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Cyberpunk 2077 Viktor Job Guide

In Viktor, V has hit the Ripperdoc jackpot. Viktor is sharp as a tack and tough as nails; a master of his trade and an artist with the scalpel, or more precisely, with the finely-tuned surgical exoglove he insists does the job a thousand times better than any cyberhand. Most importantly, he’s kind and caring to those he takes under his wing.

He’s a mentor of sorts to V, and each time V passes through Misty’s esoterica shop into his clinic, it feels like entering a refuge, a change to rest up and get some solid advice before heading back out into the wild.

Viktor Job Guide

  1. The Ripperdoc
  2. Paid in Full
  3. Playing for Time
  4. Heroes

Viktor is a local Ripperdoc and provides V with cybernetic enhancements. NPCs in Cyberpunk 2077 can interact with V and add contrast to the game’s story, they provide various information, some give Quests, while others are special NPCs whom you can trade goods with or request for certain services.

1. The Ripperdoc Walkthrough

Given by Jackie Welles at Watson after completing The Rescue.

Crash Workaround

  • If you exit the car before you arrive at the ripper dock and walk around the other side of the building and head inside you can get through without crashing.

Rise and Shine

  • After you finish The Rescue, you start this job when you wake up and receive a call from Jackie Welles 
  • Before you head down to meet with Jackie, make sure to check the wardrobe in V’s room to find some clothing that you can grab such as Leather Ankle Boots with Composite Inserts, Reinforced Baseball Cap, Old N54 Athletic Shorts, and €$ 98.
  • There’s also a vending machine inside V’s room which you can interact with to obtain a Burrito XXL.
  • If you want to check out your character, go inside the bathroom and interact with the mirror. Here, you can choose different facial expressions just for fun.
  • Once you’re done checking V’s apartment, head outside and you’ll receive a call from Regina Jones who offers you a job in Watson.
  • Head downstairs and follow the waypoint to meet with Jackie. Along the way, you’ll bump into Coach Fred who shows you his new “Punching Bag”. If you give it a shot and spar with it, you’ll unlock a Side Job (side quest) Beat on the Brat. You simply need to defeat the training bot with melee combat (bare-handed) to complete it.
  • You can also obtain The Gun Side Job when you approach or pass by Wilson’s weaponry shop. All you need to do is collect your gun (the Dying Night) from him to complete it.
  • Now ride the lift down and head towards Jackie’s location.

Drive to the Ripperdoc

  • Once you’re on the ground floor, you’ll find Jackie by a food stall, eating. Speak to him and have a small chit-chat to progress the next objective. You’ll learn that Jackie seems to have another job.
  •  Now take the keys from Jackie so that you can drive your car. Get inside and drive to The Ripperdoc with Jackie.
  • The waypoint to the objective’s location is automatically marked on the mini-map. Simply follow it until you reach Misty’s Esoterica.
  • Here, you’ll meet Misty who’s by the front desk. She tells you that the doctor is ready to see you.

Meet with the Ripperdoc

  • Go to the backside of the shop and head down the stairs where you’ll find Viktor’s Clinic. You’ll find Viktor inside.
  • Before the conversation starts, you’ll be given a brief tutorial on what the Ripperdoc is and what they do. After reading it, approach Viktor and speak to him.
  • While Viktor prepares, you’ll be given dialogue options, you can give him €$ 21000 and pay him for the Cyberware he’s about to install, but most likely you won’t have that money, so just select ‘Pay you once the job’s done’.
  • Next, take a seat on the chair and Viktor will ask you to [Jack in] to begin installing the Cyberware. He’ll also mention that the tech that he’s about to give you is Kiroshi.
  • Once you’re “jacked-in” you’ll be prompted another brief tutorial regarding Cyberware and you will be transferred to the Cyberware Hub where you’ll see various sections that will allow you to install various implants that change and upgrade V’s active and passive stats.
  • For now, the ones that are available for you to install are Hands Cyberware and the Ocular System. For the hands, you can install the Ballistic Corprocessor and the Kiroshi Optics MK.1 for the Ocular System. Install both implants and continue the conversation with Viktor.
  • You’re not done yet, Viktor will now install the Cyberware, so place your arm on the armrest. And you’ll go lights out for a while as he will install the ocular implant.
  • Once the implants are installed, you’ll be given another tutorial on how to scan the environment. Look around and then scan Viktor. You’ll see relevant data about him such as his full name, affiliation, resistances, and a brief background about him.
  • Next, you need to test out the newly installed hand cyberware. Draw out your weapon and continue talking to Viktor, he’ll give you medicine to take.
  • This completes the main job and unlocks the next, The Ride.

