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Darkest Dungeon: Belly of the Beast Walkthrough

Belly of the Beast Walkthrough

If you have made it this far, congratulations! You have beated what is perhaps the hardest mission in the game, but don´t get confident yet for the next mission is quite hard if you go unprepared. On this mission you are tasked to activate a locus beacon, the size of this dungeon is exhausting (is one of a kind, really), which the game will give you the ridiculous amount of 4 firewood.

You must use the firewoods when you truly need them because, while most mobs on this dungeon are quite weak when compared to what you already faced, they will take its tool after a while, and you don´t really know how long will it take you to beat this dungeon. Also since this dungeon is big you will need to decide which provisions you need, and blights are more dangerous here than bleeds, so prioritizing antivenom is nice.

This is perhaps the easiest but the longest mission on the darkest dungeons´ set, and perhaps you already used the best of your heroes´ roster to beat the first two ones but don´t worry, they will be enough (but please don´t use an antiquarian, unless you want to cripple yourself to death). To fulfill the mission´s task you need to reach the center of the map, activate the beacon (which is a curio that doesn’t require anything to be activated).

What you really need to be careful is that both the Templar warlord and the Templar impaler are mobs that can spawn in your mission. They don´t use their revelation attack so you don´t have to worry about it, but they are still tough as, and you can no longer cheese them with the stun strategy that once works against them on the previous mission, so be prepared.

Mini boss fight: Mammoth cyst.

While this mob will appear multiple times thorough the entire dungeon, it will pose a threat thanks to its gimmick, but don´t worry though he is weak compared to everything you already faced.
The mammoth cyst has the eldritch / beast type, it has a gigantic size (occupies the first three ranks); it has two turns per round and always spawn at rank 1. Its main gimmick is that it will summon another mob; the White Cell stalk. Its main gimmick is that he will summon a white cell stalk at the start of every turn, and will keep spawning them every time you kill one. The main strategy here is to stun and kill the white cell stalks since they have a different gimmick (the one that can be the difference between a short campaign or a prolonged vacation).

For its skills the mammoth cyst has:

Bulging gaze: With this attack the mammoth cyst will give the “evil eye” to one of your heroes (they really have a thing for that) with a slight chance to affect another hero. This attack doesn’t do a lot of damage but it will eat the sanity of those affected by it (it will stress your heroes).

Digestion: With this skill the mammoth cyst will show how a deep French kiss is performed, giving a lot of its fluids to one of your heroes and blighting it, with a slight chance to affect another hero. This attack can do a little more damage that bulging gaze but be careful with the blight, it can deal a lot of damage.

Revivify: With this skill the little will heal itself for a good amount and buff itself (+25% DMG). While is not the worst thing in the world, the little will try to use this skill when his life is below 50%, making it annoying to fight against.

Summon: With this skill the mammoth cyst will summon a white cell stalk to aid him in battle and do this dungeon longer that what it actually is.

Summoned monster: the white cell stalk

This is the mob that the mammoth cyst summons, and while its abilities are quite weak, he has one that can make your journey a living long hell.

The white cell stalk has the eldritch / beast type, it has a small size; it has one turn per round and will always be summoned at rank 4. Its main gimmick is that it will try to teleport the player to another room; while this doesn’t so bad, it can make this mission longer that it actually is. If the room where you are teleported is not explored yet (and it will almost always be the case since the dungeon is big) you will enter in battle with the mobs inside that room with no chance to retreat for said battle. Don´t worry though since the battle against the mammoth cyst and the white cell stalk won´t reset (they won´t be at full health), so if you manage to make your way to those rooms they will be as you left them.

Your main strategy here is to kill as fast as possible the white cell stalk and to stun it so it won’t be able to use “teleport” while damaging the mammoth cyst. or you can completely ignored the white cell stalk and focus on the mammoth cyst, but don´t be crying when you get teleported.

For its abilities it has:

Teleport: This is the main gimmick of the entire dungeon; with this skill the white cell stalk will teleport you to a random room. If it is a battle room where you haven´t explored yet then you cannot retreat and you need to hold your ground. This ability is truly nasty but it is possible to finish the dungeon without being teleported.

Reconstitute: With this skill the little bastard will heal the mammoth cyst (as if it needed more heals) or itself. This skill will be used more frequently as the mammoth cyst´s HP gets lower, starting at 50% of its HP pool and below.

Displace: With this skill the white cell stalk will try to move one of your allies with a chance of debuffing them (-SPD). Overall I don´t remember at all being affected by this skill, so don´t worry about it.

For the party this mission is not particularly picky since you might already use your best heroes on previous missions .Have in mind though that, while this mission is easier than the previous ones, this one is a battle of endurance; meaning that the stress and damage will take its tool after a while, so learning to administrate the usages of the firewood will prove important here if you don´t want to find yourself in a pinch.

Leper: The leper is particulary good against this boss (and not because he might be a leftover) because he has high damage and the mammoth cyst doesn’t have a lot of dodge rate (he is a massive tumor for Christ sake).

Plague doctor: If you haven’t used her then she can be a good addition to this mission. She can easily stun both the mammoth cyst and the white cell stalk, giving you time to kill the latest while damaging the first, and she can heal your party´s bleeds and blights, so she can save you some money and some space in your inventory.

Grave robber: With the grave robber you can easily reach the white cell stalk with her daggers (R.I.P. the massive range of lunge), so try to give her trinkets that boost mostly her damage, since the daggers gives a buff to her accuracy.

Vestal: If you still have a vestal use her, in here the damage is not big, but in here all of your party members will suffer damage, so she can really help you at the endurance fight.

Houndmaster: If you still have a houndmaster he can really kill both the mammoth cyst and the white cell stalk since he performs better against beast types. Also he can stress heal your party and protect them, which is nice.

Written by Rogar Rabalivax

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