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Cyberpunk 2077 The Prophet’s Song Walkthrough

How to unlock:

You’ll find Garry outside Misty’s Esoterica and you can usually see him at any time outside of his sleeping hours which is usually at 5:10 AM. Every time you encounter him, he will talk about one of five subjects, you need to listen to all five conspiracy theories and then defend him from the Nomads to formally unlock this job.

The Prophet’s Song Walkthrough


  • Listen to all five theories.
  • Defend Garry from the Nomads.
  • Go to the old factory.
  • Talk to Johnny Silverhand.
  • Find somewhere to hide.
  • Keep a lookout.
  • Seize the conspirator’s chip.
  • Search the corpse.
  • Show the mystery chip to the prophet.
  • Talk to the prophet’s disciple.
  • Ask the prophet’s disciple about the chip.
  • Talk to Johnny.


  • To start off, Garry can be found outside Misty’s Esoterica. You need to visit him, listen to five of his conspiracy theories, and respond to them. Every time you encounter him he will talk about a different theory. So you basically need to visit him on multiple occasions. Take note that you can partake in this side job at any given time. Also, if you unlock certain conditions, you can also obtain extra dialogue lines. The following are as follows:

Theory: Cyberspace

  • Related Topic: Alt Cunningham
  • Condition: Complete the Main Job, Transmission.

Theory: Reptilians

  • Related Topic: President Mayers
  • Condition: Complete the Side Job, I Fought the Law.

Theory: Vampires

  • Related Topic: Hanako Arasaka
  • Condition: Complete the Main Job, Search and Destroy.

Theory: Vampires

  • Related Topic: Kiroshi Optics
  • Condition: Obtained from the start of the game.

Theory: Nomads

  • Related Topic: V’s encounter with the Nomads.
  • Condition: Complete the Main Job, Ghost Town.

Walkthrough Continuation

  • Once you’ve discussed a topic with Garry, it won’t be brought up again, so make sure you take note or remember the theories you discussed. The conspiracy about vampires only becomes available after completing Playing for Time, so complete that job to progress to the next objective.
  • If you want to trigger two conspiracy theories in succession, you need to walk far enough from Garry in between each one. A side job marker will then appear on the mini-map or map which indicates you can speak to him again for the next objective.
  • By default, you only have a choice between two dialogue lines. However, if you meet certain conditions as mentioned above, you have an added dialogue option that you can use to answer or ask about. This is only optional and up to the player’s preference.
  • When Garry talks about the fifth conspiracy relating to the Nomads, he will be attacked by the gang. In order to obtain the last phase, you need to protect him from the attackers. You can either neutralize them, confronting them and answering the group with Nomad life path specified dialogue lines or by calling out regarding your association with the Nomads ONLY IF YOU HAVE COMPLETED Queen of the Highway.

The Old Factory

  • After you defend him from the Nomads, speak to him and he’ll tell you about going to an old factory. When you arrive at the site, speak to Johnny outside the old factory, and look for a place to hide – all you have to do now is wait.
  • While you wait and watch, you will notice the boys of Maelstrom handing over a mysterious chip to the corpos. Your objective to complete this job is to acquire the chip. Now, there are a few ways on how to approach this event.
  • You can attack the Maelstrom before the exchange, kill everyone during the exchange or follow the corpos and mug them after the exchange was made. Again, your objective is to collect the chip, so if you wait too long and allow the corpos to leave, then the mission will just end.
  • Tip, toss a grenade at both groups while the exchange is made. This way, you can easily take them all out.
  • Once you’ve acquired the mysterious chip, open your inventory and crack it to reveal a cryptic message. You can sell this if you want, but keeping it with you will allow you to question Garry’s disciple when you return to his spot.
  • Just remember that you need to give a generous donation to Garry or the disciple for her to answer V. You’ll formally complete this job if you successfully get answers regarding the mysterious chip and after talking to Johnny.
  • NOTE: If you don’t give the €$ 600 donation or just a small amount, you won’t get any intel regarding the chip and you won’t be able to complete this side job.


  • +103 EXP
  • Mysterious Chip
  • +232 Street Cred

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