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Darkest Dungeon: Lone Survivor and Dysfunction Achievement Guide

There are several ways to get these 2 achievements but they rely too heavily on luck. This guide shows a far easier and reliable way to get them.


Although these are far from being the hardest achievements to unlock, they can be quite bothersome to get so I decided to post a far simpler and easier way that I found out when trying to get these same 2 achievements.

I’ll first start by doing a brief introduction to these 2 achievements (you can skip it, if you wish, and only read the last section).

Lone Survivor Achievement

Kill any boss with only one hero remaining

As the description says, you need to have only one hero remaining before delivering the final blow to the boss.

Usually, the best way to get this achievement would be to have your other 3 heroes killed during a boss fight. The best bosses for this would be either the Siren or the Hag as their abilities “Song of Desire” and “Into The Pot! ” don’t work if you only have one remaining hero (also, their other attacks are not as strong compared to other bosses). But, even so, there is no guarantee of success, specially if you are playing in Stygian, due too many variables like luck, stress, crits, etc.

Dysfunction Achievement

Kill any boss with a party of four afflicted heroes

Again, this achievement also relies too much on luck. Although the base chance to receive a virtue instead of an affliction is 25%, there are no guarantees that at least one won’t end up receiving a virtue. Also, having 4 afflicted heroes fighting against a boss could end up in disaster depending on your luck (even more so in Stygian) as the heroes suffer severe stat penalties and sometimes move on their own.

There are several ways to increase the odds of success though like:

  • equipping trinkets that reduce the chance of virtue
  • getting 4 afflicted heroes before starting the mission
  • trying to go over the threshold of stress (100) only near the end of the battle against the boss (using “The Blood” for example)

But any of these can be time consuming and they in no way warrant success. For example, getting 4 afflicted heroes before starting the mission implies that you are going to have to get to the boss with 4 heroes that might not answer to you and are always increasing their stress (due to their random comments on actions during combat). So you need to be careful with stress management. You might also have your run ruined by heroes that refuse to heal or be healed during crucial times or simply pass their turn. (or even killing their teammates)

How to easily unlock these achievements

The easiest way to get these achievements is by facing the “Shrieker”. It’s very easy to summon and you do not need to explore any dungeon before facing it.

Summoning the Shrieker:
The Shrieker appears during 3 different events. One of these events involves losing 8 trinkets. So, to easily summon it, go to any dungeon with any 4 recruits from the Stage Coach and equip them with 2 trinkets each and get them killed. The Shrieker will now appear as a new mission in the “Weald”. If one of those 8 trinkets you lost is a very rare trinket, you will get a “Horrid Shrieker” (champion dungeon). Do not worry, you will get your trinkets back after defeating it!

As you know, you do not to kill the Shrieker to complete the mission because on its last turn during round 4 it will fly away ending combat.

Unlocking “Lone Survivor”
Just head to the mission with only one hero. I would advise using the Crusader, Leper or Man-at-Arms, they are nice tanks that can also buff themselves to further resist/ dodge damage and both Crusader and Leper can heal themselves. Make sure to use equip good trinkets that increase dodge, HP or PROT. During the combat, just focus on survival and don’t even bother attacking.

Unlocking “Dysfunction”
Get 4 afflicted heroes beforehand. If you don’t have any at the moment, you can always go to any dungeon and enter and retreat combat until you get all 4 heroes afflicted (retreating from combat will always increase stress). If one or more of heroes end up receiving virtue instead of affliction, leave the afflicted heroes back in the hamlet (do not use any stress relief activities!) and just explore a new dungeon and do the same.

You can take any 4 heroes but in my opinion:
One of your 4 heroes should capable of healing other teammates, the best would be a Vestal as she is the most reliable healer. If you are of afraid losing her, you can always take a Man-at-Arms and protect her but its not required. I would also recommend for one your heroes to be a Jester because, besides the fact of you already having 4 afflicted heroes, the Shrieker has several abilities capable of causing stress (not considering crits). Its last move before fleeing deals 50 stress damage to all heroes.

As for the remaining 2 heroes, you can take whatever you like but since because of their affliction you shouldn’t take many risks, so the best choice would be take a Man-at-Arms: he can guard other teammate (buffing itself in the process) and with “Bolster” he can buff the entire party and increase their dodge and reduce the stress they receive. The best choice would be to take 2 Man-at-Arms but, if you are like me and don’t like using the same class twice in any party, a Crusader or a Leper would be the next best thing.

Now head for the mission and make sure to manage their stress (and health). It shouldn’t be too hard.

Notes: If you are after the “Lone Survivor” achievement , if you are using a hero capable of stealth, do not rely on it to survive as the Shrieker’s attacks ignore stealth.

Written by psousa

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