2. Paid in Full


3. Playing For Time Walkthrough

This job is unlocked automatically after completing The Heist and the interlude: Love Like Fire.

Love Like Fire

  • Before you officially start the job Playing For Time, you’ll start off with an interlude where you play as Johnny Silverhand in a flashback. This job is pretty linear so just play accordingly and answer as you see fit when you are given dialogue options.
  • The year is 2023 and players will start off where you will perform on stage. Here, you’ll meet a young Rogue and Kerry. After the performance, just go outside and ride the helicopter.
  • You’ll fly to Arasaka Tower where Johnny and his team attack the building and fight off Arasaka’s forces. When you’re prompted to use the turret, use it to shoot down the enemies on the rooftop.
  • Once it’s clear, follow your team inside the building and eliminate the guards as you make your way down. Upon reaching the lift, you’ll need to set the bomb and then shoot the mechanism above the lift. Next, speak to Rogue before you head forward.
  • Inside the next large room, there will be more guards. Fight your way through, go up the second floor and find the access point to the network.
  • The access point is on the left side inside the other room on the second floor. From here, retrace your steps and make your way back to the helicopter. Once you’re at the rooftop, make a run for it and head towards the helicopter. The interlude will then continue to The Gig where you’ll find Johnny captured and brought to Arasaka Tower. Run through the sequence and finish it to begin Playing for Time.

Playing for Time

  • After the Gig, but your vision seems to be distorted. Just approach and follow the hologram of Johnny. Soon after, V wakes up in a dumpster site. Just run through the sequence where you try to get out and fight the enemies during the car chase with Takemura until you’re back at the apartment – this is where you also interact with Johnny Silverhand for the first time.
  • Once V is all well (still in the apartment) make sure to grab something to eat from the table, take a look at the equipment stash, watch tv, and check your messages. When you leave the apartment, Takemura gets in contact with you and asks you to meet him at Tom’s Diner. It’s near the apartment, just south.
  • Upon arriving at the restaurant, approach the table where he is sitting and join him. You’ll complete this job after speaking to him. Basically, you will have a few tasks, find Evelyn Parker and Anders Hellman, and help Takemura investigate and reveal the truth about the death of Saburo.

4. Heroes Walkthrough

Jackie’s Funeral

  • To unlock this major side job, near the end of The Heist, ask Delamain to bring Jackie’s remains to his family. Then complete Playing for Time and wait for a message from Mama Welles.
  • When you do receive the message, call her and then head to El Coyote Cojo in Heywood. Go inside the bar and speak to Mama Welles, she’ll then hand you the keys to Jackie’s garage.
  • Go to the garage and you’ll find Misty there, speak to her, and then use the key to open the garage. You’ll then need to scan and search the garage to find an item that you can place as an offering for the ofrenda later. You can either grab a bottle of Tequilla, his belt, or a signed basketball.
  • Next, grab the key to Jackie’s room on the table inside the garage and use it to open the room. Continue scanning for items and then speak to Misty. Once you’ve grabbed the items and scanned the room, go back to the bar and participate in the ofrenda.
  • After Mama Welles, Viktor, and a member of the Valentinos say their piece, it’s now V’s turn. Stand and choose whichever dialogue you want to answer and then place whichever item you want on the altar.
  • Next, speak to Mama Welles and she’ll give you the keys to Jackie’s motorcycle, Jackie’s Arch. If you remember, during the Main Job, The Pickup, if you are at least at Lvl. 7 of Technical Ability, you gain an exclusive dialogue option when you are talking to Jackie outside the warehouse. Here, V suggests to Jackie that he should tune his motorcycle. By doing so, you’ll get the tuned-up version of the motorcycle.
  • Before leaving the bar to complete this task, you have the optional objectives of speaking to the guests. There are just some dialogues if you speak to the Padre. You’ll just have a shot and a drink if you talk to the Valentinos and Viktor. And the bartender offers you a shot.
  • Simply leave the area to close this task. Now, once you’re out, wait for 24 hours or skip the time and return to bar. Approach the offering altar and you’ll be able to pick up Jackie’s gun, the La Chingona Dorada.

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