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Darksiders 3 Xbox One Cheats

#1 – Essence of a Chosen

In Darksiders 3 the main character Fury travels a huge world consisting of several parts. In addition to the locations that you can’t miss following the storyline, there are a lot of hidden areas which contain diverse items and objects – Angelic and Demonic artifacts, humans, lurchers, chests and many other things. The most interesting and desirable item is The Essence of a Chosen which is necessary if you want to improve your weapons to the highest level.

The pattern is very simple:

  • Choose one of the branches – with some active or passive skill.
  • Spend 2, 4 or 6 Angelic or Demonic artifacts on leveling-up to reach first, second or third level of your skill. Every weapon enhancement has zero level by default.
  • Use Demonic artifacts for the branch of active skills and Angelic artifacts for the branch of passive skills.
  • Leveling-up of one branch requires 12 artifacts.
  • You should spend 12 opposite artifacts and The Essence of a Chosen to level-up your skill completely.

You should defeat one of 5 additional bosses to receive The Essence of a Chosen. Unlike Grock, who is not hidden by developers, you have to find the rest of them.

Note: In addition to 5 Essences, you can buy one from Vulgrim. It costs 5000 soul lurchers and will appear after you defeat Pride (before the final battle).

First Chosen – Agony
Move to the West End pedestal . It will transport you to the street where you were after defeating Envy at the beginning of the game. Come inside the building. To continue the storyline, you should go downstairs to an underground parking and jump over a hole clinging to pipes. Instead, enter the building and look to your right. You will see an empty elevator shaft near the stairwell. Walls of this shaft are covered with ice, so you can push from them using the Stasis Hollow.

When you get this form, go upstairs and pick up an Angelic artifact. Look at a ceiling and find a purple way. Jump using the Force Hollow and move to another part of the floor. Here you will meet the gorilla called Agony.

Second Chosen – Flame Warden
After the first battle with Wrath, you will find yourself in Nether. Reach a door with a sword above it. Hit the sword to open the door. In the niche ahead you will find the first Invigoration Core. Move to the left, go upstairs and find another sword on your left. Activate it to open the wall on the right.

You should pass the sword and reach a dead end, smash jugs on the left, and get to a hidden room using a hole in the wall. Pull a lever, then go back, pass the same sword. A corridor on the right before the stairway will appear. Go down this corridor to find a room with the Chosen.

Third Chosen – Corrupted Tomekeeper
After you defeat Lust, the Force Hollow will be available. Move from the arena where you fought against the Deadly Sin down to a crystal path and reach a bridge. Look right before destroying purple stones which lead to tentacle of the huge monster — Gluttony. You can use the Storm Hollow and air streams to get across a puddle of acid.

Finding yourself on the opposite side, defeat the monsters and go to the entrance of the building on the left. Having destroyed the stones, move through the building until you find yourself on the street with a big stone. You should push this stone into another building to the wall with a ledge atop. Jump on this stone and then on the ledge on the wall. You will find a mushroom on the top of it. Push it down. Follow it to reach an acid river. Push the mushroom to the right, to the entrance of the building. There is an entrance canopy, you can climb on it using the mushroom.

Do this to reach the second floor of the building, find a container and go up to the next room. There will be the Chosen.

Fourth Chosen – Templar of the Damned
You will find yourself in a flooded cave with crypts on your way to Gluttony. In this cave, you need to find a sword and place it on one of two statues near the bars then activate both of swords and the third one above the bars. Using the Force Hollow dive at the bottom and move to the left (not to the bars with swords). Enter the flooded building, deal with the enemies and take a look at the bars on the left. There are two swords on a column on the right. Activate them simultaneously (with a minimal pause). Use Shift to accelerate moving in water.

Go through the opened bars, move along the purple path, and go up using the Force Hollow. In the end, you will reach a room with the Chosen.

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Fifth Chosen – The Grock
You will meet The Grock in the Scar location on your way to Envy. You should freeze two container belts in a certain moment and go up to stones. Push them off to get higher, move to the far part of the level on a platform for coal. In one of these rooms in the upper part (on the left) you will find The Grock. You can’t miss it!

#2 – All Chunks of Adamantine

There are six Essences of a Chosen in Darksiders 3, but there are only three Chunks (you will get an achievement when you collect all of them). This item is necessary to improve your weapons from the second-to-last to the maximum level.

Chunk of Adamantine 1
Read the article Where to Find The Essence of a Chosen and pay attention to the boss Corrupted Tomekeeper. In the building you pushed a rock in, there is a high ledge beside two ice walls. Use the Stasis Hollow to jump on them. Take the Angelic artifact, then use the Force Hollow and move along purple crystals on the wall. Jump on the containers and find a Chunk behind the last of them.

Chunk of Adamantine 2
In the place where you have found the Chosen Grock (it’s impossible to miss him), there are two threshers in the lower part of the location with moving bowls for coal. Slow down the rotating shafts with thorns using Salvation charged in the Stasis Hollow, go downstairs and pick up several items. There will be the Demonic artifact and a Chunk of Adamantine among them.

