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Cyberpunk 2077 Totalimmortal Walkthrough

This job is unlocked after completing Last Caress.

Totalimmortal Walkthrough


  • Follow Hanako Arasaka.
  • Talk to Hanako.
  • Enter the elevator.
  • Sit next to the couch.
  • Give your testimony.
  • Find a seat.
  • Sit next to Hanako.
  • Fend off the attackers.
  • Take the elevator to the upper atrium.
  • Reach the elevator.
  • Defeat Yorinobu’s forces.
  • Head to Yorinobu’s office.
  • Defeat Adam Smasher.
  • (Optional) Decide Smasher’s fate.
  • Confront Yorinobu.
  • Take the elevator down.


The Board Meeting

  • You’ll automatically arrive at the Corpo Plaza right after riding the AV with Hanako and Hellman. When you arrive, simply follow Hanako first, speak to her when you reach an office, and then follow her again to an elevator.
  • In one of these sequences, you’ll see Jackie involved only if you chose to send his body to Viktor at the end of The Heist. Before you join the board meting, make sure you preapre and equip you strongest weapon and armor. Once the board meeting is done, your objective is to take out Yorinobu’s forces that storm the place.
  • After killing the first wave of enemies, you can either pass through the forest or follow the walkway straight to the elevator. Either way, you will still run into Yorinobu’s  troops. But when you reach the objective, ride the lift to the upper atrium.

The Upper Atrium

  • When you arrive at the upper atrium, you goal is get to another lift which is two floors above you. The path here is pretty much linear but you will have to fight a lot of enemies along they way. While you are at the elevator though, IF YOU HELPED TAKEMURA IN “Search and Destroy”, HE WILL OFFER TO HELP V OUT TO CLEAR THE AREA. IF YOU DIDN’T HELP HIM OR REFUSE FOR HIS ASSISTANCE, THEN YOU WILL HAVE TO DO THIS ALONE.
  • Either way, you will still need to fight against the enemies before reaching the marked objective. A good tip is to use quickhack against the drones and use stealth to your advantage. Upon reaching the second lift, ride it and head to the CEO level. On the CEO floor, kill the remaining enemies and then enter Yorinobu’s office where you’ll have to fight against Adam Smasher.
  • Once you’ve defeated him, you’ll have the option to decide his fate, kill him or spare his life. Now, head to Yorinobu’s office to confront him.
  • Hanako then arrives after speaking to Yorinobu and Hellman escorts you out. Simply follow Hellman and take the elevator down to end this job. You’ll now enter cyberspace and proceed to the epilogue “Where Is My Mind?” for choosing the path of asking for Hanako’s help.

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