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Dark Devotion: Skills Guide

Explore the secrets of a mysterious fallen temple and put your Templar faith to the test in Dark Devotion, where no sacrifice is too great in praise of your God.

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Skills Guide

Skills in Dark Devotion don’t work as they work in most other games. First of all, in order to select and learn skills, you need to touch the purple artefact at the Filthblood Shelter.

Dark Devotion Skills

Every skill requires a certain number of purple points in order to be learnt. To collect purple points you need to defeat enemies. Once you have enough purple points, come back to the purple artefact and choose your preferred skill. Now, you will see four rows and a lonely column to the right. Only one skill from each column can be active at a time. Once you’ve learned your skill, you have to select the skill, they will not be activated just by learning the skill.

Which skill should you choose?
That depends on what you’re doing at the moment. Say that you’re just starting a new area, if that’s the case, you need to choose a skill that will make progression much easier. Take the Scrap Merchant skill for instance. This skill will give you armour back for every enemy you kill, and that’s really useful. Another scenario is that you just lost against a boss fight and teleported right back to the previous room. In this case, the Scrap Merchant will not be that useful, unless the boss actually spawns enemies, such as the Ritualist Boss.

If the boss you’re currently fighting, doesn’t spawn enemies, you could swap the Scrap Merchant skill for the Hobnailed Armor Reinforcement skill that gives you +3 base armour points.

How to activate the skills on the right column
The skills on the right column cannot be learned by traditional means. You need to defeat bosses to learn those. Keep in mind that these cannot be activated if another skill from the same row is active (sadly). Below is a list with the skills’ description and how to learn them.

Schist Stone: +5 damage. Defeat Jezebel.
Statis Electricity: Weapon dashes deal dmg. Stam cost +. Defeat The First One.
Coated Armor: Losing one armor point creates an explosion. Defeat Elemiah.
Self Esteem: +1 damage per boss defeated. Defeat Elinor & Aureus.

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