Chunk of Adamantine 3
Move to the North End pedestal and go along the asphalt road to the left. There is a huge tree branch on the right. Use it to go up and jump on another side clinging onto the branch. Use the Fire Hollow to reach it.

On the opposite side go to the left and find loot in the building. Before a hole look to the left and up to find other two branches. Cling onto them to fly to a metal balcony of the building. You should do it in the Fire hollow because you have to do an extra jump after the second branch.

Here you should turn around and jump to the next part of the building using another branch. Stick to the only possible way, destroy purple stones and come inside. Destroy hives, go downstairs and pick up a Chunk. Moreover, you can find an Angelic artifact in this part of the location.

#3 – All Humans

There are several ways how to strengthen the main character in Darksiders 3. In addition to the increasing of a level by Lurcher Crystals, leveling-up of weapons, and upgrading of improvements that you can integrate into it, Ulthane will propose a deal: he will give Fury special items for each human you rescued.

This is the amulet that you’ll receive after you rescued first 5 people. You can rescue 15 people later (in total 20), for each group of 5 people Ulthane will upgrade the amulet and add new bonuses to it.

Human 1
Move to Vulgrim’s Skyscraper pedestal and go to Ulthane’s shelter. Before you’ll jump on the building before the shelter, turn right and find air flows. Move up using the storm hollow, stick to the only possible way until you will jump on the next building where the human is.

Human 2
In Ulthane’s shelter (Forge) there are wooden stairs and bridges. Go upstairs, grasp a branch of a tree, and jump over the abyss. In the fire hollow burn a web. Stick to the only possible way, reach the top of a building and find a human behind metal sheets.

Human 3
In the location with a pedestal called Crossroads move to the left far corner with a gorilla which hangs on a building. Defeat it, destroy purple stones, enter the building and reach a far room. There will be a human.

Human 4
In fact, it is the first human you will rescue, you can’t miss it. After you jump down in a hole under a bus you will meet a girl.

Human 5
From the Splintered Station pedestal stick to the way you have used when met Wrath. Here you destroy a bag with red liquid for the first time, where you should bring a bug. Go down from a passage with a web and a bag to kill a black demon. There is a hole in the wall on the right – go through it and find a human.

Human 6
You need the Tangled Grotto pedestal that you will find on your way to Sloth. Go to the subway on the left, kill crabs and other monsters. There are two sets of purple stones in the far right corner. Destroy stones on the top of a ladder, take all loot, and jump on a ledge on the right. Use a hole in the wall to reach a cave with spiders. Examine it to find a room with a human in it. Focus on the ledge on top of you where the corridor is full of green light.

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Human 7
Go from Tangled Grotto to the far right corner, go upstairs and reach the same cave with spiders where you have found the previous human. Move down the hill (on the right) from a hole, jump off lower to the right side, in a cave with a hole in the middle of it. Defeat enemies and find another slope on the right of a hole in the middle of the room. Jump off here, move this only way, pick up a debris and find an old man on his hunkers.

Human 8
You can find this man near the same pedestal. This time move to the far left part of a subway. There is a ladder leading to Sloth. Turn around, walk with your back towards it, and go to the part of the room with several cocoons. There is a wagon on the left. Climb on it, use a hole to reach a man, and rescue him.

Human 9
Move to the North End pedestal, go to the right on a tarmac road and defeat a large number of enemies. There are purple stones on the right and a man behind them.

Human 10
Move from the place described above to a pit and jump down. Reach a man through a hole and rescue him.

Human 11
When you are moving to Angel’s outpost, you should visit a warehouse, go upstairs using a mushroom and reach a backyard with a purple bug and a purple puddle. You threw a bug at stones on the outside wall from here and then – stones through a hole inside of a building to push a mushroom outside and throw it into the abyss. There are containers between two building in the place with a bug. Jump over these containers and find a human.

Human 12
After the Mangled Freeway pedestal go through a vent and find a human on the left.

Human 13
Read the guide Where to find The Essence of a Chosen and pay attention to the location of Corrupted Tomekeeper. Before you jump to Tomekeeper using a container, examine the 2nd floor and find a human.

Human 14
When you are moving to Gluttony you need to push two rocks to a high ledge. Put one rock on another, climb up. That is how you will reach the Eroded Pipeline pedestal. Go back through a hole in the wall, jump on several ledges and look at the upper part of the wall of the building. You can jump over the wall using a double jump to find a human.

Human 15
Move to the Sunken Tracks pedestal find ice walls and climb up. Use the Force Hollow to jump and cling onto a pipe, then transform into a force sphere and move along a crystal path on the ceiling in another direction. There is a human in the room on the right.

Human 16
Move to the Sewage Egress pedestal, find a room with nice walls near it, use the Stasis Hollow to go up. On the top find a doorway with boxes. Smash them and you will find a human.

Human 17
Move to the Drilling Annex pedestal, go to the right and reach a location with a wooden construction. Use Salvation to turn it in the way that two ice walls face each other. Use the Stasis Hollow to climb, go higher over the ice walls on the right, find a human behind a fence.

