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Dark Devotion: Green Items Guide

Explore the secrets of a mysterious fallen temple and put your Templar faith to the test in Dark Devotion, where no sacrifice is too great in praise of your God.

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How to obtain weapon blueprints

Dark Devotion never makes it clear what items are persistent and what you lose upon death. Most weapons you find lying around will be lost upon death or when you return to the Filthblood Shelter. There are a few different ways of obtaining the different blueprints for The Forge.

The first time you talk to the blacksmith at the Filthblood Shelter, you will unlock The Forge and be able to craft weapons. If you have any blueprints, that is. In order to obtain blueprints, you have to kill enemies and find green items. Whenever you pick up a green item, that item will be added as an entry to the forge.

What enemies drop green items?

Almost any enemy will drop a green item, but their dropped items will vary from region to region. For instance, some enemies that you can find in both the Ancient Dungeon and The Den of Corrupted Nature will have different drops.

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What’s the best way to farm for green items?

Sometimes you will encounter enemies that are bigger than usual and have a green glow around them. Those enemies are called ‘Elites’ and they are stronger, but they also have a higher drop rate and they can be a great way of farming items.

The only caveat is that these enemies are very rare, however, sometimes you will find a cursed Trinket called the Left Elite Earring. This Trinket not only has very good stats but when you equip it, every enemy will be an Elite. This makes farming for items that much easier.

How do you find the Left Elite Earring?
There are plenty of enemies that drop this Trinket, but if you want a sure way of getting the Left Elite Earring, check out our guide for the Putrid Sewers. A few rooms after defeating Adonias, you’ll get to a room with an NPC called Jael that is locked in a cell and another lonely cell on the bottom containing the Left Elite Earring.

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