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Cyberpunk 2077 Losing My Religion, Sacrum Profanum Walkthrough

How to unlock:

  • Complete the main job, The Ride.
  • To formally unlock this job, head to the Northside Docks in Watson and speak to the Monk named Bhikku.

Losing My Religion, Sacrum Profanum Walkthrough


  • Save the monk.
  • Defeat the gangoons.
  • Talk to the monk.


  • To unlock this job, first, complete The Ride and then travel to the Northside Docks in Watson, and speak to the Monk. The monk will then ask you to save his brother from the Maelstrom’s hideout. The name of this job differs on whether you take this job early on later in the game.
  • Take note that he asks that you try to save his brother without killing anyone. Either way, when you complete the job, it will result differently in the conversation before closing the task.
  • Head to the small warehouse that’s at the northwest and save the monk’s brother. Again, you can either engage in combat or sneak into the site.
  • If you want to avoid combat, the best way of entry is to go around the building to find an elevated opening at the rear. Climb onto the containers to use them as a platform.
  • Whichever approach you proceed with, all you have to do is to reach the marker where the monk’s brother is. Once you reach him speak to him, collect the M221 Fenrir next to the brother’s monk, it’s on top of the small table near the 24-Hours neon light sign – this completes the side job.


  • +61 EXP
  • M221 Fenrir
  • +769 Street Cred

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