojo.


  • Jackie’s Arch
  • +74 EXP Points
  • +166 Street Cred
  • La Chingona Dorada


  • Call Mama Welles.
  • Talk to Mama Welles.
  • Meet Mama Welles at El Coyote Cojo.
  • Talk to Mama Welles.
  • Sit with Mama Welles.
  • Go to Jackie’s garage.
  • Talk to Misty.
  • Open the garage.
  • (Optional) Scan and search the garage.
  • Choose an offering for the ofrenda.
  • Find the key to Jackie’s room.
  • Talk to Misty
  • Take part in the ofrenda in El Coyote Cojo.
  • Talk to Mama Welles.
  • Leave an offering in Jackie’s memory.
  • (Optional) Talk to the bartender.
  • Talk to Mama Welles.
  • (Optional) Talk to Viktor.
  • (Optional) Talk to Padre.
  • (Optional) Talk to the Valentinos.
  • Leave the bar.


Jackie’s Funeral

  • To unlock this major side job, near the end of The Heist, ask Delamain to bring Jackie’s remains to his family. Then complete Playing for Time and wait for a message from Mama Welles.
  • When you do receive the message, call her and then head to El Coyote Cojo in Heywood. Go inside the bar and speak to Mama Welles, she’ll then hand you the keys to Jackie’s garage.
  • Go to the garage and you’ll find Misty there, speak to her, and then use the key to open the garage. You’ll then need to scan and search the garage to find an item that you can place as an offering for the ofrenda later. You can either grab a bottle of Tequilla, his belt, or a signed basketball.
  • Next, grab the key to Jackie’s room on the table inside the garage and use it to open the room. Continue scanning for items and then speak to Misty. Once you’ve grabbed the items and scanned the room, go back to the bar and participate in the ofrenda.
  • After Mama Welles, Viktor, and a member of the Valentinos say their piece, it’s now V’s turn. Stand and choose whichever dialogue you want to answer and then place whichever item you want on the altar.
  • Next, speak to Mama Welles and she’ll give you the keys to Jackie’s motorcycle, Jackie’s Arch. If you remember, during the Main Job, The Pickup, if you are at least at Lvl. 7 of Technical Ability, you gain an exclusive dialogue option when you are talking to Jackie outside the warehouse. Here, V suggests to Jackie that he should tune his motorcycle. By doing so, you’ll get the tuned-up version of the motorcycle.
  • Before leaving the bar to complete this task, you have the optional objectives of speaking to the guests. There are just some dialogues if you speak to the Padre. You’ll just have a shot and a drink if you talk to the Valentinos and Viktor. And the bartender offers you a shot.
  • Simply leave the area to close this task. Now, once you’re out, wait for 24 hours or skip the time and return to bar. Approach the offering altar and you’ll be able to pick up Jackie’s gun, the La Chingona Dorada.

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