Human 18
Near the room where you will meet the Chosen — The Grock — go outside and jump down to moving platforms and chippers. Freeze chippers using the Stasis Hollow and go down to find adamantine and a human, who sitting in the far room.

Human 19
Now go to the Cistern pedestal. There is a hole in the wall nearby, but you should go to the right and up the stairs. This way leads to a human.

Human 20
You can find the last human near The Drowned District pedestal. Following to the plot, you moved through a pipe to a warehouse with a bug. You need to go upstairs using the ruined ladder, go outside and move up the stairs. Here you will find two pipes which you should cling onto. There is a web on one of these pipes.

Move to another side using pipes then turn around and look at a passageway above on the left. Cling onto the nearest pipe using the Storm Hollow and fly to this passageway. You should activate hovering in the air. Burn the web and find a human in the room.

Rewards for saving (you should talk to Ulthane in a forge every time):

  • 5 people – +10% lurchers, received after defeating enemies.
  • 10 people – +20% lurchers, received after defeating enemies.
  • 15 people – +30% to maximum HP level.
  • 20 people – +10% to physical and magical damage caused by a weapon of Fury.

Surprisingly, you will receive the achievement for one saved human, but there is no reward for saving all of them (upgrades for the amulet only).

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#4 – All Weapon Upgrades

You can buy it from Vulgrim from the very beginning of the game.

You can buy it from Vulgrim from the very beginning of the game.

This upgrade you can get after your first confrontation with a gorilla. It will happen at the very beginning. Move from the West End pedestal through a building, come outside and go to a yard with the first fire web. There is a gorilla sitting near it and the upgrade Fortifier. You can run up to pick it up and run away or kill the monster.

You need the pedestal Blistering Bridge that you reach after the first meeting with The Lord of Hollows. After you leave his quarters, using a double fire jump for the first time, find the pedestal behind a spinning wall. There will be a sword, a passageway to the next room, and ice walls. Return when you have got the Stasis Hollow and climb up on the walls. Go lower, defeat enemies and find the upgrade among other loot.

Return to the Blistering Bridge pedestal and move through the crypts attacking swords and opening doors. When you will find yourself at the door with two statues, where the left one has no sword, go to the left from the door as you did before. You can find a ruined ladder outside and an air stream. Jump on parts of the ladder and move to another side using the Storm Hollow and the air stream. Use the Flame Hollow and jump to the right clinging to pipes to reach the area with lava. Defeat enemies and find the upgrade in the far left corner.

In a crypt with the statues, where you should find two missing swords (on your way to Greed), press a button on the floor in the far left corner from the statues and go to the hidden part of the location. Go downstairs but don’t visit the room with a button and orange web. There are vases on the left. Smash them and find a hidden hole. Move through it and reach a room with a big black enemy. Kill him, examine this location and pick up the upgrade. Go to the hall with a puzzle attacking the sword above bars.

When you are on your way to Sloth, you will reach a dark tunnel. Light the way using the Fire Hollow. Find a train in the tunnel and crawl down under it. Find a hole in the new place and move to a room with two big bugs. Find the upgrade among the loot lying in this cave.

On your way to Lust, you will find yourself in the location with a big ruined bridge. You should jump on it using a mushroom you have found earlier. Do not hurry. Go to the beginning of the bridge near a rock and find the upgrade Obscurus below it.

You need to reach a flooded part of a cave to find a sword to open bars (two swords on a statue and one sword above it). Fury will go through this cave to reach Gluttony. Move to the bars with swords and turn left. After you reach the wall, find purple stones and a big rock at the bottom. Destroy these stones and move the rock. There is a hole under it that leads to the upgrade.

After you defeat Gluttony, move to the Sewage Egress pedestal Sewage through Serpent Holes. It is located on the top of the ladder where the Deadly Sin attacked you. Standing with your back to the pedestal turn right and you will find ice walls. Jump on them in the Stasis Hollow to find a room with a big bug. You will find the upgrade there.

After the battle with Lust return to Usiel – he will give this upgrade to Fury.

After you get the Storm Hollow, return to Ulthane’s forge. Move to the opposite side, to the beginning of the game. There were ‘’floating souls’’ on the nearest building. Get past them on a wide branch and turn left to find an air stream. Use the Storm Hollow to go up, move through the buildings. You will rescue a human on the way. When you reach the ruined part of the building filled with water, defeat enemies and stop.

Before you jump on several air streams into the new building, climb on a high ledge and pick up the upgrade.

#5 – How to Unlock FPS

Follow these simple steps to Unlock The FPS Cap.

Go to:

Open the file called “GameUserSettings.ini”

Look for the line that says;

Change it to what ever FPS you want;
FrameRateLimit=144.000000. If you want it totally uncapped, just set it to “FrameRateLimit=999”.

Do note if you go into the FPS setting screen in the game at anytime it will be changed back to 60 FPS and you have to edit the config file again.

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