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Cyberpunk 2077 Path of Glory Walkthrough

How to unlock:

  • You’ll unlock this by completing Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door or Don’t Fear the Reaper (Secret Ending)
  • Also, by choosing specific dialogue lines that result in entering the well when you are in Mikoshi (Cyberspace).

Path of Glory Walkthrough


  • (Optional) Get dressed.
  • Talk to Panam.
  • Enter the AV.
  • Enter the Afterlife.
  • (Optional) Talk to Claire.
  • Meet with the client.
  • Get armed.
  • Put on the helmet.
  • Listen to the client.
  • Enter the airlock.
  • Decompress the airlock.
  • Exit the airlock and soar into the stars.


  • The choice is simple here. When you reach Mikoshi (Cyberspace) just enter the well and this will end up with Johnny remaining in cyberspace forever and V returning to his body. The Path of Glory epilogue will only be available if you chose for Rogue’s help, or agreed to Johnnys’ lone wolf plan of infiltrating Arasaka during “Nocturne Op55N1”. To learn more, check our Endings page.
  • After entering the well in Mikoshi, you’ll return to your apartment. This job is entirely story-oriented and all you have to do is follow-through the objectives to finish the game.
  • Eventually, you’ll return to Afterlife where you’ll meet with the client, Mr. Blue Eyes. After meeting with the client, you’ll now find yourself in space. Simply follow the objectives to finish the game.

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